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  • ...make it like World of Warships. I mean the way it looks and plays. Would also be cool if we could build harbours as well in zones that have a coast. This could be a sea/island type expansion, lots of possibilities here to add content.

  • Hello! First I’d like to thank the dev team for a successful major patch. The more conflict, of all kinds, added to the game the better it is for everyone in Albion. I especially like the Loadouts and think it can be improved so much more. So here are my suggestions! 1: Quick Unequip button. What I mean here is that one can quickly unequip all equipment they are currently wearing/carrying and become naked. This is very useful when you want to go back to royals/move around. 2: Same spot. When cha…

  • Would be a great QoL improvement, with less clicks and more action. The idea is that you can wear multiple complete sets (including mounts, bags, food and potions) and you can just change between them with a single click anywhere. There would be a 1 minute cd between each change and changing can only be done outside combat. You can buy multiple “wardrobes” or tabs like a bank. When you die you only lose your currently active set. Items in your inventory remain the same.

  • Has SBI ever responded to this problem? This is I think one of the most requested things in Albion and no response or anything...Please add a "use all" or change silver bags in to fame or really anything as long as we don't need to click so many times.

  • What a great idea! I have lots of stacks of silver waiting to one day get a "use all" button or you know, this idea here is perfect too!

  • That would be nice indeed. What would also be helpful if we could use group maps in Rests. We can already use solo maps but not group maps. Would be really nice if our guild could group and do some of those in the rests. Pretty please SBI.

  • Quote from blappo: “ The only thing that will make open world pvp better for small scale stuff is better Points of Interest and the removal of gathering gear. ” Best suggestion ever. I say this as a gatherer myself. Remove gathering gear, give the lost gathering bonus from the gear to the skills themselves, keep the tools. Gatherers can finally become fighters not prey. So much more open world pvp will happen. This suggestion is so good it must happen.

  • I'm in a Rest with 7 other HO's with a single 2/2 portal that will last 10h...For the first time I find myself bored because I can't do anything. Can't go to blackzones because then my home will be reset (let people who have their home in Rests be able to go through blackzone portals without losing home ty). Going out is far too risky (gankers will trap you in the roads, as they should) and staying in the Rest means no content... Just Blue and Yellow portals pls. You can't have a single green po…

  • Ah is that what it means? I seem to remember T4 being something like 65-72, 4.1 2-3, 4.2 1-2 and 4.3 0-1 or something like that and not 0-72 for all three of them. I must've missed it when they updated the UI. Thank you for the answer.

  • See picture. Been a couple of months. Anyone else who has this?

  • Quote from BridgeDuchess: “Spectral Direboar if you need weight capacity otherwise pest lizard is the superior mount. Build doesn't really matter, you die 99% of the time you get dismounted by a decent ganking group (a bad ganking group should not be able to dismount you to begin with). You can also pick Knight Armor (personally, I find Assassin jacket totally useless since gankers always have Stalker hoods). You could even run Mage Robe to purge their Run when they chase you and hope your boots…

  • Quote from Asgaeroth: “Quote from Robinhoodrs: “Legit what were you thinking when you thought about those durability loss changes based on the amount of attackers... 11+ = 50-100%? WHAT? Do you even play your own game? Do you know how end-game guilds function? The cost of this during ZvZ is MASSIVE, heck even small scale this change screws over everyone, how can a guild sustain itself with this change? You know guilds that issue ZvZ sets to its players use the sets that are looted and cycle them…

  • Looking forward to this patch! Every patch you guys add keeps improving the game I'm really impressed! Banks, durability loss, the bubble on adjacent zone thing, all great!

  • Has anyone ever talked to him? Who is he? I'm kinda fascinated I know it's weird xD

  • Quote from Tabor: “I do not fully understand what they mean by "Add a few clusters in the outer ring of the Outlands to have the city population spread out a bit further". If this means add even more tiles to that BZ that would be a hard no the BZ is already far to big and most zones go completely unused as is. Also they could add 90 zones to the BZ and the people in the Royal cities still will not come out. The amount of zones is not the problem it is the painful mechanics for all non zerg guil…

  • Imo camps should be implemented in yellow and red zones as well. Lots of them. Would be nice to ff/gank/gather in red zones too but where to store? I think travelling should not be something that one does multiple times a day, nobody wants that, but really something one does every once in a while. This is good for pvp as well because everyone is running around carrying lots of stuff. Also I wanted to say that I so far like the gathering changes, especially the mount weight thing. Really good!

  • More siege camps are very welcome! I keep telling people to just forget about Hideouts, they're not for you. So yes more camps pls. I would put them in every other zone all over Outland so players can just spread all over and play wherever they want. More players are coming in to Albion and they need room to stay and play from bz.

  • This is great! I'm looking forward to all of these especially the wormholes! Since I started I've been wanting something like that from Eve in Albion and if you guys manage to do it well then it's going to be so much fun! Last thing that needs to be added is; Albion API. I really miss having an eve-mon type programme for Albion. Just something to look at/plan/play when I'm at work etc. Anyway thank you all!

  • Laborer Bug

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    I experienced a laborer bug as well, though it was visual. I send my laborers out yesterday with T4 gathering journals and the expected rewards were 0-72 for all tiers. They returned today with the usual rewards of around 68 T4 normal and some enchanted ones. When I wanted to send them away again the expected rewards were still 0-72 for all T4, enchanted ones too. T5 journals were 0-48 and T6 journals 0-44. It seems this is a visual bug thing but maybe a bit related?

  • Quote from Korn: “Quote from Akise: “Let's assume that this proposal will go through. What would stop alliance A from having alliance b, c, d, e, and f exclusively for terry holding, having a hideout in every important terry open for all alliances and all the main forces in alliance A. Alliance A would be able to hold 60 terries without any repurcussions, having safe zones in all the zones via hideouts. The only downside would be the loss of season points. But trading this some season points in …