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  • Quote from Trial_hard: “it is simple - you still have the choice. Either go as healer solo and die chance less if ganked - or - play the game as intended and never go allone we healer. But it is not that someone tells you what to do, it is a sandbox, but you have all freedom of joices.... ” that's already been killed by the CD. healing sickness

  • Quote from “damn its almost like they should've just banned healing Qs for cdgs huh ” Instead it's better to introduce 10 pointless mechanics and kill X amount of OW gameplay. don't you know that life has to be made harder not easier

  • What's the point of continuing this thread? You can see that a newbie lost a fight in CD by cleric cowl and is crying

  • Exactly yes, the whole thing looks great almost like a new game, you could call it Albion 2.0. The only thing that worries me is adding more "extra" elements which will be camped and not available for third parties anyway. Only people in the inhabited zone will have almost no risk profit. In my opinion every cluster with "content" like world bosses/ treasures/super resources should be hideout free and there should be risk - reward. With focus on PVP... (I understand in part the idea of HQ and ad…

  • I would see royal boots still with defense bonus but I would reduce their movement speed to normal RUN and add immune to root&slow for the whole duration. graveguards need a rework

  • First a few screenshots to show what I mean and how every buff introduced recently makes no sense and only makes the hideouts problem worse. 9UmVtst.png 3EdOJtS.png C7zatSR.png hwK9XHo.png wJbRzUq.png 4je3m0c.png u3REfj6.png 7s0RsFf.png WtdyGlm.png GC5a4m6.png u20Usvx.png wNyUMWw.png The red dot shows the location of the treasure. Now the question is whether the recent changes with treasures in OW were dedicated to general activity or another thing that is being abused by hideouts. My proposal i…

  • the question is where do they get their feedback from, is it a group of people who advise them occasionally or is it taking input from the forum, who are the people responsible for playtest and feedback... this is not the first time these people have made and advised changes that when implemented turn out to be a complete failure, the question is do the people making these changes even play the game?

  • Quote from Reef: “ok, another shitter with zero arguments just whining about cd ” no i treat you as a person who knows what he is talking about, if you ask me what sustain items were killed in the period from the beginning of cd to now you have shown me that you know nothing and further conversation with you leads nowhere. similar example you gave of healer vs no healer blah blah... you don't have the slightest idea about OW and what is going on there. Therefore my discussion with you is over.

  • Quote from Reef: “What is "without healer vs healer"? All groups are packed with healers except gank. And what sustain was killed? ” and that's what it's like to talk to people on this forum, specialists in everything and nothing, continue to shit post about balance in CD...

  • Quote from Reef: “And when 3x5 can be winnable in OW? Ofc when 6 is on pvp small scale sets with same tier. DOT prestack on bubbles? it works nowadays ” then go fight without 1shot and without healer vs healer. Let's see how you do without sustain which was killed by cd crybabies..

  • Quote from Reef: “ZVZ = OW because as you said numbers > quality ” Numbers > Quality because of people like you who cry 24/7 about balance in 1v1 and everything that allowed 1vX, 2vX, 3vX to be played is dead. And it wasn't always like that

  • Quote from Reef: “Devs look at balance in 1) CD 2) 5v5 3) ZVZ whats wrong? ” and they're doing it wrong, and where's the balance for the OW? edit: this is sandbox not moba... there must be "broken" weapons here, otherwise OW will be pointless, because always numbers > quality

  • Quote from Reef: “You have some CD trauma... you see it everywhere ” No, I'm just sick of salty people like you always crying about the balance of the CD...

  • Quote from Reef: “Quote from Trial_hard: “Same as holy nature changes we all said will be garbage the damage after.. ” Best change they did.Heal + mobility + damage is too OP. Thats why they cut damage. Quote from The_Support_God: “i am on the side of it being over nerfed for PvE ” Healers damage in PVE? Are u joking? ” because there's only a CD in albion. A perfect example of who feedback should not be listened to.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “The whole point of Corrupted dungeons is to host people like you who take out 3 people to dive 1 target in a solo dungeon ” thats why there were items like cultist robe etc that we talked about in another thread that allowed 1 v X fights because of CD those items died... the fault is not on the players for playing 3v1 but on the SBI and the balance team which killed the possibility to defend themselves by those 3 players. Listening to angry MOBA kids who only play CD…

  • @Evas_Flarelight I have a similar problem, I sent a ticket with everything was needed and got a "you are using PC/mobile or mac" response after waiting a week. As usual, the support is top-notch I even added a video of the problem with everything described. and I will wait another week for the support to realize that their crappy servers have a problem with routing as it was recently with RU. edit: The response from the support regarding the connection problems was within days, the longest I wai…

  • Quote from Sas3bg: “fix your connection or pc. I play daily with 0 problems ! ” Maybe because you're from another part of the world and albion's servers are as we all know. In addition, connection problems and random DC have been occurring for 4 days in my case and only in albion.

  • Exactly, people started to play albion and they want to turn it into a MOBA... like wtf

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    Quote from Reef: “Developing biomes is like fckin joke. Who cares about this shit when there is 0 people in pvp zones or you need gank setup to catch someone... ” I care and so do a lot of other people I know. not everyone is a slave to the CD

  • Quote from Tetrodotoxin: “im sorry. im really bad at english so maybe i didnt properly described what i want. imagine that i want to click a gatherer who skinning leather from pool of dead mobs body. it's really hard to click the gatherer and instead select the gatherer i might click the bodies. ” I see what you mean I use it myself for ganking solo "hiding" in the body of a killed animal. Such a trick for min-max ganking (solo) or is it a bug and a problem? not for me. For new players it can ac…