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  • Nerf Royal Boots you shit game

    Tabor - - Rants


    The further boots speed nerf has just been posted in the NDA!

  • Yeah they needed to buff thorns with the recent heal change not nerf it even further. Thorns is hot garbage. I never have or will player healer but they absolutely killed thorns with that nerf many patches ago and now managed to further nerf it.

  • CD, or triumph of idiocy

    Tabor - - Rants


    The badon build is still flourishing in CDs Backoff. Also yes they needed to do something about endless kiting/resets because those builds should not ALWAYS get to dictate fights due to the CD design of nonsensical running circle lanes. Bats are definitely not perfect but with the timer introduction associated with them and the fact it takes like a billion stacks before the slow even hits it is still quite fair to the reset builds (they get plenty of time to attempt to fight just not eternity no…

  • Ah yes the lethal mob days back in the day were a lot of fun. Not a chance SBI would do that though with this current state of snow flake playerbase. We just need to keep crossing our fingers they do not remove full loot at this point.

  • The issue is all the counters give lack of mobility. Dodge roll boots are fantastic against grail and tomb but they can easily just run away. That is the main issue with these builds they have supreme safety. I would also add that never fight grails around mobs. They are a meme build that completely depends on mobs/traps for success.

  • Haha you are correct "high infamy" players do not use cleric cowl because using cowl is for fighting. Any mis timing use of that helm and you die. High infamy players all use knock back to combine with the rest of their ridiculous safe running kit to only take guaranteed win fights. The rock/paper/scissors argument does not stand for these builds because all hard and soft counters simply cannot catch them. They get free passes to high infamy due to design. This goes back to the fighting in CDs n…

  • I still don't get it. So just fire, frost, and curse battling it out? Seems like an odd request.

  • I think it all depends on how wealthy you are. If you have established wealth and decent win % you will probably wait until you have at least 1 mil in loot before going back to drop.

  • Mercenary hood would be a death wish in CDs because it only helps against 1 or 2 builds and is utterly useless against all the rest. This is why it is never used in CDs. They could fix that by giving it a decent alternative option to swap when CC is no issue like cloth has knock back. Howl is garbage on leather helms. Cleric cowl works great against demon cape builds but that just turns into a draw because tombs just run away if they don't get guaranteed win conditions and their build allows the…

  • City populations are significantly dropping. I am finding way more PvE rats in Slayer than usual. This is somewhat expected though with both Diablo and New World launches. It will be a bit slow in Albion for the next 6 to 8 weeks until they finally go live with the new content update.

  • While PvE can happen in CD the primary purpose was for PvP interaction. Hence the bonus demon loot you get from kills is buffed while standard chest loot is lower. Additionally the loot rates increase as you gain infamy and move up difficult from Hunter/Stalker/Slayer etc. I could see why Hunter might seem low if you are not fighting and have little infamy.

  • Hallow has been broken since its introduction. Even after all the attempted nerfs. Burst damage was supposed to be the counter to Hallow but they gave the Hallow the iframe on the E to counter that as well. Remove the ifrane and add back the original lower CD to balance it. But on topic fiend cowl is not OP. Low range makes it hard to use at times in many situations. Mage cowl only appears OP on the handful of builds who can easily AA and bail safely. If you fight while using mage cowl it is bal…

  • Mercenary Jacket Rework

    Tabor - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Current mercenary jacket is heavily favored to DoT players and almost non existant use by others. To fix its OP state for DoT and allow it to be an option for other non DoT how about reworking it to be x heal based on damage once every 2 seconds for 8 total second duration. Due to this being more risky to be easily purged before getting much heal output the CD could be drastically reduced. More specific example popping jacket would heal 300 health once every 2 seconds if damage occurs in that 2 …

  • Hideout Changes

    Tabor - - Rants


    I don't even gank. It just never made sense to have a full loot BZ with safety all over every portion of the zone. Better option would be just only allowing 1 HO per guild but this was their less drastic option.

  • I agree changes look good. If we are going to crush Retro all the time we also need to give him props when warranted! I think the spear AA change is fair being all the additional buffs it has received in Ws and not dropping stacks on E use. Also iron breaker did an oddly high amount of damage so agree with that as well. Overall nice to see buffs/changes and not just nerfs.

  • Curse Tree

    Tabor - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Double merc curse is the only broken curse. As guy above stated playing curse in any other armor is quite balanced. The change to mage robe not to purge on DoT interaction and the specter hood jacket reset are the issues. Curse itself has absolutely shit range and several joke Ws and Es to balance the handful of powerful ones it has. Sickle is risky because anyone with skill can easily dodge stacks and vile has embarrassingly bad range. I think the simple change of reverting mage robe back to pu…

  • Fair nerf. It can still pre stack to have all the damage up front and keeps the ridiculous range. Being most spear weapons also keep stacks after using E the AA damage was way to high.

  • More people will be in the BZ now. Before it was a waste of time to hunt resources since gatherers would safely strip zones outside of their HOs. Now a portion of these players will tuck tail and leave allowing players willing to take some risk a chance for those resources.

  • Funny how anti gankers love the red zone where they can 10v3 small groups of red gankers while they stay safely blue but they do not touch the BZ where they take some risk all while complaining about out numbered fights.

  • Hit and run is the only mechanism small groups have to hit large alliances. This was impossible before because 8 billion HOs all over for zerg kids to jump into. This change has brought the BZ back to more equal footing. The large alliances still have more safe options than the small roaming gank groups but can now at least be killed from time to time instead of playing farmville.