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  • Yeah, was kind of hoping for something in game rather than having multiple screens open. Doesn't have to be much, and each player may only use one at any one time. But if you're farming, especially in PVP zones, it's helpful to know where you're going instantly.

  • Great to know. But there should be.

  • Is there a way to set a way point? For example, If I find a particular spot within an area which is rich in a certain resource, is it possible to "mark" the position on the map, so it's easier to find? If not, there should be TIA, RamRaid

  • Happy Sunday All

    RamRaid - - Introduce yourself!


    Hey! I'm RamRaid (a username I adopted many years ago for all online gaming) but my current main character in game is called "Celestiax" Recently I was looking for new games to play after the game i've been playing for almost 8 years, World of Tanks, became stale for me. I found Albion while searching for games which matched my original love of gaming, MMORPGs. This was the closest I could find to Runescape, where my memories of almost 12 years playing (haven't played it for 4/5 years) are still…