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  • INVESTMENT COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY. Well this first investment has worked perfectly, despite the hurdles put in place due to gold sellers. My funds were returned with a healthy profit, and everything was done as stated. Very Happy! Thank-you Saya.

  • Quote from Talion: “Hullo, the bans are obviously not just because “someone accepted Gold / Silver”. Else, probably half of the game would be gone now. Giving a friend a leg up with some currency, or even giving a guild or a friend a larger amount is a standard procedure in MMOs. We don’t want to make it easier for the criminals, so I cannot go into too many details about how exactly we do it, but: We only ban in cases where we are certain that the persons received the Gold from 3rd party sites.…

  • @Talion Sir I fully support the death of all gold seller scum. I am growing weary of reporting them. But I have a question. I, along with approximately 12 other players, have given varying amounts of gold to @Saya in order to play the market with it, and hopefully return a profit. This is all laid out in a public thread in the Trade section of these forums. My question then; when Saya hopefully returns a profit, how are we to then reclaim our investments and any rewards if straight trading betwe…

  • I would love to apply. (I edit manuscripts in real life.) Alas I couldn't cope with the rejection.

  • Quote from Xace: “Yep so a much better time then 8PM Australian Time ” Quote from Xace: “Let me guess you don't live in Australia or the downtime is not at 8PM your time. ” Hey @Xace please stop sobbing over it mate, you make us look bad. Take it as game time, and use it to read the forums and learn more about the game, and how to be better at it. Opportunity, not loss. Besides the servers have to come down sometime for maintenance. Sometimes we strike it lucky, sometimes we don't. *Shrug* There…

  • Your guild sounds interesting, and better fun than a lot of them. I wish you GREAT Fortune.

  • @Mmnxxxxffdma Kudos for the Logan's Run reference.

  • I don't know if this is right. I know I have seen the correct answer in forums, but can't be certain of my memory, and can't find it again. I asked MODS in Help chat in game, and got no answer. So I just go with { /report NAME Gold Seller } using in-game chat. But I don't know if this works.

  • Hey Devs, I have complained about my ping in the past. Sorry @Korn I don't know what you Devs have done, (I am still looking for the pigeon that takes my electronic letters on the interweb when I send an email) but I have noticed a consistent improvement in my ping from 280-290 it has dropped to 250. It does make a difference. If I am willing to post criticisms, then I should also post public praise. Thank-you sincerely Devs.

  • Helo gold style avatar

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    Legendary Founder Packs come with the Gold border. Legendary Starter Packs do not come with the Gold border. Legendary Founder Packs are no longer available.

  • How can small non-zerg guilds compete and thrive in Blackzones? (I am a member of such a guild, and we haven't got to Blackzones and I am wondering.) Good Luck with your YouTube video.

  • SI Defence

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    Quote from uma: “when I purchased into the game I did not purchase the developers time. If you don't agree with my argument, fine, but don't diminish your own previous logical observation by replying with something so fact don't bother replying at all.. ” Uma you weren't confusing @Dygenn with me when you wrote this were you?

  • Hey Draus, Mate I have a 280-290 ping, so I know how you feel. My weak advice is avoid Melee weapons. Too close with high ping, you take worse damage, and have less time to get out of the way. Avoid any weapon where its attacks are predominantly timed cast, particularly if they are an area cast as opposed to a target cast. The ping may mean they aren't where you want them to be. So that leaves ranged weapons with instant cast. I used just the standard Adepts bow. Except for an initiator attack t…

  • Premium is for 24 hour access with the benefits, not for 2160 hours of game play. If it was no one would make money in games. Besides which ALL subscriptions cover a 30 time period in RL not game play. Don't stir the pot unnecessarily please.

  • que

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    Queue times end up being far shorter than posted in reality. I logged on with a 57 minute wait posted; when in fact it was only about 10 minutes in reality.

  • [SELLING][SERVICE] Consumables

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    Good Luck to you. I may even be a customer one day.

  • @Ver Ah thank-you, I did not know this.

  • @Starr_The_Wanderer Question: If this is a scam, if, doesn't Saya risk being banned from game? I mean this has all been posted and the Game Overlords are aware of it. So if Saya scams us, it will be known and they are gone. The Game Overlords won't tolerate such an open scammer, they can't afford to.

  • Ping high

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    @Korn Okay Sir message received and understood. Please be advised though that the high ping is an issue for PvE. (My preferred combat.) My 280-290 ping does slow things down significantly, and I can see myself take damage because of the delay. An an example of such is the T3 Expedition. I can't kill the Deranged Overseer at the end. I almost do, but because of delay damage he always just gets me. This has been the same since I could first do T3 Expedition in T3 kit. I am now in T4 kit and the ou…