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  • The ability is actually a buff if you use it to fight and not run. It should be absurdly easy to hit somebody within 3.5 seconds which means you get the full 7 second at 40% compared to the old version of 50% at 5 seconds.

  • Haha yeah ban them after they quit playing anyway. Well played attempt to save face SBI!

  • It will be more amusing when fucking gloves turn into the meta.

  • None of the above. Answer is completely removing alliances. More competition is needed and advantageous ways to just bring more removed.

  • Remove alliances is the major step needed that the community has already asked for before the Devs gave us a middle finger and ignored their own poll due to zerg leader feedback. Sure you can try to have NAPs but managing that would be a pain without alliance tags. But I would also go as far as removing the guild name from players in the BZ OW for extra fun. Having 300 people in one guild community is more than enough. When is Albion going to acknowledge non of their content is built to handle m…

  • Getting in to PVP

    Tabor - - Beginner's Questions


    That is a tough question the meta changes frequently from large balance tweaks. That is why ultimately I think people should play what they like. For current top 1v1 build choices I would recommend googling the Albion Murder Ledger. You can win at a decent clip with just about any build in Stalker. BL had a great run in Slayer for a long time but I have not seen it as much the past few months. Seemed like most dagger players swapped to swords after the recent sword buff.

  • Getting in to PVP

    Tabor - - Beginner's Questions


    Solo wise CDs are always your best bet. OW you can get some kills but you will almost always inevitably get swarmed. Daggers are not in a great spot atm they are basically a cheese build class for 1v1. However you can kill enough people playing cheap BHs build to still make money.

  • HG Loot is a joke

    Tabor - - Rants


    I am not sure how anyone is ok with how low the IP caps are. What is the point of PvP if you are killing people in 4.1. People can literally wear that gear within 30 minutes of playing and yet somehow the vast majority of PvP (2v2 and Stalker) is based on this shit gear. Even Slayer you get a lot of crap gear opponents these days. This will get exponentially worse soon with the even more increased IP master levels incoming.

  • Yeah...hunter is flat 4 cap essentially. Keep your 8.3 flex for HCE crap.

  • It can happen because of the time gap between the invasion notification and actual invasion. If the invadee moves a decent chunk of distance when the timer started it is possible they will end up where you spawn since (I think) the location is determined at the point of the timer starting. While it sucks you will keep your safe bubble if you stay still and do not attack opponent while you wait for your CDs.

  • I mean sure MSF but that just means swords would do no damage on Q like those other builds. Having fun yet? Think of how busted givers would be if it could 3 stack E you AND follow up immediately with damage Qs. That is current sword.

  • Spear and BLs are built according for pre stack ie their abilities do not acquire target for stack. Swords getting max stacks to start a fight is not intended being they are suppose to need the target to build stacks (which should be the opponent not environment).

  • I noticed a few people put out more get rich quick CD YouTube vids in past few weeks. Now I get why the amount of rats increased. Le sigh.

  • Haha Shoop I was going to say that as well. Many of the PvPers I know and have ecountered would take the boots/horse on purpose just to fuck with the player they killed in your above rob scenario. This leaves the downed player with the choice of slow walking somewhere risking death again or just suicide with what's left on him if anything.

  • Not sure what happened the past couple weeks but shard ratting has spiked exponentially. I hate when I invade now instead of being invaded because I know by invading I have to chase around some kid in built to run build. Icing on the cake is for some ridiculous reason we do not get the option to invade again immediately so we need to waste time PvEing in order to get another shot.

  • Shards are a necessary evil with the current CD design. They would have to overhaul most of the map and invasion mechanics to also validate removing shards. Like mentioned above to many idiot builds just sit on mobs with unlimited CC, prestack swords, and builds that go nutty with guardian boots, cleric robe, cleric cowl, res pot. Better and easy temporary option would be to simply allow players to click the invasion shrine again as much as they want following an invasion ending. Never understoo…

  • Nerf BlackHands

    Tabor - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    BHs also infest Slayer albeit in the same shitty gear they use in Stalker. Every other fight is a waste of time against some troll 5.1 BHs. Easy wins but you risk a lot vs 20k in winnings. Alas Retro said BHs will be reworked in the coming months so there will eventually be an end of the trolls in sight. Although I am sure the new war gloves will have something similar to current BHs.

  • Yeah even after the nerf it is still strong as evident by 100% of the builds that used it are still using it. The tomb nerf was never actually that strong as we are seeing right now in CDs all over again.

  • CLAW Squads

    Tabor - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Claws literally only have ganking as a playable option. Even with that the E skill has a ton of counters. If they nerf that E claws will get 0 play.

  • Lot of truth in this. Before CDs us solo players used SRD diving for PvP. This was great because we did not have to do any PvE at all to get PvP. However to be fair it would take time to find targets every once in awhile. I have purely done CDs since they launched but the PvE is tiresome. It is more frustrating after shard breaks. They should allow us to reclick invasion shard as much as we like after each fight.