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  • You really can't take a joke can you.

  • Ganking-only guild wants ganking buffed and zones to actually slow other players down, oh and reward guilds even if they don't work to achieve season points. News at 11.

  • Twitch viewers

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    Add in the fact that they have AOTV casters who don't even play the game much less are knowledgeable about it anymore. Not sure how SBI plans to build enthusiasm for their game but the direction they've maintained on their Twitch account has been a constant downturn for a while. If someone wants to stream a game, Albion isn't a good choice at all, I'd recommend moving on to another game or platform.

  • Quote from Deathskills: “just deleting alliances will be enough to kill large scale handholding ” You cant actually believe this.

  • Anyone else think that with the reveal of the new War Gloves weapon tree, that Black Hands suddenly feels out of place as a dagger weapon? Wouldn't it make sense to have Black Hands in the War Gloves tree and something more like an actual dagger in the Dagger tree?

  • Quote from SullyDio: “BUT there has to be something to stop gankers from just standing in front of HOs killing players easily. ” It's called fighting back.

  • Well if you played the game you would know that nature is the best healing staf for 5v5s currently as well as used heavily in literally every facet of the game.

  • Quote from Devastate: “UO had all these things ironed out back in like early 2000. ” I'm just gonna stop you there because UO didn't have to deal with anything relatable to what is going on in Albion. UO in 2000 literally separated servers into PvP/Non-PvP rulesets, and never had any anti-zerging mechanics or anything near what Albion has. Apples to oranges.

  • The main issue is the lack of engagement and communication,

  • Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “Quote from Ashoracky: “I understand, but soon was already said like 2 months ago @Evas_Flarelight ” Did you see Robin's latest tweet today?…827897e04b4cf4243e5316fcd ” My answer to this tweet would be: We would love to hear about literally anything instead of receiving no updates or communication for over a month.

  • Quote from StevensBot: “Its one of the few ways that someone can grind multiple accounts up reliably. ” If you are using Arenas to grind up a character then you are wasting a lot of time dude. Just grind YZ solos or something, would be better fame.

  • The Damnation E places a single debuff on the enemy that acts as both a resistance debuff as well as a damage-over-time (DOT) effect. The Locus E is supposed to cleanse all NON-DOT debuffs on friendly targets, but because the Damnation E's effect only applies a single debuff for both the Pierce and DOT effect, the locus removes it. The fix should probably be to separate the Pierce and DOT effects of the Damnation E so that the DOT stays on cleansed targets.

  • Quote from StevensBot: “Really makes it hard to even want to play your game if this is the type of shit we gotta deal with ” I mean Arena is quite literally the most useless and least cared about content in the game. If you want safe pvp just flag up for factions and run around the yellow zones. If you don't want to play the game because some trolls act like trolls in the worst content in the game, then maybe you need to try different content.

  • Where is Retroman?

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    I wanna work for SBI they take more vacations than American Presidents.

  • Quote from Tabor: “The game has only grown due to FTP and mobile launch. Otherwise many changes since Queen have been a detriment to keeping vet players playing. New player populations who want nothing to do with PvP will inevitably quit because PvP is the only enticing content that differentiates Albion from other MMOs. ” You literally just said players who want nothing to do with PvP will quit because of the changes to PvP. Do you actually read what you write? There's more players playing Albi…

  • Quote from Achaikos: “I've been playing the game long enough to know that long term player retention is not good. ” The player population has increased over the last 2 years. No matter how much you try to make up your own facts, the truth is that the game has grown.

  • Quote from thefixx: “It's failing and will go back to obscurity soon. ” Recent player activity statistics say you are wrong here. But hey maybe the game isn't for you. In which case, go play something else.

  • Quote from Quagga: “to add my 5 cents, you are wrong, just giving power to one person influences global politics and pushes leaders and mega alliances to take people into consideration... This is healthy and prevents this clown fiesta we have in BZ. Now after these changes you are a "SLAVE" to alliances, leaders... You don't like the current system and what will you do? Get used to it or leave the game. ” This is copy pasta material. Not only does it hardly make any sense, but it does anything B…

  • Quote from Deathskills: “reality of what could be truly great if alliances were removed. ” If alliances were removed it wouldn't change anything except for how queue weight works. Guilds will still work with each other. And having 1 player determine the outcome of a 100+ vs 100+ ZvZ is bad mechanics and I'm glad it's gone. It doesn't take skill to hit E. To delete a clump in ZvZ should require multiple player coordination, not the act of a single player hitting 1 button. If you can't understand …

  • Quote from Deathskills: “Nerfing aoe escalation at 40% killed sol 1 vs antigank. it only made bad "dumb" players that clumps not be penalize for it anymore. From 70%, tweaking it to 60 or 55% probably would have made it better without fully killing anti-gank builds like pog log/heron spear and others (and both of those had ez counters like a fiend cowl, demon helm). ” Escalation was never about ganking. Focus fire debuff is what addresses that. So you're wrong here. Quote from Deathskills: “and …