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  • More people will be in the BZ now. Before it was a waste of time to hunt resources since gatherers would safely strip zones outside of their HOs. Now a portion of these players will tuck tail and leave allowing players willing to take some risk a chance for those resources.

  • Funny how anti gankers love the red zone where they can 10v3 small groups of red gankers while they stay safely blue but they do not touch the BZ where they take some risk all while complaining about out numbered fights.

  • Hit and run is the only mechanism small groups have to hit large alliances. This was impossible before because 8 billion HOs all over for zerg kids to jump into. This change has brought the BZ back to more equal footing. The large alliances still have more safe options than the small roaming gank groups but can now at least be killed from time to time instead of playing farmville.

  • Consistent playing had died yes. But people will still log in for ZvZ, Crystals, and some CD/HG sessions etc. This will mostly keep the game going.

  • So Joei based on your logic I just transfer x guy my silver so he can RMT on my behalf and all is well. Nice.

  • I thought maybe the purge would just be added to the current damage debuff. But yeah if the E now just becomes a purge and that's it with nothing else it is pretty bad I agree.

  • Why was this game made by pricks?

    Tabor - - Rants


    Ganking in particular is not an easy problem to solve in Albion. Easy fix would be something like exponentially increased trash rates as fight ratios increase. For example 1v1 would only be 10% trash rates going up to something like 8v1 being 100%. This would make extremely outnumbered fights not worth it as there would be no financial incentive. However this would get complicated in ZvZ situations which is why I think devs stay away.

  • Why was this game made by pricks?

    Tabor - - Rants


    Sounds like another guy died trying to click on the safe haven empire of HOs! More specifically I always laugh when people say all my wealth is lost on getting killed. You only lose what you have in your inventory and on body. If that happens to be all of your wealth or even a large portion of it that is a you problem not a game problem.

  • What the hell are most of you people talking about. Again this change helps the new and small groups because the mega alliances cannot just safely mass hoard the BZ resources like they have since Queen launch. Now all players take risk out there in the BZ but even more so the big alliances because now they CANNOT just scurry back to one of their 8 HOs in every damn zone. It is certainly not perfect (I would say each guild only getting 1 HO, all HO access is guild only, and remove alliances would…

  • The important factor small guilds are missing about this change is now they can hit and run the big boy T8 zones. Your small group can roam over get a bunch of juicy kills since the alliance kids can no longer just jump in the nearest HO for safety. Run out and dump off at a nearby war chest and rinse/repeat.

  • A "small guild" should have only 1 HO at best anyway so the HO channel change does nothing to them. The Queen HO system launched created a huge amount of safety entitlement it appears. The BZ is suppose to be dangerous. Literally have a safe haven every portion of the map was destroying the game. You are not suppose to be able to endlessly farm resource/silver safely.

  • If it is your set home HO you should have no issue. If you are a part of a HO empire alliance yes you no longer have no brain safe access across every damn zone. Enjoy.

  • Hattenhair I did not interpret smite change to only kick in after cast. The thorns though I do agree is worded strangely. The description of the nature change states using thorns would negate the 50% damage penalty however the spell change itself makes it look like it is a ramp up to get that 50% reduction. If that is true than yes nature is literally the worse weapon in game. I was hoping it was just poorly worded and nature thorns is actually get a buff of the 10% per stack for 5 stacks on top…

  • I think it is asinine to think it makes sense to have instant access safe points all over the full loot BZ. I personally think it would be better to only allow 1 HO per guild and only 1 HO access per player but alas if they want HOs littered everywhere the channel change is at least something.

  • I imagine you would be using damage Q in solo PvE so this change does not hurt you anyway. The change essentially only impacts the cancer poison helm and run away spam Q heal builds in CDs.

  • Honestly not sure how people can manage to do anything more than casual safe gathering, crops, or checking market anyway on mobile.

  • Yeah very much agreed on the note to add an abandon tab option or something of that sort. Organizationally it is very annoying to always see extra unnecessary tabs. Adds insult to injury.

  • Luckily as spear you can just AA for 400 damage every .5 seconds from 15 meters away so no worries about the E cool down! Spear is the only weapon line in game seeing every weapon in the branch with tons of play because the AA damage and range from prestack is absurd.

  • Whispering will be the next cancer build. Wait and see!

  • The poison helm heal meta will soon be addressed. Look at Retro's NDA updates from this AM.