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  • Roger thanks man. Happy they are trying something. I would be happy to test bear paws again after this and see if they are playable. Feel horrible now.

  • " this ability will now stay active with any direct ability damage" Are these real patch notes? I didn't see this change. Is it official or is this a wishlist/suggestion thing?

  • Quote from deenne: “as long as frost is king in 1v1 do not bother with melle ” This is probably the most disturbing part of the destruction of this weapon group. Frost has destroyed the CD meta and it totally dominates it. It's unbelievable that you have a single weapon that is invalidating over half the potential weapon groups in CD's yet it's untouched and a slightly overtuned axe line is totally decimated. From what I can tell only great axe and that E are playable right now. Bear paws are go…

  • Quote from noxmortus: “Axes are still viable in CDs, just you will be using an out-of-meta build. ” I'd be interested in the out-of-meta build you are finding effective. I have experimented with a few on and off to no avail. Yes I have encountered serious nerfs over the years and recovered/realigned. This is the first apocalyptic nerf I encountered, where the entire weapon tree was decimated. You could definitely 5v5 and spin to win with the right team but the playability of the axe line went fr…

  • I decided to log back in after weeks of inactivity following the last horrendous patch. What exactly is the gameplan with the axe chain? They are totally useless. Literally every shining star of the weapon tree was decimated. At the same time every OP weapon continues to dominate the Corrupted Dungeon meta without the axes anywhere in play. Frost staff, Frost staff, Frost staff, Quarterstaff, Frost Staff, Halllowfall, Hallowfall, etc.... what was the gain? Just making the Corrupted Meta even mor…

  • I am 700/700 axe and have extensive experience with all the axes both before the game killing patch 4 and after it. Axes are a dead weapon regardless of what you are doing (PVE, PVP, ZVZ, GVG, etc) there is a better option. They not only destroyed Bear Paws specifically, but they nerfed almost every single critical axe skill. You can look at all the data available and see that the weapon tree is DOA - it is good at nothing and totally not fun to play anymore. I would suggest another weapon tree …

  • Not one axe in the top 100... Weapon group absolutely destroyed by this patch. Level another to 700/700? Nah. Why? So it can get overnerfed out of the game? Have not logged on in over a week. Dead game.

  • "[Axes] Rending Spin sometimes does not apply the bleed correctly when targets get hit in the outer circle" Shouldn't this read: [Axes] Brutally overnerfed to the point they are useless in almost every activity in the game, forcing axe players to decide if they really want to flush time into leveling another weapon or just find another game. FIXT

  • Axe nerf was ridiculous. Really short sighted, really over the top. If you nerf a weapon to the point it's totally useless you just drove people out of the game. This was a horrible patch. No interest in playing right now.

  • Patch 4 is garbage.

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    Abhorrent patch. Might be my playgroups last patch. Axe's are unplayable. We played daily and there is a universal search going on right now for a new game.

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    As a founder that has been on the Albion train since the start this nerf was the death nail for me. I bounced around the weapon trees before settling on axes and bear paws specifically. I understand they were OP and expected a nerf, but this was ridiculous. They are not fun at all. In fact the entire axe line is not fun at all now and I am 700/700. I tried some Hand of Khor and it's meh. Definitely not the same playstyle or angle I was working with bear paw, which is a dead weapon at this point.…

  • I got excited when I unlocked it then I think I got a grasp of how impossible it is to craft it. I can craft T4 adepts daggers and secure the resources - I just can't refine them at a reasonable price? You have to travel between cities using a smelter in one at 90% tax and a lumberyard in another at 25%. Is the answer to build these places yourself? Or find a guild that has them? Does any guild have a level V ranger camp set up on their island?

  • :)) Not sure if those are the right names. We are looking to level quick and spend a bunch of time online - both have TS and a bunch of mmo experience.

  • ...and donwload a fresh ins" Albion Online Launcher I reinstalled and got the same error. Cannot login at all. Anyone else experience this? My friend has the same thing. EDIT BY ADMIN: PLEASE LOOK HERE: [IMPORTANT] - Please Redownload and Reinstall the Albion Online Software!

  • Thanks man. I only see bow/spear/torch/nature staff and was concerned it was not in the game. Are you saying if I pick one of those four I can unlock later, because it looks like dagger is on a separate destiny tree from those.

  • Just wondering - daggers were not a choice I was provided under journeyman ranger weapons but I see them on the destiny tree. Anyone know?

  • I have an epic founder key - looking forward to the game. What time will it be available to me on the 30th and can I download the client early? Thanks in advance for advice :)