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  • Quote from jester82: “your staff need to be at least tier 6. ” or an artifact of any tier.

  • Quote from Dc1a0: “things change in the world of Albion, from who's where, to what monsters and resources have spawned where, and you need that new data. ” thats not how it works. And yea, i too had to download 600+ mb right after my game have successfully updated via Steam (30mb update) - game's launcher did a forced file integrity check and basically re-downloaded whole game.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they have also adjusted drop rates in solo dungeons to make group content more appealing. Or to promote playing dangerously in red/black zones if you want good loot. Quote from Atena26: “in t5 map zone ” Was it a yellow zone?

  • Legendary Anchor thingy.

  • Quote from Gatuno: “If you played games with similar playstyle (Diablo, POE and others ARPG) you could say that Albion doesn't belong in any of those but instead to RPG category only. ” You chose wrong category of games to compare to Albion. Albion is more of a MOBA in a sandbox environment than ARPG.

  • Why didnt he try to use default "A" return skill instead of portal? It works...

  • Quote from Finalhecate: “he was able to see 1000 of player doing solo ” If you actually listen to what has been said in that twitch link... That "1000" is an exaggeration, it was then corrected to mere "hundreds" with no actual number given.

  • Quote from Player112: “Too many people buying premium with silver is bad for the business. ” Oh! So you are one of those people who think that paying with silver for premium is free... You should educate yourself about how the whole system works. Quote from TheArimatheus: “which creates "false demand" or more commonly known as "a bubble". ” Isnt it called "artificial shortage/deficit" and not "false demand"?

  • Quote from Player112: “The price lifting comes from the same place as the DDOS attacks. ” You are free to continue to wear your tinfoil hat and blame things that are mostly unrelated.

  • Quote from Player112: “The price is lifted to reduce the number of people doing that. If these people end up quitting, the price will come down again. ” Wrong. Quote from Gatuno: “It jumped from 5 millions to 6.5 millions in less than 24 hours, what gives ” Supply and Demand. Gold is a limited commodity that you cant farm in-game but demand for it is too high. So as long as players will continue to buy gold at these prices - the prices will only rise. There is also a possibility of gold market m…

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    Good luck with that black list without any proofs. Getting dived is not a proof of any "spies". Quote from SBI: “13.2 Users are forbidden to… ... offend other Users or damage the reputation of a third party by making a false or unjust statement, ... ”

  • Quote from Senia: “I dont know if other players affect your connection, but they shouldnt theorotically. ” theoretically they should. The more players there are on your screen/map - the more information server has to send you to update their movement and status to properly display on your screen. That is true for all multiplayer games, especially MMOs where amount of downloaded data can vary greatly depending on your activity and location. So gathering resources and/or tending to your island far…

  • Levitate is a channeling skill so you cannot do anything while it is in-effect until it ends or cancelled (either by you or enemy).

  • server overloaded?

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    Have you tried to close other programs that are running alongside the client? And check client files integrity - it can be done via launcher.

  • Focus

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    Focus on one type of production: as your specialization levels in it go up you focus drain will go down. Once you master one craft you can shift to whatever else you want.

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    This thread is twice as hilarious if you imagine OP's avatar reading their posts aloud in with a cute anime girl stuttering voice...

  • supply and demand. Carrots can be fed to farm animals and carrot soup is useless. Also you should look at sell orders (the price people sell that items to other players) instead of buy orders (the price people want to buy items for from you, usually much cheaper). Material return on (focus)craft is also a thing.

  • Quote from teopower89: “but truth is I simply can't find anyone willing to try my lvl 1 map. ” You can advertise it is "come and get an achievement for completing an easy HCE" instead.

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “I can't think of a single boss that guarantees damage on a player other than tank. ” Bomber in hidden mines... bottles that he throws at ranged players are unavoidable - on hit they deal some damage and then start to charge trap(mine) beneath the character. Giant in Ancient cave: you want to stay far away from him to not get hit and blown away by his AoE, but he throws AoE boulders at those who stand away and the less HP boss has - the more often he attacks.

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “use lymhurst cape, mana regen on any helm, mana sprint on any cloth boots ” lymhurst cape alone is enough if you use "restore mana on AA" passive on staff (you do have time to AA if you use Generous Heal). I'd use Guardian helm for that extra clutch group heal, although if group has problems with energy management - druid cowl is just the right tool. Quote from teopower89: “but is clearly NIOT a single target/tank healing staff. It is considered a cheap option for ZvZ, so…