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  • Hi all, I feel that chat tabs could be setup a bit more new player friendly by default. When you start a new char or when you are new to Albion you are pretty much reduced to /s while in Tutorial area (if you figure it out). Once tutorial is done and you are off the boat and into the starting zone you are presented with a rather dodgy chat tab selections. The game never points to chat in the first place and doesn't really do much to point out to players how to deal with it. Your first tab is a m…

  • No thoughts on that. It's just a matter of preference. There are good and bad guilds in all cities. Just pick one.

  • It is good to have an island and passive income come with it after some initial investment. Don't wait for a guild but rather look for a guild in your city. No, you can't move it and it's more of a chore than anything else if you do decide to move. You would need to demolish everything (you will get 90% of the mats back during that process), abandon the island and then purchase a new one in the new city. Note that Tier level of the island would remain. If you had a T6 island in 1 city which you …

  • Any idea what happen?

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    Same place where you made a sword...Come on...

  • Demo hammers

  • I mean...create tons of items and salvage them? Items are free and so are the mats

  • Quote from Chefffff486: “FIX THE SUICIDE SYSTEM IN CDs get no kill fame problem plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I already lost 50m kill fame this season, they just abuse this system and rush to mobs and suicide there, we cant never get thefammeeeeeeeeeeeee ” I agree. Although PvP fame is just flex fame it is still very annoying when you are denied the very thing you came in to obtain. Especially annoying when they die in the middle of traps and mobs and you can't even clear enough to loot them in 30 sec…

  • Quote from Moesephh: “i would say these combat balance changes are cool but imagine u stopped nerfing stuff strictly because it's broken in CDs kinda insane right even more insane actually maybe weapons have special rules inside cds kinda crazy right ” Pretty much this. Also, if healing is such an issue in CDs rather then nerfing each staff that sees some success in CDs maybe just bad usage of healing staffs in CDs all together? Simply lock holy and druid trees for CDs usage and there we go. Peo…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Armors Energy Drain (Royal Armor) no longer steals enemy energy. While energy management should be an important part of the game, fights with energy-draining comps are not very fun for the receiving end. Energy Drain will thus now be a purely supportive ability that generates Energy for the user and allies, and be renamed Energy Source. - Energy Drain (Royal Armor): - Reworked the ability, it is now called Energy Source and no longer reduces enemy energy ” I doubt this…

  • Static dungeon

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    There are no static solo dungeons. I think you are confusing something here. Do join help chat and ask questions directly in game. People will do what they can to assist.

  • You buy and sell everythingfrom and to the market. Albion has 100% player driven economy. You can grow a mount on your own but this requires a Personal Island and that requires full Premium. Even with all this mount requires time to be grow and get crafted. Market is the best place to look at. Furthermore, do join help chat and ask question directly in game. People are willing to help.

  • Interesting. I especially like the idea of allowing only 1 HO per tile. I somehow misunderstood the mechanic about HOs when they got released. I thought that there could only be 3 HOs in total on each tile. I quickly realized that I read that wrong and was disappointed. What you are proposing would make it even better. If this idea was to get implemented it would open the door to finally getting rid of the alliances altogether. There was talk about alliance removal a few season ago but the idea …

  • Guild island

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    Also do join help chat and ask question directly in game when you have a problem. Most of the time you will get a quick and valid response.

  • Do guilds actually care how you gained that PvP rep? All they want it for is to know that you have done things before and are not afraid of danger. Realistically PvP is not the one that improves your skills in any way hence why guilds will ask for way more PvE fame vs PvP. I would not mind the change if it was to be implemented but imo it would make no difference and would only make more mess of stats page.

  • Passive for off-hand

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    I tried suggesting this with much more details before but never seemed to get any attention.

  • New Tutorial is Great

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    Hi guys, Just wanted to share some thoughts on a new tutorial. You added nice amount of additional quests that will help get new players started. I very much like the new T3 solo map that is granted to players once they equip T3 gear as a part of the combat quest. I feel this is a big improvement from the earlier quest where players were looking for an NPC in the next zone and then proceeded to kill mobs and collect 200 silver. New gathering quest is much better then the old "use focus to craft …

  • I would love to see this added

  • I didn't get banned but just stumbled upon this topic. Is this for real? They just ban people for no reason and then don't bother to help? Ok...not sure how I feel about recommending the game to people now.

  • missing faction standings

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    I dropped a rank? From Assassin back to Dune Warrior over night without changing a faction!? What is this?

  • Not gonna go into this discussion cause you seem like one of those who would not listen to negatives and will keep defending your idea no matter what. If it is THAT hard core as HCEs get on high levels you simply cannot solo anything let alone the bosses. If it is doable there will be 1 meta set that everyone will use and that will be it.