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  • Welcome to Albion. Yes, its just for scam

  • Quote from Heyayajajaja: “Quote from Agrafka: “well, as a gatherer i have to say that our acting as 'rats' is absolutely necessary when it appears a bunch of gankers. How you imagine gathering high level resources? Even now its very very hard. And big alliances don't care about gatheres, so there is no protection for us other than this hideouts ” Stop projecting. Low risk = low reward High risk = high reward This game should be this way and you stop projecting. ” great risk for small groups, gre…

  • Dołącz do gildii która ma kryjówkę na mapie t8 ze zwierzętami. Transportuj do kryjówki a stamtąd do miasta karawaną z gildią. Dalej będziesz umierał, ale rzadziej.

  • Quote from ToeJamming: “Quote from CassX: “Quote from Agrafka: “ok, i have to ask, because i dont get it. We all know that people invite their own alt accounts to get skin. Just wanted to ask if its ok to do that or nah? ” Officially, no, but I believe about 90% of these skins are through alt accounts. ” so why aren't they banning all these 'alt' accounts? And the main accounts that get the skin? Jeebus i just lost my account and it says third party transaction, I even had to google what RMT mea…

  • ok, i have to ask, because i dont get it. We all know that people invite their own alt accounts to get skin. Just wanted to ask if its ok to do that or nah?

  • i dont think so. I see many players who leaving, but every day there are tons of newbies who will play really long before get annoyed enough to resign. And also there are people like me, who complain, getting angry, but still going back.

  • Hold your horses - do you know whats difference between sell now and sell order, and why? If i understand you correctly, you just wanted to sell by sell now. Never do it if you don't have to. Its just accepting the highest buy order in that moment. It can be reasonable price, but it can be 10% of regular price. Try to use sell order and set your own reasonable price.

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from Agrafka: “funny how about risk talking people who gank with 10 friends vs solo players. Where is your risk? ” i didnr see you complaining about 0 risk when black zone was dead And yeah gankers risk finding other gankers ” Probably because t7 and t8 zones wasn't dead for the last year. Gankers were there always, and there was always a big risk. Now its just idiotic to go there to do whatever else than gank/zvz

  • yeah, its exactly about that all the time. Not only alliance, but also public hideouts for not alliance gatherers. And still the same - channeling only support big ganking groups and big alliances/guilds who can gather in 10+ prepared to fight people. Small guilds/solo gatherers - dead. Small gank groups - no changes really, they cant camp many hideouts anyway.

  • because its easy to gather there.

  • Every hideout is useless now bro XD Dont jump from topic to topic. Your problem is that you couldn't steal easy enough and now trying to prove that your 10v1 without option to hide is fair and good. No, its not. Its idiotic idea who only pat gankers in the head. Nothing more. And not real gankers who gank solo or in small group, no. Noobs who just camp in 8 people under hideouts. Bravo, excellent pvp exercise, excellent game experience, lol

  • funny how about risk talking people who gank with 10 friends vs solo players. Where is your risk?

  • Weird map bug

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  • yeah, thank you for update who killed the game for 70% people who i know in game. The rest 30% is happy that ganking is so easy now. Solo dungs in bz? Nope. Maps full of ganking groups. Group dungs in bz? Nope. Maps full of ganking groups (well, you can if you wanna do dung with 20 ppl, but there is no sense) Gathering solo in bz? Nope, all hideouts doors full of gankers. Gathering with group in bz? Well, maybe with your 30 gankers friends. 'This will change nothing to small guilds' - no bro, it…

  • From the other side o

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    Ok then. Black zone is not to be safe. Game is fool loot pvp, and we are all pussies who should learn pvp. Understood. Now. Channeling while entering to hideouts. Ok. But why then all enemies can see locations of hideouts? Now they just camp at every entrance. Let only friends to see location of hideout. Goddammit, give gankers some challenge too. Right now black zone is useless. If you come on map where you don't have home, but you have alliances hideout, they simply need 5-6 people. One of the…

  • Quote from Hastatus: “In the gatherer/ganker dynamic the gankers already had plenty of advantages, if the HO casting stays, which it probably will given how vocal and annoying the whiners were, hopefully SBI balances it out to make ganking a bit more riskier as well. Personally I think the outlaw debuff is too short, if gankers are operating in an area they should be tied to it for more than a few minutes, to allow at least some counterplay, as it is right now gankers can gank, run around for a …


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    HQ will not solve the problem, because there will still be a lot regular hideouts.


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    to make gankers happy. Only answer.

  • yeah, okay, we already finish talking about that. Everyone know that one hideout will be like before. Now we are talking about other ones, like public or alliance hideouts.

  • Well, i understand. New patch make HO completely useless Even public bank chests are safer now. Its better to hide in dung than ho, because gankers camp hideouts, and you have to dismount and channeling anyway. If you guys dont see the problem here, i really can't explain it more. And about bubble after exit HO - dunno now, but after patch it didnt work correctly- clicking on HO doors to went inside gave 2 effects: 1) you cant enter that fast again, 2) bubble disappear. I lost that about 2 mil