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  • You can hear people off screen before you see their tags, if you turn the music volume off, and game sounds up you have an audible queue before a visual which allows you to hide before the name tag even pops up. It has always been this way

  • no it just refreshes the buff

  • there is a thread explaining the issues with lag, the servers are under a DDOS attack right now, the devs are working on it

  • no, this is an mmorpg

  • Quote from Finalhecate: “Quote from Carpazzo: “I didn't like the new gate system too. It isolate some guilds that play Low and Mid black . But it help the game to populate the cities in the royal zone that was dying before, also reduced the influx of players just camping the Caerleon realmgate. So once I saw the difference that this is making to the game I start to like it and see that was necessary. But they need to implement some sort of Portal magic sickness debuff because the portal camping …

  • PVE servers please

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    you look like a fool to the albion community because all of your posts are you crying about stuff. How about listening to the responses of experienced players instead of making ridiculous new threads that have already been made in the past by others who also refused to listen.

  • i never reached 400/400 anything, played for 1000+ hours, I played the game to play the game. the current system is already a chore. I do not support this

  • The problem with broadsword in pvp is the fact that to use the E you have to be close, but splitting slash sucks so bad for closing distance and if you use ironwill you lose damage, you cant swap like you can with claymore and other weapons, so when it comes time to use it clutch you rely completely on the stars lining up just right and that is too risky. maintaining stacks in pvp with the amount of purges means you have to chose your targets carefully and cant sit on a caster so most of the tim…

  • I approve of this message The Aoe Q ability also uses way to much mana.

  • Tonight I had 50+ ms with normal 30-40 ping, but the game play was littered with completely unresponsive commands. There were people blinking around and no ability to do anything and extreme rubberbanding. I have a very good PC plenty of ram premium internet and no issues like this since the early days of the game. Are there any plans on addressing these issues?

  • T8 Node Changes

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    Quote from rds: “Its supposed to be a party-play game, yeah. My point is that this update just made getting T8 resources even harder for medium-small guilds/alliances, just because they cant really fight someone that big. Is this game made only for the biggest alliances? If yes, this would just kill chances of new alliances to grow enough to fight the biggest ones, dont you agree? In the future, this way of thinking can just change the game into one big zerg vs another big zerg. Is this what the…

  • The only time i die is due to the CIA ddosing my PC so I put tin foil on my router and it fixed it 100%

  • Quote from Jan5676: “Hello guys, so I've finally tried breeding a more valuable mount. (The T5 Tiger mount, don't know its english name) What I was thinking was: - It takes 5 days and 20 hours to grow. - If I'm fast enough I should be able to use my focus points on it 6 times (because i can do that every 22h) and it should gain a 60% reproduction chance in total. - however, because i have premium, i only got a 30% chance as the growth time is halved. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just lik…

  • Quote from ViLEuo: “Quote from Frostweaver: “Most people do not play over Steam.. so those numbers only count people that came from Steam.. which is minority. ” Exactly, was just about to say this. Also...the game's boring imo, I find myself logging in for 20 minutes a day before I lose interest and log off...population is much lower than it was just a few months ago when the faction stuff rolled out. And Nimue isn't at all to me personally. ” If you're bored it's because you are…

  • Quote from phoenix3980: “Quote from Equartus: “Dont see any problems ,you can get 4kk in few days ,collecting low tier resources + be under faction flag. Even without premium. And im not even talking about regular players who log in 3 times a week for few hours. Silver is not a problem. You just need to know how to get it. There are lots of ways to do it. And if you dont - pay real cash. Even if premium price will be 10kk per month it will be ok. ” 4 M in a few days ? Bro, you make me dream I pl…

  • Quote from EnErgEstER: “Before merlyn you could just run around zones like mudpool for enchanted .2 and .3 now its much more rare. If you want enchanted stuff you probably should be visiting zones that has that resource as a secondary. That already takes out a lot of the competition. More chance to enchant since nodes are left up longer. Now its more important to farm t4 and t5 in the royals. Even though the enchant rate is pretty low. The enchants are called uncommon, rare, and exceptional for …

  • Quote from Theat: “I'm disappointed everytime I read this thread and players suggest that 1 player ought to survive against 3 or 5 or more than 10. In real life, imagine for a second, you're on a horse and running from 3 or 5 other horses. You would get caught, and die. It's semi-realistic in this sense. ” Everyone wants to be the hero, I think modern culture has taken the grit out of people

  • Quote from Synced: “The truth here in my opinion is that this game due to its mechanics has accumulated lots of people interested in salt, too many, enjoying making people upset, not challenging themselves in a healthy way (well healthy is also relative I guess), that's what pvp means to some vocal ones. And as the game has a subpar pve experience at its core and the dev manpower is limited (not really their fault as a whole), there are choices to make. They are simply struggling to keep the ori…

  • Quote from Rixlette: “I don't think the bottleneck is a problem. It gives newer players the opportunity to earn some silver. I don't see the problem with it. What's more of a problem is how stones don't become worthless in the longterm. I myself take t5 journals out when i go gather t6 and get my t5 from my workers for the most part. Haven't had too bad of a bottleneck issue. ” we are talking about gathering not labourers.

  • Arena

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    what helmet?