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  • @Pdwan Thanks for your insights, very relevant indeed! What is your turnip farmer level? I currently get only 1 seed/plant with potatoes and with focus... About the seed yield ratio, at the vendor I see the following: Turnip : 73% Potato: 86% Corn: 91% Pumpkin: 93% Grow time for all is 22h. Based on what did you decide to grow turnip instead of -say- Pumpkin? My assumption: increasing turnip skill takes less than pumpkin skill The fact you are gathering to craft armored horses makes sense, you b…

  • Does breeding become profitable at some point? Today, based on my data below: - the food investment (38k) to grow and craft an expert horse is more than its sale price (27k) - the food investment (38k) to grow and craft an expert riding horse is more than its sale price (52k) - buying resources to craft an armored horse adds 50K expenses generating a loss of about 15k Conclusion: - it is more profitable selling carrots than breeding expert horses and/or crafting expert riding horses - it is not …

  • Thanks this was useful!

  • Hello, I'm a self thought new player trying to figure out some math behind farming and breeding. Based on my (limited) experience this is what I do: - use around 4-5k focus point on 5 expert horses (835 fp/horse) - use 4-5k focus points to farm 9 potato slots (660 fp/potato slot) Result: - all food is burned by the horses - one out of two fields remains unused due to lack of focus points - 5 expert horsed every ca. 2-3 days Does this make sense to you, shall I change anything? Thanks

  • Black Screen & Cant Login Thread

    Vulturi - - Bugs


    same here.

  • I just realized that for some reasons I thought foals were horses. So we have: - expert Horse 27K (not crafted) - expert riding horse 60K, - expert armored horse 86K, - expert war horse 124K Now it makes sense to me as well. Thank you!

  • thanks for your answer, however, to me it is still not clear why expert foals cost more than the expert crafted horses. Anyone can shed some light? Thanks,

  • Hello, Yesterday I bought two expert foals and have a some questions: 1) Does an expert horse always generate a new expert foal when it grows up? 2) At Caerleon's market, expert foals are priced 178K, expert riding horses are priced 60K, expert armored horses 86K, expert war horses 124K. As far as I know, to craft an expert horse an expert foal is needed. So I'm wondering why foals cost more than riding horses as it does not economic sense to me. Thanks and sorry for what is probably a silly que…

  • Quote from Finalhecate: “Quote from blackspeed: “ ” because of the portal lock my area is now close to fortsterlin. I had to travel through the 25-50 arch [25 close ot portal the other 25 was moving up and fighting players of another zerg], all the way to coombe tor which is first step to getting to anglia.... You will have to try to do the same.... ” I don't play a lot thus, for now, I'm stuck in Caerleon and all I do is one daily quest to get the bonus and some farming & bre…

  • As a new player I gave up and I'm stuck in Caerleon.

  • As a new player I'm basically stuck in Caerleon and I find this quite disappointing. I never managed to make it through more than four zones without getting killed. I will try some more days at different hours and if I wont make it I will leave the game to more skilled players. Thanks for your support anyways, I know it is not easy to meet requirements from different groups.

  • Thank you, that helps. Now I'm wondering how to get to Angila together with a standard t4 gear to hunt and gather? I'm considering "naked traveling" to one of those cities (Lymhurst, Thetford, Bridgewatch, Martlock) and then buy t4 gear there. Thanks for any hints!

  • Hello, I'm relatively new to the game and after spending some weeks in Marlock I moved to Caerleon. Reading older posts, Angila was suggested as one of the less populated areas for new players to hunt treasures and gather without being killed too many times by PKs. So I went out to the realmgate but all locations -with the exception of one- lead to Mercia! They are fairly busy, I always encounter PKs and die on the average one out of three times which makes my activity quite unprofitable: - How …