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  • Expliot or what?

    Azlen - - General Questions & Discussions


    You claim to be a vet player but then you don't even think he has high specc because his pve fame is low? You've seen books in the game before, right? Also, based on his IP (which he' rigging by having no cape, in case you didn't know) he's pretty high up on most of his specs. He has 948 IP in those ledgers with 4.1 excellent. For comparison, I have 3100/3100 in my main build (meaning as maxed out spec as you can have). With 4.0 (no quality) items and no cape, my tooltip ip was 855. But that's t…

  • Quote from Fikule: “A better solution may be to split the buff. 5 second attack speed buff, 2.5 second damage buff, This strikes a balance as you can easily lose the damage buff, but if they can't keep you off them for a full 5 seconds, you can at least build it back up quicker. ” I definitely agree this would be a nice way to adjust it. It would make it feel much better than it does currently.

  • Here's to hoping they look into adjusting it.

  • So the bow changes got added in with the latest patch. The 2 major changes were the ramp-up changes, which reduced the amount of bonus you get from each Bow attack stack, but increased the capped amount of stacks available, and the buff uptime changes. With the ramp-up changes, this means it takes longer to ramp-up into maximum attack speed/damage. I think this was a great tweaking point to balance the ramp-up damage potential for bow. This effectively makes it take longer and do less damage ove…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “ Marketplace Mail Changes - Notifications are now only sent when a Buy or Sell Order is completely fulfilled or expires - These mails contain a summary of all relevant transactions, and notifications are no longer sent for every single transaction ” Please, please make this an optional choice in settings or in the mail UI, and not a global mandatory change to how market mail works. I personally like knowing when things are partially selling or partially filling my buy …

  • Quote from Wydoyolo: “Quote from Lohend: “Hint: if you update your ticket or re-apply your support ticket gets to be moved to back of the queue. Each time you update your ticket you get to wait even more. So want your support ticket to be answered? Stop sending little replys "are you there, answer me?" and "plzzz answer I can't wait" ” Nowadays FTR is important enough to configure Zendesk to not bump self replied tickets. ” Not sure what FTR is, but I work in customer support (using FreshDesk in…

  • As Flarelight said, the majority of the longterm/hard-core playerbase use the Native Client. Not to mention it supports the Devs more, as steam doesn't take their 30% cut. Don't let it deter you at all! There's thousands upon thousands of seasoned and newer players out there to kill and be killed by

  • Quote from Queensymartinez01: “I was disappointed by the log in queue. Me and my friends want to just try the game if it is good for our taste but the server gave us log in queue that is why we uninstalled the game instantly. This game is not worthy to be played by paying. ” 1. Don't necro posts from 2019. 2. You picked the busiest day to try the game. That's just bad luck. 3. You can't make a claim that the game isn't worthy to be played by paying if you've never really tried it. 4. If this is …

  • Quote from Arcus: “15.5.4 Compelling reasons include for example (without limitation): - If the User is engaged in cheating, use of bots, financial fraud or severe abuse of bugs. The User is hereby advised that Sandbox Interactive will, without prior warning, immediately suspend all access of the User to the Game in these circumstances to protect the integrity and reputation of the Game. - If the User is culpably in violation of applicable law or of these Terms and Conditions, the Game Rules and…

  • Sounds more like you self-referred for a skin, so you bought yourself a month of premium on another account, then stopped playing and forgot it was a subscription. It also sounds like you believed that having all your sign-up information be different from your main account was going to make them believe it wasn't you. You're not getting any support here because you're making a claim that doesn't hold water. It's a whole lot of "trust me guys" on a story that isn't very sound. Stop getting mad th…

  • Quote from SwoleBenji: “Every Windows Update just fails. You guys are gonna have to step it up cause if I'm having problems then others are gonna be hard-blocked from playing without buying a new system, assuming their PC can even run Windows 10 to begin with. Hours later, fixed. Not sure how many people are gonna spend HOURS troubleshooting instead of just playing something else. ” Not to be too blunt, but if people's PC's can't run Windows 10, they probably can't run Albion at any semblance of…

  • Imagine being this rude. It isn't news that you have to re-download mobile, and they've stated tons of times it's being worked on. Have a shred of decency.

  • Olaf you must also bear in mind that the weekend is always a much busier time for the game as a whole, and by transitive property, the black zone. Try again tomorrow through Thursday and get another feel for it. T5 black zones are a ghost town in general other than people passing through, so those are pretty much safe. The higher the tier, the less safe.

  • swiftclaw price

    Azlen - - General Questions & Discussions


    Ah, I see you're new here. Welcome to Albion my friend. Just because you sell something and you liked how much it used to sell for doesn't mean anything is wrong. The game is a player driven economy, so price changes are inevitable. You have to accept that, or you will fail in Albion. If anything, Swiftclaw mounts going down in price is a good thing, as it'll make newer players such as yourself more likely to ride them and avoid gankers. Point being: Just because you personally are unhappy with …

  • Master Looter

    Azlen - - Beginner's Questions


    No, there are only 2 loot modes: group loot by default where everyone gets their own share, and Free for All, where everything is lootable by everyone.

  • Guild Island Question

    Azlen - - Beginner's Questions


    No, there can only be one guild hall on the guild Island, and it will always be the center plot. No matter island level 1 through 6, there will only ever be one "large plot" that can accommodate the guild hall, and that's in the center of the island.

  • Quote from YipToe: “You can't take a group to go gathering. Nodes are in (very) limited supply as it is, there are far more profitable things to do as a group than go gathering together. The main issue with gankers is not the actual ganking. As a gather, I don't mind the odd one or two solo gankers or duo gankers but I don't go black zoning anymore due to EXIT CAMPING. What needs to be fixed is for it not to be worthwhile to attack gatherers in groups and to make solo ganking profitable. There a…

  • If they continue to develop the mobile controls, there's the slightest glimmer of hope for switch. I'm holding out hope at least

  • I was there with you. The biggest tip I can give is: go out in t4 gear. Sure, you're not as strong. Dungeon clears take longer. You'll potentially lose fights you could've won with better gear. But each death can be 30k instead of 200. You can learn, grow, and get stronger, without breaking the bank. And then, those victories will be so very sweet. Give it a try

  • I do not know if that is bug or cheat

    Azlen - - Bugs


    When a player goes down to mobs, they have that 16 second timer. If a player goes down after getting attacked in pvp combat, but the mobs deal the final blow, the knock-down timer is 3 minutes. My guess as to what happened with you: you never hit your attacker once, but he hit you, and you both went down to mobs. So you received the 3 minute timer (there's no 9 minute timer that I know of) and he received the 16 second timer. So he stood up and executed you. Had you got even 1 tick of damage on …