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  • Where are the sword buffs!

    Lohend - - Rants


    You need to wait for the nerf cycle to make full circle for other weapons to be nerfed bellow swords. I'd say in about 8 months swords will be back at meta and new cycle of nerfs begins.

  • Having new "color" zone with just larger repair cost is pointless. No loot? just glorified yellow zone. At best make "red"(new color zone i.e "orange") zones inventory loot only (items equipped would not drop and would be damaged on regular knockdown rate). It would be middle ground between Yellow and Black zones. This would boost population in these new zones greatly by gatherers now taking a risk and new gankers trying out new builds. Keeping few full loot zones in between Caerleon and other r…

  • Coming to Albion forums to ask how to make a LOT of silver is like going to 9gag to ask "how to get a LOT of girls?" advice xD

  • Corrupted Dungeons - Monsters and map variety is not the point of CD-s, this would not "improve" anything for players in the big picture, variety is to be had with different opponents you face at PvP. With people running hundreds and even thousands of CD-s every environment would turn repetitive in a few weeks, adding new themes vs the value it would have on CD-s is minuscule. HCE - Auto queue would be nice for people who wanna try it out at lower levels, at higher levels it would be an nightmar…

  • The whole arena trolls i.e who don't play healer or afk at base should be given 2-24h arena bans when they are reported by 4+ people. Counter to the problem with "healer" is to queue up as a team. Every solo arena is a lottery for healer anyways. Extra reward for healers is a simple noob trap to play 0 spec healer builds. On the other hand arena itself is rather forgotten and meaningless content that just exists in the world of Albion without any real objective. Open world PvP players hate it be…

  • - Cultist cowl nerf is rather harsh, perhaps they should take it a bit lighter. Perhaps nerf duration 7s -> 5s and see what happens. Considering the Cultist cowl has rather long animation and limited range. It has become more popular recently but its not like god tier. Well what do i care, don't use it myself... - They are turning KA 100% ZvZ armor. That will totally remove it from small scale and CD-s. Perhaps they should give the KA while channeling a small healing effect (minor, few hundred h…

  • The self referral is working as intended for SBI. As from moral standpoint they can't say that please abuse this system and buy premium for your alts but it is getting them a nice profit each event and artificially boosting player count. The event is just to fool light minded people into thinking that the game is fair and not aimed for whales. It's bad and SBI knows it, but it's also how they get money so they will never "punish" these whales for real.

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “There are several options for clearing fast, here's a build for clarent blade: clarent + facebreaker/cryptcandle scholar cowl/stalker hood stalker jacket scholar sandals/any feet with Run ability thetford cape beef stew/clam soup ” Uhhhffff taking cryptcandle to t7? This build is rather expensive overall for solo build. most gankers look at this and go brrrrrrrr, easy way for making yourself a target

  • They should fix the name of the event "Make One Alt account and Claim the Shepherd Dog!"

  • 1. No, more farm spots on every island will devalue crops and seed values even more. Farming spots are already unlockable by silver/gold by making alt's and buying premium (gold) and island (silver). There are people with tens and even hundreds of islands, can you think what would happen to market if those guys would get extra 10+ farming spots per island? It would basically make their island +200% more effective. Market would crash in an instance, food, animals, seeds, crops, potions... prices …

  • Working as intended, enjoy.

  • SBI 1 - All players 0

    Lohend - - Rants


    Comparing this T8 dungeon loot to T5 dungeon loot... damn perhaps SwoleBenji was right that its not worth going outside YZ after all.

  • So you want items to be effectively be "destroyed" after HCE? Aaaahhh yes yes everyone loves their MP 8.3 cryptcandle be turned into a "useless trophy" that you could set on your island to remind you how HCE are now dead tnx to genius idea from Malkalma. It's like best idea that i have read on the forum since sliced bread or that other druid guy that wanted to turn Albion into turn based game.

  • No..... no more mini games plz. By the mother of god! Each "mini game" in games can be fun for first 10 times you encounter it but after a month everyone and I mean everyone besides OP will hate crafting. You want to play mini games while crafting? Just go to play store and download any of 100 000 000 mobile game like angry birds or what ever people play nowadays and play this while you are crafting.

  • Hint: if you update your ticket or re-apply your support ticket gets to be moved to back of the queue. Each time you update your ticket you get to wait even more. So want your support ticket to be answered? Stop sending little replys "are you there, answer me?" and "plzzz answer I can't wait"

  • Mobile has its upsides. I sometimes when i'm off from my main pc love to do some laborers and farms on IOS. Will I ever focus PvP/PvE on mobile? No, its a disaster. If people like to play on mobile go for it. For me its just off PC personal island manager UI. If people wanna play on mobile then go for it as its really not changing my experience from the game. If the mobile platform would not be developed nothing indicates that it would turn things better for PC users. People who develop Mobile p…

  • Regards to HCE being moved into open world with summoned portals. sure, why not but... - No faction flag-s in HCE, there are plenty of ways to "farm" faction points and having HCE deflate the faction point market even more is simply bad idea. - Portal summoning zones should be more spread out. Higher the level higher the zone. lvl12 is way to high for just yellow zone. On the other note this whole system can and most likely will backfire with higher lvl HCE getting gatekept by big alliances, Who…

  • Yea the mode could be fun with dedicated map (without 3rd party players) and clear UI to show players etc. Also chest placement could be better than just random spam on map. Those dedicated modes have shown great success in games like OSRS. People love them. Yet somehow the cast of AOTV (they really don't know anything they are talking about) is so bad that I didn't even wanna watch it more than click through. Feels like they are just random people being forced to cast it.

  • After Greataxe and overall axe nerf i dropped the greataxe all together. Bleed is not reliable any longer and spin is weaker with longer CD (really killed it for me, constantly finding myself waiting for cooldown) that really cuts into clearing time. Better off with spear or xbows, All this min/max distance skills on axe are killing this weapon as you constantly need to watch your placement, There are so many better weapons for clearing dungeons.

  • messed matchup

    Lohend - - Feedback & Suggestions


    If everything "counters" your build.... your build must be bad or you are trying to use something really off meta that is countered by something of meta that is commonly used by nearly everyone. Anyways what is your build? Lets start with that.