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  • Hey Flees! I might have the perfect guild for you. Our core members are veteran pvpers and we're happy to help newer players become established. We're looking for a few more pvp oriented players to add to our team. Check out my recruitment post and feel free to ask me any questions.

  • Halicarnassus is a Lymhurst based guild looking for 5-10 active pvpers to add to our existing smaller scale pvp group during our guild's primetime (00:00 to 4 or 5 UTC). There is no fame requirement to join but please have learned your class and have the desire to improve. Summary Alliance: HEROS Guild: Halicarnassus Timezone: North American (EST/CST) What: casual competitive, small scale pvp We provide: - A casual but competitive environment with no mandatory CTAs - the opportunity to make a di…

  • I'd use 1h spear/torch with Q1 and forest of spears. The armor doesn't matter as much but if I were trying to maximize speed in clearing in solo dungeons I'd probably use cultist cowl, cultist robe and a leather shoe with refreshing sprint. Alternatively, you might go scholar cowl, stalker jacket with leather shoes. I'd run cabbage soup and probably poison pots.

  • Quote from Alysandra: “Quote from SpicyPepper: “Hmm ?? On hunter level CD you get knocked down. Stalker and Slayer are full loot, you always died when you are killed, invading or being invaded. ” Wrong, if you kill someone in slayer/stalker and then "die" post combat to damage over time effects, you get knocked. Just this time it either bugged for me, or didn't register in time that the invader was dead. ” I'm not sure he's wrong. I've both died to dots after defeating my opponent and have been …

  • pike or 1h mace?

    Muchups - - Beginner's Questions


    They're both pretty good for 1v1 and are usable with multiple armor setups. In terms of hellgates. I'd probably favor pike, though both are usable. In terms of small group pvp, I'd favor mace for its ability to lock down multiple targets.

  • Hideouts are just places for people to hide from pvp in the black zone.

  • More likely it's a bug (at least I think it is) that occurs sometimes when multiple people open a chest at once even when the loot settings are NOT set to free.

  • Try Halicarnassus. We're a casual/competitive, pvp focused guild based out of Lymhurst. Most of our most active pvpers are located in the US and are active after 7-8pm EST. We're smaller in number (typically run in groups of 5-12) but provide a solid opportunity to learn and participate in pvp while contributing to a group. Message me, Muchups, in game if you'd like to learn more.

  • Did this mechanic change? I recall this happening to me. However, after I killed my opponent I was only knocked out after being taken to 0 health by dots (I wasn't in mobs or traps).

  • On cooldown after got dismounted

    Muchups - - Rants


    It's not a bug. If your mount is killed it takes something like 25 seconds before you can mount again.

  • You're welcome to join us at Halicarnassus. We're a Lym based, casual yet competitive guild. We have a group of 10-12 active and strong pvpers. We tend to look for small scale fights in the roads, black zone or faction and also play arena for fun just about every day. In addition to our pvp group we have another 10 or so that are mainly interested in pve. If you're interested in joining or learning more please message me "Muchups" in game or on discord "Muchups#9387".

  • Consider [HEROS] Halicarnassus. We're a smaller NA based guild (with players in some other parts of the world as well) that primarily focuses on small scale pvp. We typically pvp in groups of 5-10 and our max group in the last month has been about 15 concurrently. We're looking for players who are interested in pvp and would like to contribute. If you're interested message "Muchups" in game or here.

  • Could we have the option to set the color of party members' icons on the mini map? If not that could you make it so that icons are color coded based on selected roles (healers green, dps red, tank blue)? I've long thought that I would love this information as it would assist in coordinating with party members in different parts of a zone.

  • Still looking for individuals interested in small to medium scale pvp

  • Halicarnassus is a Lymhurst based guild looking for 5-10 active pvpers to participate in smaller scale territory/castle battles, black zone roaming, crystal league and sometimes gank squads during our guild's primetime (00:00 to 4 or 5 UTC). We just had our first successful territory defense and have opened up recruitment in hopes to be better equipped for black zone battles. There is no fame requirement to join but please have learned your class and have the desire to improve. We provide: - A c…

  • I will also add that this guild could be ideal for someone looking for a smaller (10-15 players at peak times) but active group where their contributions will be recognized and make a difference. Besides our ongoing pvp goals, a goal for next season is to achieve silver rank as a guild. We think we can do it with just a few more players. Want to help?

  • Consider joining Halicarnassus. We're a small but active Lymhurst based guild who does a little bit of everything. Our main guild activities, however, are typically centered around pvp. Most of our players are based in North America but we have a few from Europe and other parts of the world. Our most active times are the hours after 23:00 UTC. If you're interested apply in game or message "Muchups".

  • Quote from Maszke: “they're "Solo" dungeons because you can't clear them by urself. Corrupted Dungeons are the real 1v1 content we're looking for, sadly it's coming in 3 months, Ava. Weapons are first. ” Where did they say it's coming in 3 months?

  • It's been 2.5 months since we've heard anything official. There is a size able portion of the player base that enjoys playing solo but currently it feels like the game is either get 10v1'ed or join a group that 10v1's. An estimate on expected release or even just an update on the progress so far would do a lot to appease/retain the solo and small group players.

  • I'm just starting this game and and psyched for pvp. I'm hoping for something similar to Ultima Online for those old timers. Anyway, I've always loved duelist builds. I don't care if there is a high skill cap. I'm looking for something that, if played well, would give me the ability to outplay and defeat opponents (i.e. surviving ganks and then turning it around, straight 1v1, etc) Any suggestions?