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  • I've NEVER seen a new player use arcane staff to solo farm let alone an established player. I rarely only see arcane on zvz. when you said arcane to solo farm i thought you meant magic shock and mimic but you meant energy bolt and i'm baffled how that would work in solo farm cos that would be so slow Edit: lol I should have known you were trolling. Arcane staff build as a solo farm build? Ridiculous. Arcane staff solo farm build using energy bolt instead of magic shock mimic? IMPOSSIBLE.

  • but how and why would anyone farm with arcane? magic shock q has a really high arcane staff mastery requirement, 70, and mimic has a requirement of 85, so you'd have to either master another fame farm build first then use fame credits or tome your way to be able to farm with arcane staffs which doesn't make any sense since that means you already have a farm build with another weapon.

  • Arcane staff can be used with attack skills instead of support which I think is pretty interesting. But pvp 1v1 build is so weak and troll that I wonder why the devs even bothered adding damage skills.

  • thank god it's a bug. thanks for the quick reply i've been chewing my nails waiting to decide if i should sell the jacket. Also. My condolences on the nerfs to greataxe.

  • I've noticed specter jacket deals the same damage to mobs on all tiers according to tooltip. Is that and the low damage of 44 on mobs a bug or is that intended? I do not see these changes on the patch notes. Any information is appreciated.

  • A separate option to lower the sound of horses' hooves in the city would be so so nice. Its too LOUD. going back and forth adusting sound effects whenever i go to and exit a city is annoying af