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  • Quote from pinto: “1h SPEAR still a great weapon to play ” I specifically picked muisak as an offhand for the comparison to compensate the lower base stats of 1h weapons, if I were to pick any other offhand other than the muisak or cryptcandle the damage numbers would be even worse. Considering how variable the spear toolkit on the W spell slots is it can be used to a passable extent in solo ava roads roaming, but compared to other weapons it has much less compatibility for team play, as there i…

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “There is currently an option to hide players in cities on mobile in the general settings section, as shown in the image below: ” Why there are non-control related features and advantages on the mobile version on the game like the auto silver pickup and the mentioned player limit cities? Are there any plans whatsoever to standartise them between different platforms?

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Well, mercenary full heal by Badon E doesn't deserve a Review? Tick damage is a great advantage using the jacket. ” Not to mention they can do it a whole screen away, which is much further than the 9m range of fiend cowl. Also the tickrate at 0.3s makes it possible to trigger more healing even in the 9m range.

  • Quote from pinto: “yes, u must be right, idk why people don't ever use carving sword since it seems so broken by ur maths i mean, it has more damage than bloodletter and 1h spear, but why do people choose bloodletter and 1h spear over it? people must be dumb. ” I often see it in 5v5 HG's in melee dive comps. At 1200 IP 76 shred hits the 60% shred limit for same-IP cloth armours, which also lasts 8s. Downside of carving is that it can be cleansed, while not really having that great of solo target…

  • Ironroot staff targetting issues/bugs.

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    Quote from Nebelfaust: “Yes seriously, when will this be fixed? The mechanic currently makes the staff unusable. In stressfull fights you basically can't link anyone because you always click wrong. It should work like Spiritual Seed from Druidic Staff: You select a target, press e, then select another target and press e again. That's how all the spells work, only Soul Link is completely bugged and I have no clue why it is not working properly and still not fixed. ” Yeah, unless you follow a stri…

  • Quote from pinto: “were we talking about pike/claymore compared to 1h spear or 1h spear compared to similar weapons(more focused on mobility on their E's) in other trees such as bloodletter and carving sword? u are the dumb one here spears are strong at every content, and it was also undisputable meta in HELLGATES and CRYSTAL LEAGUE. ” Boo-hoo, how about you make your own data set to prove your point better? If something was meta before it still doesn't justify nerfing that exact weapon into an …

  • Quote from Myelene: “increase damage to 50% on first hit instead of increasing it in 10% per hit... Nature staffs are not very welcome in group pve dungeons so the best way to increase its levels is by doing solo dungeon bus the recent update really nerfed it so to improve the pve experience you could give it like with the holy the increase in the first use of the skill, i understand you hate healers but every time SBI balances them for pvp they get nerfed in pve... ” Damage for the whole 5 thor…

  • Quote from Schmellow: “Did you know that cleric robe protects you from stuns and forced movement effects as long as you don't move? It does not say so in description, but every hellion shoes black hand builds uses it to safely reset cooldowns with assassin hood. ” If you are casting a spell*. Often used in combination with scholar sandals to rush through chokepoints or to safely cast assassin hood in the case of black hands. Unlike with regular uninterruptible spells, this combination also prote…

  • Quote from SIANEKHD: “damage is actually changed for an entire duration when toggled while being affected by damage modifiers. that means u can be beamed by arcane to cap damage, then use jacket and have max damage for an entire duration no matter if buffs went out already. ” That's how toggle spells work. Or any channeling spell aswell. Or any damaging on-hit buff like Thorns, Lucid Hawk or Poison.

  • Quote from Syndic: “swastika ” And how is that bad, exactly? Pretending they are bound to a single event on our timeline and disregarding all of the usage history before it just seems laughable to me. If anything it's just a way to make people mad and laugh at them for it.

  • Whispering Bow

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    Quote from Divz: “after the end of the buff, the damage scale will not return? I checked the attack speed with the hunter's jacket, the attack speed did not work out, I will check the damage later, it just does not show the buff from this bow in the character's characteristics, need to check it in battle ” Mag/Phys atk bonuses for spells are taken into account on cast-point, so channeling or continuous spells keep their bonus from the time they were cast. The only exception I can think of right …

  • kiss_8kb.1634263484.png It's been 3 years since the broadsword rework and the bug is still not fixed. Just, why?

  • Dev Talk: Biome Rework

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    Really hope it's well optimised, unlike the cough avalon roads cough. Potato laptop is pain. harold1.1634263126.png

  • I never understood the need for an unbreakable invis with weird handicaps like 50% healing/damage reductions. If the main issue is activating boots with huge burst movespeed during invis then just remove that ability and compensate it with a passive movespeed bonus to facilitate escapes without abuse and keep the cape's purpose intact: - Activation threshhold: 15% -> 20% - Invisibility now breaks on spell cast. - Now grants 20% additional movement speed during the cape's duration. @Borbarad What…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “What´s the bug again ? ” PvE true damage on Specter Jacket should be affected by the mag/phys atk mod, but in reality the damage is affected only by IP.

  • It's visual. The seconds on the UI tick down faster than actual seconds with an increased cooldown rate.

  • Besides the 1m Increase to AA range and some skills the only obvious buff from the changes is more synergy with Mercenary jacket. Other than that nothing changes.

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “I mean 75% of the damage it dealt before the nerf Say it dealt 200 (as an example) before last patch Half damage is 100 50% of 100 is 50 100+50 is 150 ” Imagine i have a mag/phys mod of +30% (Assassin jacket) Before the patch I had 130% damage on first 5 Q stacks, post-patch I have 70%. Imagine Q deals 200 damage, with damage mods included it's 260 before-patch and 140 post-patch. 260 - 100% 140 - X% X = (140*100)/260 = 53.85% Your calculation only works if the damage modif…

  • CD, or triumph of idiocy

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    Quote from Back.Off.Outlaw: “it is a bow and can interrupt that stupid royal boots, used by 9 from 10 opponents. ” The E cant interrupt it. Royals are only counterable by hard-CC (Knockback, Knock-up, Stuns) during startup or purge after the activation. The multishot can though. Quote from Back.Off.Outlaw: “Interruption? yes, it is strong against casters, but again and again... cleric robe + cowl(or guardian helm, or soldier...) and you are just a mob. ” The E having constant interrupt is fine, …

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “btw now smite and thorns deal 75% cause half of half is a quarter ” Mag/Phys atk bonus is always ADDITIVE my man. Its halved, not reduced by a quarter.