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  • Hello! Quote from Hellgrimlen: “It keeps telling me I need to update however I have and when I click update it takes me to the App Store where it says play not update. Clicking on play just brings the game up in the call to arms screeen and sits there. Ok seems that iOS can’t run the new update yet but it says that I can run the old. How do I do that? ” Try to reinstall the game. Quote from NicK01: “I have experienced problems with the apk installer (Android via web) since yesterday. I can't run…

  • Hello guys

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    Welcome to the Albion forum @JohnHealer! Joining a guild can increase your chances of finding a group for pvp/pve. Check: Guild Recruitment Best of luck!

  • Hi everyone ~

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    Welcome to the Albion Forum @Senorita! Check Guild Recruitment There are few new players friendly guilds. Good luck!

  • Congrats @Nesnes! As more content it's added to the game. Local balance should be maybe considered to increase variety.

  • Hello, welcome to the forum @Goar! Depends on what content you want to do, it can be 1v1 or 1vsMany, ManyvsMany... Gear and skills are situational most of time. I whold recommend just pieces of gear that are most used on regular bow. Mercenary Hood, Friend Cowl, Hunter Hood Mage robe, Cleric Robe, Mercenary Jacket Guardian Boots, Cleric Sandals... Thetford Cape T8 stew Resistance T5+ or Poison Potion T6+ My suggestion it's try them all. And experiment. If you're looking to win and more advanced …

  • There you go: Fourth Anniversary Celebrations: Fame Boost, Events, & Retrospective Happy birthday Albion!

  • Hello, welcome to the Albion Online forum! It can be about your ISP and if it's about that you can try to close other applications that may consume your internet bandwidth. When it comes about loading maps, usually the problem comes from hardware. Most of the time installing Albion on a SSD can solve the problem and also improve the performance. If this problem still persist: 1. Complete the: High Ping & Connection Issue Reports 2. Further support: Have a great day, Xcru…

  • Hello, welcome to the Albion Online forum. Can be about your ISP(Internet service provider). What you can do: 1. Try to reinstall Albion on your phone, maybe you're lucky. 2. Use a Vpn, but consider that chances to work are very low (under 10%). And also it costs. 3. Complete the connection report form: High Ping & Connection Issue Reports 4. Send and email to with data about your internet provider. 5. Try another internet provider (It's also not guaranteed that will wor…

  • New RPG'er to game

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    Hello, welcome to Albion Forum! I wish you good fortune in your Albion adventure.


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    Hello! They are selling too cheap? Sounds like profit.

  • Welcome back, @Kirby_123125. Great investment The price of mammoth skyrocket from last year. It was like between 20-30 million silver.

  • Crossplay

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    Hello, welcome! You should be able to play on both. 1. It's not possible on pc via Steam. (You need to use the AO direct client: ) 2. Check if you are on the right server( Albion (Live) ) :…615514c9c675100a5d98f67fc 3. Make sure you use the right credentials (email and password) 4. When you change the device you will be asked for a "security code". Check your e-mails for that code. 5. If nothing works, please send an email at: support@a…

  • I hope you have a SSD. Can make a big difference.

  • Hi! Welcome to Albion Online Forum! I wish you good fortune with all your plans.

  • Missing description - Healing potion T6

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  • Missing Icon

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  • Hello @WoodsWick, welcome to the forum! Crafting specialization increase the value of your focus while you craft a specific item. So until you rise your crafting specialization enough to fill all the journals, like Fusionbomb suggested, buying journals from the market can be an alternative. "Laborer self-sufficiency" it's possible but depends on your focus and market. A strategy if you don't want to be dependent on the market to sell items: 1.Craft with focus and use city(47.9%) or black zone(48…

  • Hello, @m3tah3r0! Can you reformulate the first question? "If I store silver in gold, so as not to make unnecessary spending, can I create my own guild and new accounts with islands?" I don't understand it. But I will try to give you some answers. About gold limit, check the link below: The rule it's a measure to discourage Real Money Tradings(RMT) using fake credit cards or other forms of RMT. Multiple accounts are allowed by Tos. But not having characters online at…

  • Hello, @nyanpower! If have any evidence please submit a report in:…-Hacks-Bots-and-Exploits/ or at: Best of all, Xcruciful

  • Crafting is definitely possible. Right now meta crafting(the way everyone doing it) it's not sustainable or not worth. You need to find your own way, a niched path. Try every aspect of the game and do the math. Eventually you will find at least 1 way. Game knowledge will be translated into income. Good luck, Xcruciful