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  • Quote from Syndic: “Rental systems don't work the way SBI thinks they work, so their changes are "irrelevant" since they're built on the notion that renter guilds have hideouts already placed inside the zones and they will rise up and flip their HO's into HQ's. Rental systems only exist because guilds have no other means to generate income fast enough to sustain ZVZ production on a large scale, besides contesting broken world bosses for pup-spawns. I wrote extensively about it, but I don't have …

  • Quote from Eltharyon: “Quote from FriendlyFoe: “Again they screwed small guilds, all content is for the big guilds, small guilds and solo players please quit the game right now because SBI don't care 85% of its players, meaning small guilds and solo players. They only make content for big guilds. Big alliances. Does not matter that big guilds already have their maps and territorys, almost all the content in the game is for them. Now they make HQ hideouts also for the big guilds. If you there in …

  • HQ Hideouts

    MasterisMK - - Rants


    I mean the first iteration looked good. 10k points is not much and there were zones in outer rings which could have generated a lot of content for smaller guilds. But by upping T7 requirement to 40k points they basically killing this whole change purpose. Looks stupid for me to be fair.

  • This is bullsh1t. 40k points for tier 7 zone? Way to kill any use of this change.

  • Quote from Neesh: “Quote from Korn: “Quote from Neesh: “Why would you make roads HO elegible for HQ? Outlands sure, but roads? That's not open world at all, and right now these maps are crowded, infested with HO, many of them just of alt guilds. Right now it's pretty difficult to attack and enter a zone (since they can just camp the entrances 24/7 with just a few guys and all spots are covered) and now you're giving them the possibility to have an indestructible HO? ” We are aware of the current…

  • Can we get some info regarding what are guild level requirements for these HQ's?

  • Wanted to test hideout channel, got on test server, but I don't see any hideouts. It seems all hideouts are gone. How do I test it? Edit: Found some, it seems most of the hideouts starved and got destroyed

  • 4 Vile Curse stacks + Death Curse placed on player. Player uses Shadow Edge during Death Curse explosion and gets 0 dmg. 4 Vile Curse stacks should be consumed by Death Curse and disappear, however they still remain on the player

  • Hallowfall is dead in few days when patch is deployed. Now I think only curse and crossbows have decent chance against them.

  • Top 10 2v2 is broken

    MasterisMK - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Gee, who would have thought that reducing loot and removing fame would reduce player numbers. And smurfing is killing ppl numbers even faster, so yeah gl with finding opponents. I know at least 10 ppl who played old hellgates, but not playing anymore for various reasons. In short - new gates sux.

  • Quote from Gacox: “@MasterisMK with what criteria do you say that? It seems that you are a rat talking, do not even talk about my team although you should not do it because the corruotas is a fair 1vs1 pvp, not a tier 8 dungeon as soon as you leave the portal so that rats like you can win free loot without risk and what best of all, waste the time of people who really want full pvp But to shut your mouth I will tell you with bear's paws with soldier boots have I cant catch those people whose bui…

  • Quote from Gacox: “How is it possible to find 6 escapists in a row and that these people do not have to go to a tier 8 map to get the same fame and loot, simply annoying other players who want to spend their time in albion doing pvp and not chasing rats without getting anything? Please, if you break crystals, expel the player completely from the dungeon, let him go out into the open world with a fame and silver debuff of 1h this is unplayable ” Are you the guy who takes guardian shoes, merc jack…

  • Quote from Rhodesia: “I have to agree. As it is right now, if a person has a a bit of mobility embedded into their farming build for corrupted dungeons, they're guaranteed safety. They will expel you by breaking crystals, nothing you can do about it. I get maintaining stability, balance, economy, albion does it well. But this is just ridiculous. Albion Online basically has a high-tier, no risk, dungeon. Back then we had solo dungeons, any person can be ganked at any time, by 1-2-5-10 people. Now…

  • Quote from L3xxy: “Bad teams can do Yellow Hellgates, especially now there is no loss ” It's viable only if the loot is good, if loot is better in solo dungeon why would you do it? And loot will be bad because it's non lethal, otherwise ppl will complain about it.

  • So much salt. Plateletter can be caught by badons. Those reset builds also suffering from lack of PvP. Because they need to run if they get unfavorable engagement. Currently I don't see big problem with meta, there are multiple viable builds not just one. If you remove kiting and reset ppl will only play cursed staff with specter and Merc.

  • Quote from Itsmagic001: “This game is suppose to be full loot hardcore pvp sandbox and not some disneyworld for people to roleplay simple. ” Well it's just your opinion. Other people have different opinions.

  • Quote from Seldom: “Good morning everyone, The requirement to enter a Hellgate is 900 IP, but the actual current IP cap is at 1000, which will be set to 1100 on the 26th of February, this Friday. We are trying to find the right balance, we want a high enough IP cap so our veterans can enjoy Hellgates, but also low enough for new players not to be alienated by the daunting IP cap. In the end, all we want is PVP, right? And that heavily depends on the number of players participating in Hellgates T…

  • Infamy rigged ladder

    MasterisMK - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Trial_hard: “Yes, they okay with it.. ” Do you have any source on that?

  • Infamy rigged ladder

    MasterisMK - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I posted to reddit about it a month ago ang got downvoted to hell because of this. Most higher infamy players are abusing this system. This should be fixed. And the only way to force the fix is to let everyone know about it, so everyone abuses it. In the end no fights will happen if everyone wait for invade.…xb9/cd_matchmaking_issue/