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  • .... visual. Unless it´s not.

  • What´s the bug again ?

  • Whispering Bow

    Borbarad - - Feedback & Suggestions


    i aint 5 v 5 or whatever, but i can imagine whispering bow could be useful if you exploit dmg modifiers. So if you pop let´s say stalker helm ( 20% dmg bonus for like 4 seconds ) and you pop your E on whisp bow, the dmg of whisp bow will be increased not for 4 seconds, but for full duration. So i imagine one could make use of it, but - shrugs. And even though it lowers defenses, it increases range, so - yeah

  • Whispering Bow

    Borbarad - - Feedback & Suggestions


    whisp bow works Very well with dmg modifiers btw

  • Honestly, corrupted dungeons are beyond saving when it comes to balancing. The issue with overall balance and skills in the game. Before corrupted, the issues were there. And for a long time, corrupted were alright. However, people eventually figured out Meta. And nothing can be done about it. For the most powerful builds tend to be Easy to play with rather low skill ceiling. Usually in mmorpg, skillshots offer imcoparably higher value than non skillshots and high skill level builds are much mor…

  • Quote from Auriden: “Quote from awanmakan: “ ” It wasn't that simple. This guy blocked my sprint skill. ” Honestly, if you say he " blocked your sprint skill " that means you dont even know how that works. If instead of this post, you looked youtube or maybe checked basic abilities to understand how not to get ganked, that would be it. This is why people in open world sucks. Gatherers especially. 99 out of 100 gatherers i solo kill are utter trash that didn´t bother looking into the game mechani…

  • Quote from Unangwata: “Besides, Broadsword was known to deal high damage every 10 sec, but it's single target and requires to put 3 Heroic Charges first. Making it longer cooldown completely screws the advantage and makes it not worth using over other weapons that don't require charges and now have similar cooldown. ” Omegalol. Broadsword is OP and was Brutally OP. On top of that, it´s and it´s been BUGGED every since to the point broadsword has major advantage. It´s a brain dead weapon that you…

  • Honestly, how are these shoes still in the game ? Thought i would try corrupted, and yep - you can´t wear anything else pretty much. These shoes needs to be gone or nerfed hard. It´s not fun.

  • Wide screen is only advantageous if you have high ground in open world. Anyway. If you die to solo ganker, you should learn how to play the game. It is pretty much impossible to die to solo ganker if you know what ur doing.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “It is a bit shocking to hear that from you.. I'd u reduce the weight of gathering resources even more will be gathered and prices will go down even further What is needed is an activity that trashes a lot medium to low gear.. ” ya mean like corrupted dungeons ? Either way, gathering is trash. It´s not even worth it even if u have all T8 tiers. Under all circumstances, there are activities much more rewarding than gathering - like CD. Gathering definitely needs some buff. …

  • Honestly, gathering is just not worth it now. The price of resources is a joke. Anything else apart stone, possibly hide / fiber is just absolute trash. On top of that, those resources weigh far too much. I just got 200 T7 ores that cost 175k. I mean sorry, but .. what ? It not only weighs far too much ( and i am running on boar ), the price is just so low. It´s not even worth picking up, i just do it for the spec. So as it is, i just trash lot of resources when i do roads, because it´s not wort…

  • How would that be improvement for solo or for smaller groups ? This would benefit massive zergs and people with numbers. After all, people with numbers would love channel to roads. Either way, heavy CC is no problem - you just use 4.0 weapon with heavy CC and the person is finished. Also, regarding people completing channel after dismounting - that´s easy, you just dismount way earlier to kill the player. Either way, whatever, i can´t even play axes solo anymore cause the dots change made axes u…

  • No channel. It´s the only way to deal with gankers and huge zergs. Nobody wants to be chased for 10 maps.

  • Welcome, tho ... bricks ... lego .... Man imagine if Lego made proper games, not just god damn lego games, it could be so good.

  • Issue is with the spirit spear Q, not with skillshot Q. Insane range, no skillshots, insane damage, on top of that insane lifesteal from autoattacks that scales brutally well with cloth. That´s too much. First Q is fine, but the second Q is not.

  • Cause battleaxe is lifesteal, not healing. Also, battle rush is trash. Also, battleaxe is trash ( unless ur pve )

  • That´s just adjusted resolution. People with widescreen normally have it. U can force it with nvidia if you dont have widescreen, no clue how it works with other eh graphic cards ? It´s not against rules, since people with widescreen normally have it.

  • Quote from BluesJD: “If devs are trully working on balancing the game then I dont agree with the new channeling needed to access alliance HOs, It is already too much for smaller guild/alliances to keep a minimum sence of safety in their owned territories and I feel this channeling thing will only affect smaller guilds that just dont have enough people to patrol and do police stuff and have always to relly on placing hideouts. On the other hand, i think it will favor bigger guilds/alliances who h…

  • Quote from Merksline: “It does not reset it reduces cooldown when it hits an enemy below 40% health ” again, try to R e a d. It says " Player ", not " Monsters "