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  • When your guild's Castle/Outposts are attacked, a large spamming message in big letters fills the entire center of the game screen and it is terribly disruptive and annoying. This is also a functional problem because if a player is trying to select options in the Cluster Queue menu during ZvZ's, the entire menu interface is blocked by the spamming Castle/Outpost messages. This causes problems for players who need to make a choice within a small intense timeframe (for example: to avoid getting ki…

  • Quote from Gontrax: “in general daggers are not accepted or used in any group content ” What content do you play? Because Bloodletter and Bridled Fury are used in zvz, small scale, etc.

  • Quote from Gontrax: “the daggers tree should be the best in 1 v 1, but they kill the only thing it was created for. ” No weapon tree should strictly be "the best" at anything. That's not how balancing works. Some weapons can be better than others in certain aspects, but not outright "the best" - otherwise no one plays anything else.

  • Quote from Avry: “the game could be better in terms of success, competitiveness, viwership. ” This war is, in sheer size (players involved in daily CTAs) the biggest war the game has ever seen. Almost every timer has had huge fights. By what metric is that not competitiveness and participation? This war is exactly what SBI wants - huge coalitions trying to change the shape of the entire face of the BZ's. That's why they got rid of the 5v5 GvG territory ownership model and went with open world Zv…

  • Quote from N1colai: “ez to fix . Start ban the rmt'ers from Big guilds . All we know, its rly easy for sbi do it . but for some reason they don't . Big guilds > big control areas > big rent system > RMT > Money > support Big guilds > big control areas > big rent system > RMT. ” You know it may be going out on a limb here but maybe, maybe, SBI needs actual proof that certain players are RMTing to band them. Something you and your group of complainers continually fail to provide. Basically just lo…

  • Avry, just like many of your coalition fanboys, you should just stop while you are ahead. Even SBI writers admit that because of BA and POE more players are participating in ZvZ warfare than ever before (direct quote from above article). Go back to your mom's basement and enjoy the content while it lasts.

  • Anyways, keep believing that the anti coalition is anything different than POE or BA, when they do the exact things they claim to hate (just ask VENMO). Every time you morally bankrupt kiddos spout off about saving the game, everyone just laughs harder. I don’t mind being the villain. At least we aren’t pretending like you all are.

  • Quote from Avry: “I ve been playing the game since the last beta, and it wasnt that boring as it is now, and the only reason for me to keep playing is to ruin that empire of RMT and renting. Lets hope that the devs finally understand that the only way for the zvz to be competitive is to make it instanced so noone can win 4:1 in terms of numbers. ” It's so hilarious how you white knights' answer to handholding and renting and outnumbering is....... Handholding... Renting... And Outnumbering.....(…

  • Quote from zerfaxx: “Also the squad poe alliance has 10x as many people as the anti alliance. ” Its apparent that your real issue is the fact that you are losing and looking for excuses. Anyways - SBI spoke on the matter and yall should cope and move on to crying about the next thing.

  • Quote from Gank: “Quote from Lewpac: “Over 50% of suns points came from defending our mages round the clock at high level towers ” Seems like you should show some data for that. Mages alone, or territory siphon storage also? ” Wouldn't that be one in the same? Defend the mages -> more siphon is stored -> more points on rollover. Also, why does it matter? Guilds that push for #1 find ways to do it. There's literally nothing stopping other guilds from contesting them, they just choose not to and m…

  • Quote from Pawy: “Why was no one crying when MudHouse held over 40 castles/outposts and 10+ territories last season? But when Blue Army does it, people gets hurt. This just shows that the anti Squad coalition is not really doing anything. They just let Blue Army take outposts/castles all over. Blue Army masses on all timers and have little to no time for rest. You keep on saying that Blue Army runs 28 maps away for objectives. Why cant you do the same by running 28 maps to deny Blue Army instead…

  • zerfaxx if that were true how come Elevate and their coalition aren't taking some of these outposts and castles from BA? Cause they're not being active. We literally raided your main territory mages yesterday and none of you even showed up to defend them. Yall are AFK in TT discord or on the forums crying while we are working.

  • Maybe if you spent as much time defending your outposts and castles in game as you do crying about everything on the forums and discord, your guild would own/hold more castles and outposts. We literally took 3-4 outposts from Elevate today uncontested. Why are you whining on the forums about a guild holding objectives when you are too lazy to contest them?

  • You tried to buy a skin with a stolen credit card and got banned, so no bud you aint getting anything back lol.

  • RIP Faction ZvZ?

    Georg51 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    If you went out every day in the red zones and looked for fights and didn’t find any then I’d have to guess that you are legally blind. Every bandit event there are fights.

  • Quote from Gabumon: “Quote from pesadelo: “To be fair the RT should be more transparent, why not open the forum of RT to all to see ? Why all this cloak and dagger ?Most don't understand some NDA changes to weapons ,per example, but maybe since we didn't see the discussion that precluded those changes , we will never understood some changes or what is the meaning of changing x or z . ” In the RT forum there is no NDA clause so there is no NDA changes. Is more a discussion about the overall state…

  • RIP Faction ZvZ?

    Georg51 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    >Says diversity of activities is good for the game. >Wants faction content to be boiled down to lame dungeon fights full of rats and cleric cowls. Theres far more royals content than there has ever been in the game's history where everyone can participate. For those wanting more serious ZvZ - theres the black zones. If you want to organize fights, see the BZ's.

  • Please put this patch it!

  • My faith in SBI has been restored. Cheers.

  • SBI dropped the ball pretty hard on this one. 10% is way too much and add in the fact that it was not clearly communicated AND that it effects ALL ranks, not just prestige... just a big failure altogether. 5% should be the max decay and even that is high imho. Also- on a side note - why not add infamy decay as well? Might as well screw everyone over while you are at it SBI.