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  • Quote from olkee: “i have the same issue. cant login from my internet, when i use another net i can. please help ” what you mean by cant login login to what screen charecters or loading or what ???

  • @Elsa hi but when the pc problem will be fixed it was on from the last update i redownloaded the game more then 10 times , thought the proplem from me but its not many have this problem now it keep me on loading screen between 12% and 22% with no loging in - thank you

  • p_1729sbmta1.png how to fix this bug it stuck in random number and keep like thes thank you

  • Quote from Tanaphat: “Can't play/login, game launched, the loading start but get stuck randomly at around 13-22%, the game no longer load after 22%. Running on a Windows 10. This issue happened since yesterday after maintenance. Still persist today, was hoping that I would be able to log in after today maintenance, but no luck still. Tried: reinstall, repair, and installed from steam as well. None of these methods work. ” same bro i tryed to reinstall the game more then 10 times even i did forma…

  • when i start the game it crush on the loading window [ 12% - 19% and like that ] i re dawnloaded the game 7 times but it wont log in why is that ???