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  • have you seen how thorns works now? they should've just banned the healing Qs from cdgs instead of affecting (and nerfing) the rest of the game

  • Imo if they just make the q1 DoT tick on application they'd be in a great spot (back to being the anti melee king). rn it's a stacking dot that punishes your dps for applying it too fast

  • galatines is a -6% max and current hp debuff, so not actually damage, just a softener (though it does still give it the upper hand). If you're looking at DPS: weeping - 270 damage / 20s = 13.5 dps galatines - 285 damage / 30s = 9.5 dps brimstone - 434.1 / 30s = 14.47 dps compared to galas its not a melee, so way safer, and doesn't need stacks. brimstone is more dps, but if we factor in damage potential (or even AoE size, which also gives more escalation) its less than weeping. because it has no …

  • with the damage buff it'll be 5% less damage than 3 stack galatines, while on a 10s lower cooldown one of the best strongpoints of weeping is with a beamer, as its really easy to beam (ranged) and the cooldowns match up very nicely it also doesn't need any specific armors pieces to work (eg. brimstone & mistpiercer need scholar robe) so you can choose to build in defensives or stack damage buffs I think this damage buff will be big enough to bring it back into ZvZs, and its one of the actually w…

  • Smite (Holy Staffs) - Damage buff is applied after the actual damage, meaning the first smite deals 50% less damage Thorns (Nature Staffs) - Damage buff (10% each stack) is applied once every time you land the autoattack, meaning your 1st deals 40% less damage, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 10%, and 5th deals the same damage as before the change Spirit Spear (Spears) - The autoattack range bonus was reduced from 40% to 32% (not mentioned in patchnotes), but the autoattack damage increase has stayed at 4…

  • should just make it like ~75% lifesteal for 5s, capped at ~10% maxhp per second make it a good healing option for weapons with sustained dps I would like a bit more separation between it and hellion jacket tho

  • Greatholy is overrepresented, especially in 2v2 hellgates, and is getting nerfed because of this. I think this nerf will have almost no impact and instead I propose: - Holy Explosion (Great Holy Staff) - Now gives resistances at the end of the channel instead of the first tick This should give more value to interrupting the greatholy E (outplay potential) and stop its instant defensive potential A bit off topic, but making the new lifecurse E and redemption staff uninterruptable takes away outpl…

  • imo equipping an eye of secrets should make you feel like you have no energy costs at all

  • Druidic staff E bug - - Bugs


    probably related to this bug with recast spells when you recast them just as the window runs out.

  • From the other side o - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from RenKatal: “They should not show on the map unless you are affiliated with them in some way. ” This would be nice if hideouts were guild only, and give territories amenities back was way better when territories were actually useful and you could live out of them

  • 2+ Player Group in SRD - - Beginner's Questions


    the total fame is increased when clearing with >2 players (though it is still split evenly, giving less individual, but more total/collectively) 3 players: +17% 4 players: +33% 5+ players: +40%

  • just be glad you aren't a caerleon player Sadge

  • blackhands are obviously getting reworked, but this new spell could cause even more balance issues than blackhands already has. We need more daggers to fit the assassin playstyle and actually take skill instead of just pressing you buttons until they die.

  • Please just ban the healing Qs in corrupteds, you've already clearly stated that you don't want them, just ban the spell and revert some of the nerfs specifically caused by corrupteds. it really is that simple.

  • Raging Blades does have hit detection problems, its an aura spell so its hit detection is messed up, and its even more impactful bc it affects the inner and outer radius.

  • 0 - Never, flagging systems actively kill pvp content and devalues all the rewards. If you want super low risk, low reward, go to the royals. 1 - Just makes dropping a scout in a high tier zones wayyy more efficient and would make T4 / lower tier roads almost completely unused (its great that you can find a great road randomly) 2 - Not needed? Maybe increase respawn rates to stop roads from drying up (its good that there is unpredictability, as it makes low tier zones still potentially worth it …

  • the solution to making more consistent content in the roads is to make them MORE risky with MORE reward, instead of the other way around. you cannot make the roads safer while simultaneously increasing the reward (obviously I don't agree with the proposed changes)

  • CLAW Squads - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Claws are undeniably the best weapon for dismounting heavy transport mounts (oxen, bears, and even some battlemounts), but there are two problems with nerfing them right now. Problem one is that claws are exclusively useful for ganking heavy mounts, they aren't very good at catching fast mounts because shadow edge isn't very reliable, and unused in PvP because of how easy they are to interrupt. Problem two is that heavy transport mounts are nearly impossible to dismount without proper setup and …

  • I think all the mimic suggestions are great except: Sword - Parry Strike would be really nice in 1v1s and ZvZ, as there is no real reason to take it over magic shock Crossbow - Sunder Shot would be a great option in 5v5s and other small scale content Fire Staff - keep Fire Wall, is super useful in almost all group content, especially ZvZ Frost Staff - keep Frost Nova, its an instant defensive in group content, and most of the other Ws are pretty bad I love your Energy beam fix (I'd love to try d…

  • I'd assume this is intended, as all invisibility breaks when you deal non-DoT damage (excluding hellion hood), and because curse E is delayed damage and not a DoT, it will take you out of invisibility. The same would happen whenever you deal non-DoT damage while invisible.