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  • Necromancer / Summoner

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    Quote from Crane: “However they had to slow down time in order to have large scale (1000+ players) playable for everyone. ” I know nothing of Eve Online but.. is this really a suggestion to help the devs implement summoning? thanks mate

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “if we learned on thing about this game it is this: Everything that can be zerged, will be zerged if it brings just the smallest advantage.. ” +100 to this xD

  • Hyena mount or skin?

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    unknown.png how can we get it?

  • +1 for this. In its current state it does not offer or change anything about the game. It's stats forgotten in Limbo. Where is the feeling of accomplishment? By unlocking an avatar when you obtain a new achievement, you can at least be proud of showing it. Plus, the options we have right now is limited. It does seem so difficult to achieve since all the avatars are already there! One could argue that avatars have to be "people face" but by relaxing this constraint you basically increase the leve…

  • Dev Talk: Avalonian Weapons

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    holy staff? j5p79oh.png frost staff? Xzfs3vc.png dagger? Ad7uUcR.png axe? zIKMK6t.png

  • Rate the avatar above you!!

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    10/10 I am biased, I like sombreros

  • When I started the game I was playing nature but nowadays they nerfed it so hard that it does not suit my playstyle anymore (too much effort). I would say that it's directed toward well organized teams that can protect their healers or solo players that can outsmart their opponent. And ZvZ. Holy is great though. So I'm afraid that if the devs change healing mechanichs too much, nobody would want to play it anymore. At the end of the day, you want to have fun right? Albion-Online is a game so it …

  • Necromancer / Summoner

    arke971 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I'm also surprised that the thread is still alive but in a good way So to continue on the same topic: did you see the abilities of the new avalonian curse staff? Quoting Mickael Schwahn: ""... and you summon a shadow of that player depending on the armor that player wears." YouTube TimeStamp

  • Quote from liriose: “Am i the only one who dislike this whole concept of banishing people ? I would rather have a POI where you need to capture a zone by standing in, (should be in the middle of the area ) and whoever captures it, makes the opponent hp drop by 1% every second until death. Invasion should result at least in one or both players death. ” I like that a lot. It's like a normal duel... but to the death No fancy shenanigans and it enforces the 1v1 situation (should keep the rats away r…

  • Dream collapses, the hosting service I use for my bots is not so nice after all... I can't afford the fees to run all the instances of an army of bots for 24/7. The consequences are that the bot won't be live anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. If someone else is interested to take over, I can share the link of the code, it's on Github.

  • no supporting mobs? fantastic! This is gold

  • I think mobility is a must so your suggestions look great @Hollywoodi Other than that... There could be mobs guarding the shards. You think it will possible to reset their aggro with noise eraser + mercenary shoes for example?

  • Welcome aowiki! The unofficial Discord bot that searches directly from Albion Online Wiki ! Invite aowiki to your discord with this link. It is light, does only one thing and does not require any useless permission. The results are limited to 5 and the bot does not display the content of the articles to avoid bloating the discussions. Enjoy! hGlAAt8.png pAnV4t2.png Note: I plan to release on as well.

  • For those who did not pay too much attention: Lvtb2Sh.png Youtube TimeStamp

  • I remember a time when the swiftclaw cub was dropping only from the relic bosses of the static Tier V keeper dungeons and probably from the World Boss Earth Mother too. I always found it odd but to be honest at the time, it was not the only mount available that way: the Morgana Mare and Bone Horse (artifacts) could also drop from Morgana or Undead dungeons respectively for example. Now those two are skins for armored and riding horses! For completion, I must say that Nightmare, Spectral Bone Hor…

  • Talking about Elite dungeons, does the Fame Boost stack with the Ascension Buff?

  • This beast is no joke, can't wait to see it for real

  • Quote from Tallju: “do any of you guys work for free? ” Totally free of charge open-source contribution but I got your point.

  • Quote from Eltharyon: “the battle for Caerleon just finished and while many were busy fighting and enjoying themselves, a lot of you could not partake and did not enjoy the event at all. I'd like to apologize for the bad experience many of you had- we ran the event with the best of intentions ” All good. Quote from Eltharyon: “we'll think hard about our mistakes here and use those lessons in future event ” Quote from Eltharyon: “We underestimated the number of players that would show up for the …

  • Quote from cdev: “Quote from Dosarphic: “Quote from cdev: “@Mytherceria you know how to fix, you knew old quickfix will stop working, you could build new quickfix, you did nothing. Looks like you dont care much. We are working blah blah blah... ” I understand the frustration but Mytherceria isn't coder, just Community Manager that holds the connection between company and players and we got all info, just sadly need wait for new edit of the client. ” Coder or not, she is the company's representat…