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  • So was the plan to release new territories and have the massive non capped Alliances just shred through all the new guilds / players? The F2P was BY FAR the best thing SBI has done to create more talk and players playing the game. But the release of the new territories just concentrated power even more. There needs to be some type of controls in place before all the newer players leave. I don't know what the answer to it is but there surely needs to be something. Cap on Guilds in Alliances is pr…

  • animation on DW swords E is horrible. Its the same one that old 1H spear had and once they changed that it became more viable. Spears are able to self stack where swords cant, and swords will always be weaker because of that.

  • One of the big issues with DW swords is the animation on the E, its pretty much exactly the same animation that 1H spear use to have. It makes DW sword very hard to play, if it was more of a lunge with a small cone i think it would interest it, but as it sits the animation is bad.

  • IGN - Sirktivo Timezone -8 UTC. (west coast US)

  • Quote from Modnoc: “"OMG nature so op, nerf plax!!!" Ppl like you, have just no idea about this game, no idea about using counters vs some setups. Just use great mace + great curse and stop crying like little girl. ” you sound retarded as hell, and if you are saying that swapping two of the passives is a nerf to nature, then you must know that its stronger then holy, because its the same tier passive. Thanks for helping me to prove the point.

  • If they were to remove magic force from holy staff, and give it calmness and give magic force to druid it would make 100% more sense, if you want holy staff to sit there and heal they need to have some type of defense mitigation towards the damage they will receive from sitting there. I think that if you were to swap these two passives it makes more sense for the type of play style that both healers are.

  • Yet another time I have a 2 hour window and the server is down.

  • I was getting ready to create a thread about this myself, but I believe there should be some type of reimbursement towards the player base. We are sticking through this rough patch of launch and fighting an uphill battle with losing time of premium being one of the biggest things, some of us can't play non stop, so when we do have those few hours of time and the server is crashing and not allowing to get things done. It can feel as though we have sunk money into something and not seeing a slight…

  • Don't remove the penalty but make it fair to come back from it. If people want to force PvP, then they should be allowed. That's just the type of play style you get from a full loot system. But to only support the "care bears" and force people that want to do small scale into large zerg scale is unfair to those players, and eventually they leave. Then this game is becomes unsuccessful.

  • Expeditions.

    Sirk - - Feedback & Suggestions


    So I will say I'm not fan of the whole reputation system and how it TOTALLY discourages anyone to PK in red zones. But at least you could run expeditions with the lower reputation to earn back your status, but now you can't even do that? This game has been more and more "care bear" every single update. What it looks like is people are being forced to go black zone and deal with the zerg guilds. I mean at this point it's going to force people to join maybe 5 guilds out there and then its going to…

  • So why upgrade to legendary when i can just spend that money on gold in game? I mean 50 dollars is going to get you more gold then a +10% gold increase?

  • Ya, i highly doubt you can make it knock someone off a mount. But charged blade should be removed from the game, maybe make the E from heron spear put on the W for all spears. I have never seen a game with a spear type weapon where you can't throw it. So it makes sense, and then give heron a poison make it slow or gives you lifesteal. As it sits now its really in a bad spot.

  • bump because spears are by far still sitting in one of the worst places.

  • [Suggestion] Update spears

    Sirk - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Trying to get the DEV's attention towards spears, and how bulky if feels to play. First step to changing it is removing Charged Blade from the game its pretty unusable in its current state. But i think if you were able to put heron blade's E as a W for all spears something like a level 70 unlock Then give heron a slowing poison or some type of poison based off spirit spear stacks of course. (I don't think its that far fetched to think that most people would throw a spear and not just use it as a…

  • I have tried to use charged blade a few times and there is never a time to use it in PvP... in PvE you can use it but if you are running spirit spear then it doesn't work with it plus the channel takes a while so you are in turn not doing any increased dps. If you are running lunging strike you need to make sure you click again in order to continue auto attacking. I think it may be a bug, because its really the only move that stops auto attacks from happening, I think the charged blade should be…

  • Spears do feel totally awkward but the 1h spear is by far the weakest of all the weapons. The E is missing some type of CC a stun/root/snare/silence something.

  • Is it just based off test? Or numbers shown? Or how much the community talks about doing something? I think the best way to balance weapons is off 5v5 or GvG... Since this game is focused on a group of 5, proof being that you can take territories with just a group of 5 people, then doesn't it make since to balance off that? I think the dagger nerf could have been DEV's pulling the trigger to fast. I'm not by any shape of the way a dagger player. I'm a spears player and believe me it's even rough…

  • 1. Install Auto walk/run 2. Removal of reputation system or allow Caerleon to ALWAYS have negative reputation characters. (Pirate town) 3. Balance EVERY weapon based on 5v5s (GvGs) since that is the end game of pvp

  • I totally agree. Spears are by far the WEAKEST weapons overall, having played spears, its one of the many things that we are forced to overcome. The weakest weapon of all is a regular spear with reckless charge as it's E. It's pretty much what other E's offer IE claymore/bloodletter/double bladed staff as far as damage, but it doesn't offer any CC. I could see spirit spear charges giving a speed buff at the fourth stack along with the E giving a speed buff on regular spears. Now you just have to…