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  • agree 100% with everything in the post. and the most crucial detail is that players have to check other people's discord servers and twitch stream to run these hellgates, this shouldn't be the first thing you want to do when you want to start a hellgate group.

  • nice! just kidding lol! so you absolutely ignored the most apparent issue of the gates, which is putting a chest at the end of a non-encounter, since noshows are still a thing! just kidding lol! glad to see that you thought it through! just kidding lol!

  • - after finishing clearing a hellgate through clearing mobs, make a chest spawn at the exit, just like how a chest spawns after killing another team. this will give an incentive to make people run hellgates while waiting for teams, instead of just waiting for another team in town to form. - buff fame or add chest with tomes at the end of clearing the dungeon, fame is currently 10 times less compared to the pre-rework hellgates and please, when you did the balancing for the 10v10 and 5v5 """hellg…

  • Please Fix Crystal timers

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    i only do 2 timers, cool flex u complaining about a deadtimezone not having content, maybe get more ppl instead of add more content to a timezone no one plays in

  • Please Fix Crystal timers

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    ur malding

  • @agonyclutch virgin

  • ri7FpHX.gif Add a new ruling to include more teams into tournaments, just to not have any teams qualify through it

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “The purpose of opening up the requirements (ie. allowing the same team who wins 2 or more Level 8 matches to qualify), was to give teams a second chance, in case they got knocked out by a bad match, etc. The main route of qualification was still always intended to be through winning a Level 9 match. ” kFpGvQf.png :DDD -Regards Creenweeblord420 source:…ystal-league-championship

  • Howdy, Thanks for responding with your very well thought-out response, it really helped give us an insight on the intricate thoughtfulness of the sbi staff, however, I would like to say that while what you said about the level 9 being the main gateway to join the tournament, and the lvl 8 being only something of a "second chance", I believe from our talks with retroman regarding this matter last season, that what you said is not as accurate as I remember. You see, Mister Myth, no hands being bar…

  • First of all, thank you for responding swiftly mister @Mytherceria and taking your time to look through the post, but I would like to voice some concerns, first would be what sir Boedavildje has said in the post above, Quote from Boedavildje: “So if a team wins a lvl 8 with 5 characters and wins another lvl 8 with 4 of those characters and one substitute they will not be qualified? ” this is very concerning for us, as the two ONLY teams currently(correct me if I am wrong) who have won the past 2…

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Quote: “This time around, we've updated the entry requirements to include more teams while still representing Albion's highest-tier 5v5 players: the Crystal League Championship will be open to any team who wins one Level 9 match or two or more Level 8 matches. ” We would like to make a clarification on the above requirement: In order to qualify, you must either win one Level 9 match or two or more Level 8 matches with the same team. Players cannot switch teams and try to…

  • 5v5 Hellgate fame is reduced

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    not sure if it was a hidden patch, but the fame you get from the mini-bosses (15k~ -> 11k) and final boss (289k->226k) was reduced. please check and thanks.

  • Reduced hellgate fame

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    in 5v5s, hellgate fame dropped considerably (now 11k per miniboss and 226k per last boss) before it was around 15k per miniboss and 289k per last boss

  • can we keep the thread to people who play crystals and have reached high levels and to exclude low-iq twitchthots who gobble chalices of cum like wolfo out? ty

  • Disarray (Zerg Debuff)

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    what if you have 26 players, and then next to them you have another 26 players. does the debuff apply as 1%+1% for each of them and then adds them together to debuff them for 9% for a total of 11%? or does it multiple so that (1%+1%)*9% which is 18% for both of the groups? i think we need more complex so that for each player, so if a player who was in a zone with 170 players(which is a debuff of 25%) zones cluster with 27 players (2% debuff). it should accumulate and add up and overtime it reach…

  • WTS Nightmare MP

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    contact Lackadaisical#9841 to discuss price

  • - In game name - Creen - Highest gathering tool you can use and which one is it - T7 Lumberjack - What's your main build and what tier do you have unlocked? - T6 bow, T5 Hunter jacket+hood and Stalker shoes - Any experience in the outlands? - Mostly gathering and a bit of pvp on the side - Last 3 previous guilds - Master's Guild / - / - - Reason you'd like to join - I wanted to delve more into PvP'ing, and The Fleet's has a lot of praise around it, in which made me want to join. - Can anyone cur…