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  • Re: Spear cripple

    Borbarad - - Rants


    Quote from Zentiic: “Quote from Borbarad: “Hasn´t cripple been bugged for months anyway ? It started having the damage increase(25% all dmg for 5 seconds), but there was never any note of cripple being buffed by x dmg increase. Fun fact, 25% dmg for 5 seconds have adrenaline boost on axes, yet this somewhat was added to cripple - and there were never any notes of that being added. ” Never heard of this. Never heard any spear players mention it. ” of course,why would spear players mention it lul,…

  • That is simple. You are not an adventurer. You are merchant. You are crafter and transporter.

  • No need to even read the topic. Answer is No. If you want daily challenge, do one corrupt dungeon. Easy as that. Otherwise all Alt crafters will get free monthly rewards. I am sorry, but if you are crafter, you are not a main. And in case you are that crazy and you are " crafter main " , well - even crafters gotta fight to get some cash. Ez. Or just gather

  • Re: Spear cripple

    Borbarad - - Rants


    Hasn´t cripple been bugged for months anyway ? It started having the damage increase(25% all dmg for 5 seconds), but there was never any note of cripple being buffed by x dmg increase. Fun fact, 25% dmg for 5 seconds have adrenaline boost on axes, yet this somewhat was added to cripple - and there were never any notes of that being added.

  • It should only during channel, not after. If it does after, its bugged. If it does only during channel, then description is wrong. - Royal March (Royal Boots) - Is now immune to slow and root during the channel - Movement Speed per Stack: 6% -> 9% But description ingame doesnt mention its during channel, so, yeah.

  • Quote from HIDKstr: “Quote from WildSaintX: “Does anyone have an idea of what type of gears (armor, weapon, equipment) would be best for traders in terms of travelling light and safe (even in red zones). If possible, is there any weapon that can be used while on a mount??? Also, any tips that can be helpful to traders??? Would really appreciate the effort. ” There is no term for "traders" in albion, if you wanna be "safe" against gankers on red zone you may want to search "skip set albion online…

  • Quote from Pawney: “Maces don't have continuous rotation, you always do a full combo and then have to wait on cooldowns. Seems like you're demanding a hard nerf for only 1 shot mace build while not keeping in mind all the other uses of it. It would affect HCE tanks for example. ” Just use lymhurst cape then if you spam abilities. Or druid cowl, since it got a massive buff. You tried using axe in PVE ? I was using lymhurst cape and major energy potions and even then i was running out of mana.

  • Force Field

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    Quote from DoomRawrus: “You use forcefield to knock enemy players into mobs in the open world or in group dungeons so you can get an advantage over them or to knock players away while trying to escape or peel for other players. Its a good skill that is drastically underused. ” wrong, its op in corrupted and its overused there. Same with all kinds of content.

  • Cluster F***

    Borbarad - - Video and Media Forum


    Bullying, very funny. Good, that´s what safe zone players need : p

  • One of the reasons why 1H mace is meta is also zero energy consumption. Why the E, despite being extremely strong ( Iframe, AOE Stun, high aoe damage, mobility), costs so little energy ? And W ( snare charge), is often used for running away. It would be a good idea to make it like Q on daggers - high energy consumption, but if you hit a target, energy consumption will be lowered. I am just salty seeing that maces run caerleon capes, spamming their Q, running in plates and they aren´t running out…

  • Quote from WetWilly: “Quote from PaladinJavier: “Hunter hood is dead. No one uses it rn. ” That's not true. I love my Hunter Hood. Too many times I have messed someone up because they popped a Great Axe E, and I just stayed glued to them. It's perhaps the best leather hood there is. ” Its trash in corrupted. Good in open world, as people are brain dead there.

  • BUMP. I just died to this. This is crazy. So not only it is UNPURGEABLE, if you Purge it, it also triggers again for 3 seconds. Thus it can last up to 4.5 seconds and eats your purge. This is a massive bug. Also - Everlasting Spirit (Cleric Robe) - The activation phase doesn't count as a buff anymore and thus can't be purged It doesnt work like this. Now if it gets activated and you purge it, activation phase will activate it again. Can be fixed by removing activation phase Once it activates it.…

  • Quote from Apak00: “First of all you dont get me at all either because you do not play dagger or you are likely one of those meta builders, either way I would like to counter your arguments; first thing to note daggers were never truly in the meta excluding bloodletter, secondly I am not particularly talking about chainslash (which most ppl think it is signature ability of daggers, shout out to devs that needs to go imo) and as for black hands it's E ability is bugged, thats why skilled and high…

  • Quote from LordNrixx: “Quote from gmatagmis: “Yes, but this 15 "seconds" icon counter pass faster then real 15 seconds. Try to use assassin hood, you'll see how it's working. ” the thing is it shound not be like that. if its marked 12 sec something it should be started at 12 not 15. ” Maybe, and maybe people should be banned for liking lolis. But we can´t satisfy all, can we ? It just can´t be coded easily, so deal with it.

  • Quote from Apak00: “Hear me out on this; I really care about this game, because it is one of the best in its genre, I played daggers all along the game as I have been playing for about 2 years and I've never seen daggers in a good spot. They could not compete with high mobility and cc builds at all, they could not burst down enemy most of the time, unless 3-4 things add up. What I am trying to say is that if you are not highly skilled daggers are pretty bad for you, and that should not be the ca…

  • Quote from Taladome: “In about three to four weeks I have completed all solo content in the game and have enough silver to purchase anything I need for my tier. Sadly the content ends at tier 5 for solo players, without the headache of forced pvp and it shouldn't be this way. To continue in the game you have to gear up in worthless gear and try to avoid gankers just to see any additional content. ” Tier 5 at four weeks ? Tier 5 is not even four hours. Meanwhile i play solo, i kill gankers, i roa…

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, this change was implemented to make the playing field more fair for all parties - the one dealing the DoT and the target - as both are locked in combat for the same time. Otherwise it would be the same issue like it was in the Corrupted Dungeons, the one dealing the DoT having the advantage since they leave combat earlier, while their target still takes damage. ” Well then, this exactly proves my point - this is not intended and it makes this extremely Unfair f…

  • Poison is from mage cowl, poison potion is from poison potion. Also, there is no poison hit in second screenshot.

  • Who cares anyway ? 3rd Q will be the new meta for everything - single, group, or any kind of fight, so that´s that.