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  • SInce in CDG, pre-stackers are the most prominent problem (as cried by the players), why don't make the heroic stack apply only on organic targets (i.e. mobs) but not on objects (crystals, chests, etc).

  • Quote from Guirssane: “Pve is way less boring with people, I suggest just you to find a guild and do dungeon with people. Even roads chest/static dungeon are nice for the money and roads feels less repetitive (at least for me). You also have avalonian dungeon it's 20 man raids but first you need a bit of spec to be able to participate in, it's not really newbie friendly but it gives a lot of fame. ” I have a guild that does this, all that kind of stuff in PvP and PvE. From Ava dg's, to gold ches…

  • Hold on, put down your pitchforks and torches. I know Albion is a PvP game, and PvE is just something like, a secondary part of it, but currently, it's pretty stale. In order for me to compete with the veterans, I need to fame farm. With that said, are there any ways for a normal player, like me, with average number of fame, to grind for my fame without having my brain numb from thousands of dungeon instances I need to farm over and over again? PvE is boring right now. I know it's a PvP game, bu…

  • yikes.

  • Story Mode and Quests

    deceius - - Feedback & Suggestions


    The quest thing from different factions used to exist in Albion Online. Found the old video: Albion Online | Highlight Video: Missions & Factions

  • hear me out. what if we don't pop maps for it, but "corrupt" the green dungeons? this would be a nice thing since its literally called corrupted dungeons. and probably corrupted dungeons with themes as well. like we currently have Heretic CD. What if we have Morgana Corrupted Dungeon. Or a Keeper Corrupted Dungeon? and maybe, when on upper ranks of infamy, we have Avalonian Corrupted Dungeon? idk but i think its great

  • The title. The reason I'm asking is that, sometimes, on low end PC's, playing on mobile is much more tolerable. So will the PC version be optimized with the level on Mobile as well? Thank you..

  • Knight Adventurer Bundle Visual Bug

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    The footwear's orb is not glowing.

  • Swords are kinda pretty "meh" in aesthetics department (looking at axe's q skill), but if you focus on dealing damage with auto attacks with occasional burst damage (with low cooldowns) on PvP, its performing well. The only thing I would change for swords are the stand time mechanic timings, it makes combat with swords kinda clunky.

  • Easter Spring Staff The Keeper Druids are observant of these invaders who arrived years ago in Albion. What fascinated them most is the way these foreign healers can Reawaken their fallen, and instantly heal the wounded with a flash of light. Just like their purpose, which is to revitalize their homeland scarred by continuous conflict. One day, a druid noticed a trashed Divine Staff, and took it to their Hidden Caverns to fix it. With his nature affinity and the extensive knowledge on the Keeper…

  • Quote from Akhenaden: “Can we talk about removing the name tag in the black zone, make hideout public or only alliance? I hope that by 2021 the SBI will open its eyes in this regard.... And please invest in PvE and lore for the faction patch, quest and global invasions, cool bosses. ” I'm curious, what will this accomplish? The removal of name tags.

  • Grimgerde. One of Odin’s Valkyria. New Semi-Casual Lymhurst Guild looking for members. Gatherers, PvE, PvP, Crafters are welcome. This guild was founded by Deceius and Berruu, with the initial goal to raise silvers for our succeeding premium membership and emergencies (which was repairs) with the tax of 75%. But everything changed when we saw how rich Albion Online’s community, mechanics, and the fun we could have if we got people to play with us. We are looking forward to doing Roads, Small Sca…