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  • It would be interesting to get even a conservative estimate on the amount of Silver/Gold that has been exchanged through RMT over the years. Even if SBI choose not to sue for damages im sure there are other legal agencies will be interested in the aquired & untaxed sums of cash. Right now, to buy Gold legitimate through SBI to exchange for Silver it would cost $1500 US per billion. What do rmt charge? Half? 25%? So 400-800$ ber Bil. How many hundreds Billions have been exchanged over the years?

  • Quote from AidenGaetnz: “the boat asks me for 300K the journey, the only other way to reach Thetford is by land? ” Travel by Mount. If you can get yourself a t4/5 OX. You can do this pretty safely so long as you stay out of Red Zones. Otherwise sell your stuff first & travel where you like.

  • Take your Ore to Thetford. Gather Fiber in the area & take Fiber back to Lymhurst. (just going by the info you provided) Less Cloth production was a factor in choosing Lymhurst or you have other reasons with no Island you have nothing keeping you there. So move to a City that suites you better.

  • (Usando un traductor para que esto se lea un poco raro) Va en contra de los términos de servicio, con la salvedad que depende del valor del dinero real intercambiado. Ha habido informes a lo largo de los años sobre RMT de juegos * en juegos de militple que indican que los operadores más grandes inevitablemente usan información bancaria / tarjeta robada. Lo que, por supuesto, es un crimen. Entonces, además de este robo, tiene la evasión de impuestos porque los ladrones no pagan impuestos sobre la…

  • Thank you. I saw the mention on the Roadmap & was thinking through an idea or two & came to realize that i was not certain enough on how the system works now to put it down & share. But it turns out my understanding was correct. I wanted to be sure there was no obscure/ often missed Feature involved. Thanks again.

  • Acknowledge the social aspect & find others like Ikcen & negociate terms to work their farm for your mutual benefit.

  • please excuse the Bump, @Evas_Flarelight I was hoping you could confirm whether there is any community benefit to Faction Warfare at the moment? Are the benefits only to the individual player? Hearts, Mount, Cape. Does the number of Captured Outposts matter or are these simply more opportunity for PVE & PVP. Does the City Owner Benefit in any way from Faction Warfare?

  • Quote from Zbrkesbris: “Random dungeons were designed to create more conflict and PvP situations between groups, ability to steal loot is a good motivator. ” Unfortunately, the Devs have already stated they may change this @Mack96 whether they make it who "Kills" the Boss or who "Does Most Damage" Gets the Loot will not strictly get you the result you are looking for. It will only reduce Solos following you into RDs but will not stop groups coming in after you. & if any of these changes do happe…

  • Is it possible to set Tax on Houses in City Plots? Curious if Diva chose 0% or was prevented form setting any Tax by game design.

  • Move island

    Macon_Gray - - Beginner's Questions


    You would pay something around 10k silver as you would have initially for lvl 1 Island but you do not lose the lvls you previously purchased.

  • There are a number of reasons but with recent updates some have lost relevance. The central location is a population hub which encourages a healthier market. Couple this with the Black Market & what once was unique access to the Black Zone. Refining & crafting in Cearleon also received a better resource return over the other cities. Access to the BZ is no longer unique & the outer cities have each been given buffs to specific materials & gear. Less official im pretty sure some set out to encoura…

  • I believe you just need to get through the Tutorial.

  • Move island

    Macon_Gray - - Beginner's Questions


    Note also that the demolition is more a careful dismantling since you retain 90% of the materials used. You then have the choice either to sell the materials or manually transport them to your new city of choice. Also the option for this Free move has a deadline (another 16 days from now)

  • Looks like you do not have enough Cloth to craft the Robe. 16 is needed. Gather a lil more

  • Hi Barathron, You guys appear to be a good match for what im looking for. I have been a somewhat typical solo for two months & now finding that want to get more involved in the group PvE content Including Faction Warfare, HCE & world Bosses. As well as the new Random Dungeons. I also welcome the opportunity for some small group pvp. I have not yet been into a Black Zone but not afraid of being in Red zones. Tho with the influx of players i would certainly feel more comfortable with a couple of b…

  • Quote from Theat: “It takes a lot longer traveling through blue zones, so at least there is a cost involved, or cost of instant travel while weighted. ” My thought are on the Lack of Risk involved. I can appreciate the adage "Time is Money" tho to pay the fees of fast travel & make a reasonable profit i believe you would need to be moving higher end gear. It would be difficult if not impossible to profit on moving stacks of t3 & t4 Resources for instance whilst paying fast travel fees. Even with…

  • Giving each City some relevance & encouraging individual Markets sounds great. Tho, as things are, As a Trader you can circle the whole Royal Continent City to City (cept that 1 yellow zone between Martlock & Bridgewatch) while keeping completely in the Blue therefor zero risk. It would be nice to reduce some Blue Zones & at least add more yellow to force some level of risk when traveling & Trading between Cities.

  • Does not the Reputation system answer this . PK get kicked out of Blue & Yollow Zones once their Rep reaches a point. Failing that you also have the option to "Die" & Spawn at your Home if you really feel you need to get away, so long as you are ok in giving up your gathered resources & gear. If it is early in your session & you are wearing cheap gear. Otherwise may be a more difficult option. but it is there. Do not be so quick to report other players that choose to enjoy a game differently tha…