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  • So now we will heal enemy ? or we will dmg self ?;] XNDWIEt

  • 90% of my Friend are playing this game For huge ass zvz. Politics, NAP and Alliances are core of all MASS PVP games. If you remove it You kill a game. Creating a artificial obstracles will only make game less enjoyable. An attempt to change something by force will not come out, large alliances will continue to increase their strength and will only share their territories in a different way. we will see a TakeCare of 100 player in the center of the map comes BA, BAF and June in the number of 100 …

  • Chat Bug.

    Polizek - - Bugs


    Hi, last night i got game crush, and after that i cant write or read any /alliance /guild chat. Polizek.eOTkLKT Link to message.