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  • Hello! Making artifacts in bulk at the foundry is really tiresome at the moment. You have to click ''meld'' for each artifact you make, it takes a lot of time and it becomes tiresome. I think it would be a really basic quality of life change to make the melding process like the crafting process, a channeling. It doesn't matter if it takes a lot of time, as long as I can start it and go do something else on my computer it is perfectly fine. Thanks for your time!

  • Hello everyone, time for another post on the forum after a long time. My question is: is there any way to meld all materials into artifacts with one click? Like crafting works, with a channel. It seems really tedious to meld hundreds of artifacts by clicking the button for each one. If not, why is this not a feature? Is there something I am missing that makes this not possible? Sorry if this was asked, I used the search option but there were only old threads without too many answers. Thanks for …

  • 90 eggs in outpost cities.