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  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Soul Link now gives the intended 8 seconds to connect (previously 1 second) Fixed an issue where Hoarfrost (Frost Staffs) would not deal AoE damage to surrounding targets if the main target died Fixed an issue where Everlasting Spirit (Cleric Robe) triggered too frequently, especially after purge ” 1628897673129.1632223820.jpg To be honest these ones should've been hotfixed.

  • Quote from awanmakan: “Wait, is there any age restriction in this game? ” USK-12. USK-16 allows you to operate only from 10PM to 6AM, even for online content, so thats a bunch of retarded laws to be bypassed by rule stretching.

  • 1631604683593.1631916198.png Are you sure you're doing the solo versions of those dungeons? Mobs that are recommended to be taken down by a group of players have a black crossed swords and shield icon above their head.

  • It increases item power (IP) of that specific item when you are wearing it. Each 100 IP above the previous tier, on average, increases damage by ~9%, armor by ~3% and HP by ~6%. That means when you have enough spec, a 6.0 item can be as strong as an 6.3 item, which in term improves your personal economy.

  • What if...Blink

    Hattenhair - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Not just the blink, but a charge system for new and old revamped spells could really spice up the combat. If not, you could easily go for a "recast-type" spell like Grail E, increasing the cooldown depending on number of consecutive uses. Royal shoes are now very viable with the awkward standtimes and a faster animation, making them very fluid to use. Other 5v5 oriented boots could use a lift-up aswell.

  • A small white spark on your character when the combo resets, similar to the small purple spark added to Noise Eraser W on crossbows. Small visual cues are a must for 1v1 and 2v2 combat, where every spell, movement and timing counts.

  • Aura Spells Hit Detection

    Hattenhair - - Bugs


    Bumping for importance. Quote from “P.S. Hoarfrost's AoE actually stays around the target for a quarter of a second ” Pretty sure it's a delayed explosion instead of lingering AoE, you can see the "Explosive shard" buff on the enemies getting hit by HF.

  • @Trial_hard Theres a hidden "Channel tearing" range for all channeled spells, which is equal to exactly double of the default cast range. 11m would be 22m etc.

  • Quote from Skollseye: “Fine, stand time and all that, that's a minor second suggestion. What I really can't comprehend is the way the Rejuvenation buff works. The Q1 Rejuvenation literally has a punishment mechanic. You don't lose all your Assassin charges just cause you gained 1 too many on dagger, or Heroic charges on sword. It's not fun or interesting or good design. If you want to make Rejuvenation weaker, then just nerf it a little, don't make us do this weird juggling act. So many nature s…

  • The overwhelming sustain damage of spears post-buff is amplified even further due to a lack of good long-duration defensive spells (Only Infernal and Ice shields fulfill this role; hopefully Jacket of Tenacity fills this role in the near future). Any defensive shorter than 5s is severely underwhelming VS spear AA for all content excluding 1v1's.

  • CLAW Squads

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    Quote from xXCorbusXx: “Stunned for 3 Seconds and Cannot cast ” It's a root, not a stun; You can also cast any skills with an instant cast, as it's only interrupting. You can also dash away so their channel will get interrupted, or you can hard CC them to interrupt instead.

  • Ah yes, another episode of "CRD's are the entire game". 1630062357511.1631098852.jpg Besides: what is venomancy and what is spell consistency?

  • @Skollseye @Mrpotato The spell structure goes something like this: 1. Cast-time; (I usually separate it into 2 variants of true and artificial: Interruptible and cancellable VS Uninterruptible and uncancellable; second one sometimes allows movement as the case for Rejuvenation) 2. Cast-point; (Skill goes on cooldown) 3. Hit-delay; (Time before skill has active hitboxes / reaches target) 4. Active; 5. Standtime. (Recovery) Standtime is the recovery after casting a spell, two good examples of it a…

  • Quote from HIDKstr: “Thats why you can only play Healer OR oneshot. ” That is a core issue of the 2v2 format, not a healer issue, as healers are usually fit to heal parties of 5, including themselves. Meanwhile in an environment where there are only 2 targets, it makes for a completely different healing distribution, allowing to outheal DPS outputs without the consequences of more pronounced target switching or splash damage in 5's or bigger sized content. And that's besides the fact that TTK (t…

  • Hear me out: fixing critical bugs really shouldn't take a whole fucking season...

  • Poor people with 5:4 or 4:3 monitors are considered clinically blind by Albion's standarts.

  • In a pendulum swinging-meta where heavily one-sided matchups exist you want to punish people for attempting pvp? Escape - loose infamy, Fight - loose infamy and set due to bad matchup. You realise shards exist not only for pve farmers but also to evade bad matchups exactly due to balancing issues for 1v1 content, for which the game's foundation was never built? I place my bets: 1. Either CRD's will become a cultivating ground for ultra-sustain or "stand your ground" type builds to annoy the oppo…

  • Hmm, another dedicated tank weapon which focuses on inflicting CC at a range would be a nice addition, specifically one that could be used in small group play, HG's, CL's and the like. Arcane staves, Tombhammer and Polehammer exist, of which only the PH has a reliable AoE size together hard CC. Some variety to this table would be really nice.

  • Just make all the energy drain skills base off of the opponents current mana pool amount and not fixed values influenced by IP (i.e: Drains 5% of the opponents current mana pool on hit/per second/w.e). With some further number tweaking this would allow for mana regen to catch up with the drain at a certain mana pool level, essentially just reducing the effective mana pool (somewhat similar to the old realmbreaker manacost increase in terms of outcomes) and not draining someone dry.

  • Broadsword

    Hattenhair - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Calling dibs: After prestacking gets removed, devs will forget they ever made this bandaid change which will plummet the Broadsword back into the trashbin.