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  • Quote from Korn: “Hey there, here is some added info on the current plans for Elite Specs (still subject to change though!): - Spec level cap to be increased from 100 to 120, with 101-120 being Elite Specs. - Max spec across all weapon lines in a tree (often called "400/400") currently gives +300 IP. With elite specs, if you had *everything* at 120/120 (i.e. 480/480) you'd hence get +360 IP. - However, getting to 120 is going to be very very hard, so it's almost certain that +360 IP will NOT bec…

  • Looking for any guild that speaks Arabic and has at least 10 players. Will offer silver bounty (if allowed) Please contact me on discord Lars024#8746

  • Quote from Elsa: “There already exists a "fog of war" system; your Albion Online client receives limited information from the server based on the distance around your character - which is the same for all clients, regardless of your screen size. As @SHARKY mentioned above, you can see the Nametag of the player off-screen, and having a wider aspect ratio won't help you spot the player faster. If you're interested in technical details, I would recommend checking out this presentation from our CTO …

  • Food and potions craft items per 10 or per 5 and those crafts only require usage fee for a single item not the full 5 or 10 while nutrition cost is calculated for the full amount.

  • Territory is level 3 but not all siphoning mages get the territory lvl 3 guard buff The territory is level 3 but one of the mages has the guard buff and the other 2 do not have the buff at the time of writing.

  • What about the fact that elite dungeons were said to take about one hour but it is currently looking like even if people manage to optimize their setup it will still take much longer then that. In addition to that enchanted maps are almost impossible as just a few synced auto attacks will instantly kill a tank

  • Quote from Neef: “Quote from Tabor: “The point is there are no changes on existing weapons minus the heal debuff on axes. This means Queen will bring more of the same issues in the solo, 2s, and 5s type of gameplay that exist today. All of these issues have been discussed now for many months in several threads but we have heard nothing from the devs. ” Just because there isn't notes on weapon changes for queen YET doesn't mean there wont be. I'm sure the NDA testers have been working on somethin…

  • Apparently it is the case that when EAC does an update, which can happen at any point while playing the game it seems like, it requires you to reboot your pc completely before you can launch the game again. Given the enormous amount of crashes and now this current issue requiring constantly restarting the game it is just a matter of time until this will happen to someone during a gvg or to a shotcaller on reset day. Installing any update to my pc without notice or permission, especially one whic…

  • Quote from Wadefu: “Quote from tabooshka: “Quote from Robinhoodrs: “Also would fast travel be removed from the game? As one could just put sets in every city and sit in Caerleon and wait until there's a call and just fast travel to whatever Royal City they need to leave from. ” did you not read? ” I didn't read please point out. ” @Wadefu @Robinhoodrs if i understand correctly the lock from a city last indefinitely and you have to move trough the bz to change city locks

  • Quote from Thorn-Delwyn: “Quote from Lars024: “@Thorn-Delwyn will those entrances also be added to the inside of raid zones i.e. Circling vultures, Carpet of Bones, etc. ” Yes, those zones will also have a some hidden entrances. ” @Thorn-Delwyn I know they will have some but i mean the guaranteed entrances inside the PVE area that is a tier higher.

  • Quote from Thorn-Delwyn: “Old/ current group dungeons will have entrances added to them. Those entrances will lead to a randomized dungeon that is one tier higher than the dungeon that lead into it. (e.g. T5 Deepwood Enclave will lead to a T6 Keeper randomized dungeon). Most dungeons will have about 4 possible spawn locations for such an entrance of which one will be active at a time. We hope to ease the grind in old dungeons a little. Maybe this is a good time to also mention some of the other …

  • Their website doesn't show anything specific since there is no page for Albion (yet). So the website does not actually give a "full description" at all.

  • Resource Boss Timers

    Lars024 - - Bugs


    If you mean the t6 aspects that have 500 ticks in them, their location changes every maintenance too. On top of that if they suddenly are in a territory they force spawn at the reset time of the territory and it messes with their expected spawn timer.

  • The management feature where you can see IP, gear, roles etc. is great yet it is not available when you are in a full party. Please allow us to still use that feature when the party is full as currently it's not possible when your party is full.

  • Quote from tabooshka: “Quote from Lars024: “no big alliance zergs but independent guild zergs instead ” so few small guilds have to merge or game punishes them heavily, very nice idea ” Only if they want to contest warcamps or castles etc. most guilds i don't see doing that unless forced by their alliance

  • I think this change, given that at the same time a number of other things get tweaked to not get back stabbed by alliance too much, but still possible, it would be a great change. Like changing homeplot access system similar to that of islands to somehow give crafters protection( bonus points if this would also be possible for individual territories to set perms for bank access and guards/tower beam aggro). To all the people that think you can't zvz with an alliance group anymore, yes that is ex…

  • Right now it is very time consuming to set the correct rights if you have a series of chests or crafting stations you all want to have the same rights. Allowing us to copy and paste them means we only have to do them once and will save us a lot of time setting things up.

  • API Feedback Request

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    I would like to see every and all possible information of your guild, list of current members, last login, scheduled gvg's, territories owned, logs etc. Dream scenario would be able to access info of any and all chests, contents, logs, location etc. About a market API, i think crafting doesn't have much "skill" involved currently just need the right level. Adding an API that allows people to pull prices from all items would make it way too easy to automate crafting as your computer will just tel…

  • No black market loot in crystal gvg's

    Lars024 - - Bugs


    So it looks like the average drop value of BM LOOT per player is (if i calculated correctly) around 4666 silver per roll, where you get 8 rolls for a 150-0 win, no matter the tower level. So you expect to see 100-200k value of black market drops per win for the team in total. Given that a lot of flat 7 gear is very cheap (less then 10k) the chance of not getting any loot in 3 wins, not having heard of any loot from other teams in my guild and not even in my alliance (SAVE) after asking multiple …

  • No black market loot in crystal gvg's

    Lars024 - - Bugs


    Crystal realm gvg's don't seem to give any black market loot