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  • ... which seems a very low exposure in regard of possible consequences of using a known bug without even knowing it to be a bug. (I don't know which proportion of the players do read the forum regularly, but I don't feel the forum is enough exposure for the players to know about the currents "known bugs".)

  • Hello, @Mytherceria I have some questions regarding this particular paragraph of the ToS : Quote from Mytherceria: “Hi everyone, As we have a lot of new players joining the world of Albion, we think it’s a good chance to reiterate the rules regarding multiple User Accounts. Having multiple User Accounts is generally allowed with some rules, as defined in §11.2 of our Terms of Service: Quote: “11.2 Multiple registrations, as well as setting up and operating multiple User Accounts at our Services …

  • TOS question

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  • ... to have the time to launch at least one spell. I don't know how it happened, but on my last death, I didn't (I was even unable to move after getting dismounted). (FI. Seems not happen often at all. Post it just there if any have leads on it for you)

  • Hello, When you trade another player, you only have a little message at the end of the transaction which disappear pretty fast. It is then hard to know if the transaction was accepted or not. Would you mind setting up a channel in the chat able to log transactions between players (at least silver amount, at best also items, even best, in 2 different categories) ? Thanks by advance

  • Faction cap bug

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    Hello, Here are the 2 bugs (at least until you say me they are not) I encounter yesterday when doing outpost as Caerleon faction : - After capturing 1 outpost, leading to a count of 2 on 3 outposts for Caerleon on the map, the map control begin to change in favor of Caerleon. We leaved the map before it finished. (usually you get the points of a map you helped with even if you are no longuer in it, right ?) When the map control got to Caerleon, we didn't get any points. - When trying to capture …

  • ironroot bug

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    Hello, When I launch the ultimate of the ironroot on 2 differents people, no link appear.

  • Quote from AsmurfH: “Quote from krazzer: “Elite levels, is a very bad idea. Those who already have 700-700 in something and can do high end PVE content will max out those elite levels really quick, which leaves "newer" player at an even bigger disadvantage. No one, want's to be the sheep in a full loot pvp game, and no one like to grind for months just to be able to compete in any kind of content. Improve on content in AO, and players will join, making the grind harder will do the opposite. ” So…

  • Would be unfair for new player.

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from Sevolak: “Hello, Me and my friend. 2 of us, spent 10 hours in roads each, trying to run green chests and solo avalon dungeons. We entered avalon roads from 1. Near Caerleon 2. Near Martlock Outlands Portal and Around maps 3. Near Thetford City and around map From this adventure, we saw around 20-30 people in total. Got ganked 3 times while trying to run dungeons/chests. 1 of them we killed them. We killed at least 25 tier 4 chests. Rewards of the chests were 20 o…

  • Hey, Nice from you to give us those information! I am a little bit surprised by the amount of loots you are talking about : - Do you have premium ? - Do you count bag of silver in it ? - Is it for each of you or in total ? - Is it because you died when you get ganked and then didn't count those loots Do you have, by any chance, record which part of the 2.5M were in each Tier for the chest / dungeon ? => I usually avoid T4, this for me to know if I am doing well About the content, you are searchi…

  • Yes, please, Devs, give us metrics ! It is pretty annoying to see patch note saying "we will boost/nerf season point on this/that because stuff" without having actual data permitting to understand what is going on ! (And about metrics, please, give us also a real and usable combat log. Not just 2 poor combat chat channel with even stuff related to combat lost in the system channel) Quote from keeperofnature: “@Cessari My 2 suggestions dont havr to be added together. The thing you quoted would ju…

  • The video was not really explicit about what "Elite levels" are and how you do get them. Lots of previous post were quite clear about it, I am just giving here a "bis repetita" : If those "Elite levels" means that new players need to spend more time to catch up with veterans, or even if that's only means an increased gap of power between new and veteran player, it is an unwelcome change. New players already need to spend too much time catching up with veterans. IMHO, here is the problem which sh…

  • TOS question

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    UP, questions in the previous post are still up to date

  • Feedback : To know which gear take for the hellgates / crystals / corrupted it would be good to know directly in-game the IP cap, instead of having to search for it in a web browser Suggestion : Add IP cap information in game : - On the hellgate map description - On the corrupted dungeon description - On crystal token description thanks

  • Thanks for the update and the explanation ! FI : sort/stack didn't work, only the game restart did. (probably because in my case, the first stack didn't had to move with sort/stack. Maybe if I had take a weapon in my inventory before doing sort/stack, it would have worked.)

  • Hello, I encounter a bug while trying to use a loadout. I did a loadout to craft, with some equipment to carry resources, and in inventory 500 T6 metal bar and 999 T6 wood plank. I was already equipped with the carrying gear and I used "equip" on the chest with the resources (T5 chest in a build in my island). I had all necessary resources i the chest (more than 1000 metal bar) However, when I opened my inventory, only the 999 wood plank were in it, in second position. The first position did see…

  • Hello, I have 3 suggestions which follow the very nice game lore improvement which is "Crafter's name for the item stay in place even if they passed through the black market and end up in a chest". The first suggestion is to easily see if i wear or inspect someones who is wearing an item craft by me, my guild members, or my friends. I see it this way : - 3 different icons can appear on an equipment, which represent the player, which represent friend of the player, or which represent guild mate o…

  • Fake Guilds /Alliances

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    I was pretty sure limitations for alliance size were a test from SBI which have been rolled backed. Am I wrong ?

  • Quote from addidas: “Confusing names extends to players mimicking alliances and guilds to gank or confuse during ZVZ, why is this allowed? ” Why confusing name would not be allowed, in term of rolepay ? In the state of the art of the game, if your are confusing name, guild or alliance which are red, your are handholding with them. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to confuse between green, violet or red. Maybe you don't know those people enough to be able to differentiate them, since you didn't dec…