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  • New "E" Skills

    Mikonson - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Being the kind of person who loves unlockables, meaningful difficult achievements, and having stuff to flex on n00bs in my possession, I love this idea.

  • Honestly, some quick objectives such as saving the prisoners and they follow you further a bit, and a bit further there'd be like 3 short waves of mobs, the prisoners sit in a corner hugging each other while you prevent the waves of mobs attacking them. Would be a nice way to spice up some dungeons.

  • Had an idea of unlocking some kind of quest that a player could take from like a hall filled with trainers for each weapon type after a player reaches 100 spec on a specific weapon and when the quest is finished, you get like a fricking sick reskin for that specific weapon. Basically - A hall of trainers for each type of weapon. (Requiring 100 sword fighter node and a weapon of choice at 100 <- as an example). - 100 specs unlock a difficult and not done in 1 day or a week quest. (Most definitely…

  • Even if it is religious, why the frick should you even care ? Brainwashed dumbos believing in some religion to such extent that other religions bother them is fricking weird. The fact that religion is still a thing baffles me.

  • Had a thought that it would be pretty cool to have some kind of pets as collectibles which also loot silver drops, like some sort of small goblin that follows you around and runs to the small piles of silver when it comes somewhere near the pile. Another thought, unlockable different weapon holding animations or running animations for weapons to spice things up. Spears for example:…f516ae5214c4cf40070da6618…f516ae5214c4cf40070da6618