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  • steam is the open source online distribution and community platform for valve software (half-life series, counterstrike series, farcry, teamfortress 2, dota2, left 4 dead series). Users of steam can submit 'workshop' modifications, modeling, skins, maps and all other user content through steam workshop, which shares the content with the entire community. Steam also allows players of certain games to buy and sell in game items through their marketplace (, paid for with t…

  • I could sell an item in dota and buy all of my friends founders packs if the game was on steam.

  • I was an evernoob in UO!

    prilux - - Introduce yourself!


    Hey guys. 17 years ago I played UO under the name of Farlen on Atlantic. I hung out with and leached money from two brothers and a real life friend that went by the names of WRAITH, Mortis and Thanatos. I was a huge noob. I ran away from everyone who attacked me, attacked weaklings and miners (who I usually then ran away from), refused to hack, refused to macro, and was baffled by the concept of hitting the same thing over and over again for months at a time to raise skills up. I used to buy boa…