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  • Quote from hFly: “No, thrash rate. This was added after Queens as ppl started to camp the portals a couple years ago. They added this mechanic before adding the invisible shrines. Seems like you need to study a little more, mr imbecile. ” they added a dependency on the number of assists with an impact on DURABILITY not trashrate, mr imbecile.

  • Quote from hFly: “We already have this mechanic working as we speak, the thrash rate increases as the dif between killer vs killed. ” not trashrate but durability and that's a big difference. Another person who speaks about something they don't know, it seems to be a trend on this forum.

  • not healers are broken but no counter on mage cowl. Why guardian helmet has 40 sec and mage cowl has 30sec.. just give a counter item to mage cowl and the meta will change by itself. instead they balance the whole tree around the ridiculous 50% damage reduction... and you know what does not work, healers still kill and still are not killable by most builds... and those builds that kill now did it before.

  • Quote from Sponik: “-Punish Zergs of gankers: make it so its possible to survive in the BZ roads *I know that there is a trash penalty for each player that is participating in the kill, but this doesn't reduce the amount of zerg-gankers. What I think could help is a buff to the player who is being ganked, for example, from 5 players attaching a solo player, the solo will receive a survival buff that will grant him protection and damage buff, so he can stand his ground against zergs. ” Sure it's …

  • From the other side o

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    Quote from Agrafka: “give gankers some challenge too. ” I stopped here

  • HCE Leaver Penalty

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    remove hce

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “exactly, just like before hideouts existed, when black zone was alive Now newbies will not come to black zone as commonly as before ” zero positive value from these newbies. and so they were sitting almost all the time in ho or running away to hideout, not giving content, now at least they are dying and giving content to someone. The only ones who can cry about these changes are guilds who collect tax from gatherers.

  • Fix Spear

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    FIX SPEAR this range and dmg is sick

  • In lol new hero, day after hot fix. albion new patch, hot fix 6 months later. differences? I don't see.

  • You're talking nonsense... nowhere did I mention hideout and dying alone, I know how to play and run, I have no problem with that, I play this game 4-6 hours a day all over BZ, I talk to people and I know what happens... and these groups are cancer. And my group mostly consists of 5 people and I don't give a fuck about home defenses and hideouts and territories, we play this game for many years and we know how to play and we don't need all this noob friendly shit that is now occurring in BZ and …

  • @Deathskills I thought of that too... normal trashrate during CTA. As if these people are still looking for smallscale, generally it looks like if they meet another group they run away and the fight turns into a horse simulator through 10 zones to the first safe zone. As for durability, nobody cares about it... only really noticeable is at zvz where you get over 100 assists, at 10/20+ ganking it does nothing. On the other side small scale would be pointless... add system and ladders with x vs x …

  • Quote from xXCorbusXx: “Hideout update is trash. 30 man gank squads roaming around killing everything in sight. Nowhere to run. My new players in my guild will probably quit..... A game that encourages new players to quit..... dies. ” That is true, unfortunately... but you can always balance it, trash rate, 7+ people = 90% trashrate per item. Problem fixed, you want to gank with 3000 people ? np.. but no profit.

  • A melle with a range bigger than range weapons and skillshots for that with dash and catch, too much. with the combination of the new shoes comes a broken build.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “@Quagga what you going to do about mana issues that spear line has? either you take Q1 with the slow to solve the mana issues and kiting issues but have slower ramping damage or you take Q2 and go the burst route with pike but you will have mana issues if you cannot kill your target ” good stack management will never burn you out of mana.

  • spear after getting harpoon on W completely killed any kite/range weapons. Playing vs spear with crossbow/bow/frost/fire is almost impossible. fact that spear has 10x stronger autoattack with more range than most skillshots.

  • This changes nothing, the healer is still broken, the core of the problem is lack of counter on mage cowl...

  • overbuffed items nothing new, to the delight of mobile players, a perfect example of spear8 autoattacks to kill, plus a range bigger than range weapons. Everyone who decided to play mobile should be aware that he will be in "disadvantage"... unfortunately the devs want to reduce the gap and it looks like this click 1 button enjoy.

  • NDA Locus Nerf

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    remove extra res, keep cleanse and purge.

  • Quote from iRawn: “Actually a known bug, and GM were in game blasting if abused you will be banned. Channel shouldn't cause you to lose your shield. ” you don't understand the patch as well as the one in the video. it's not a bug

  • just give the answer to mage cowl instead of making up some broken mechanics and killing someone's gameplay.