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  • Dungeons

    Raithe - - General Questions & Discussions


    Any plans for real dungeons in albion? Corrupteds, greens, blues, and statics are all overly simplistic, over used, and just poorly designed. Albion needs some pve.

  • A setting to turn these off visibility of the group finder. TBH it would be nice to be able to just remove the floating button entirely. Same with the destiny board popout. They obscure visibility, they are annoying and unwanted. I avoid using the group finder mainly because once I do it sticks off the side of my screen and I can't get rid of it. It ends up attracting my attention and I stare at it instead of my game.

  • Logout on Android client

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    the android client logout is very cumbersome. If I am playing on my phone I need to close the app quickly. This does not occur. There is no "close and leave now" button like there is in pc. I don't care that my char is still in for the 10 seconds or whatever ( 10 for me as I would never go in a pvp zone on the phone client...). But when I have to go its annoying to have to use Android system mechanics to force close the app.

  • The timers and loading bars for things such as logout and faction unflagging are not needed in town. They perform no function. They just get in the way. A check should be performed before these timers/bars load up and if in town they are bypassed.

  • Spammers get around mute by using emotes. It would be nice if mute blocked this also. There is a special place in hell that I hold in reserve for these ppl...

  • Android updater does not work

    Raithe - - Mobile Version


    It just opens a browser and connects to whatever page was last on. It does not initiate an update in any way.

  • Just pointing out that there are how many cities total and we expect how many players to fit in them............ Maybe some dev team needs to learn to make a proper world map...

  • 1. Building. It would be ice to be able to build your base. This building system is just dated. Its clunky. It's slow and not enjoyable to construct anything with this blueprint housing system. 2. Towns. Centralization of town layout in combination with free to play has clogged a map bad. Needs more towns, more difference on the map to disperse the population. It's clogged and gross a majority of the time. Someday AO needs a real map. There is no point in going anywhere different at this point a…

  • Cluster Queue

    Raithe - - Developers' Statements


    What is the reason players are not spread out more? Is there nothing that can be done to encourage more spreading of ppl across the map? Where do the zone queues happen most(red, black, yellow, green.... Oops I mean blue zones)? If the whole map is not being used and ppl just choke up specific swaths of zones then this map flow/layout is broken... It is really annoying just being stuck in town, unable to leave and a timer making you wait for 3 mins to bypass the clusterfuck.

  • Is this a game or some sort of really dry economics experiment?

  • 1) Revert to the Darian update. 2) Forget everything that happened since. 3) Ensure step 1 and 2 was followed.

  • Quote from summerplayer: “albion in 2021 is: Gankbion Lagbion Unbalncebion Zergbion Greedybion ” So.....nothing has changed since 2015 then. Got it.

  • LOL....this has been known for YEARS. SBI does not care. They like it this way as it makes them money. This game was released in a broken state for the same reasons. The goal is not to make a good game. Just another group of folks who want yer $$.

  • Looking at the forums it still seems like a there are 100000000 options and yet still nothing to do other than wade through griefers, gankers, and ppl that have 100000 alts who turn commerce into a shit show. Any good news for AO?

  • Steam Access

    Raithe - - General Questions & Discussions


    Is it possible yet to use the steam version of albion if you were a supporter and purchased a normal version pre-release? Without having to start over completely (as that is obviously not an option).

  • LAG

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Since this last big update just logging in takes at least 3-5 t ries. Black screens when trying to log in. I repeatedly have to log in, it sits on a black screen, after 1 min or so it either slowly loads a town or sends me back to the log in screen. Every 2 out of 3 times I come to log in its like this. I run much more robust games than AO in optimal settings at high FPS. AO Seems like it barely runs.

  • Cheesy disney spells

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Please. Them puffy sleeves and stupid morgana ravens shooting off yer staff is enough as it is. No more birds flying from bows, fire staves, and such. It looks so bad. Just put normal flames and explosions and redact the happy cheese. No disney. Tks.

  • Quote from mediaboy: “1. Be able to view more than 1000 market orders. I currently have ~2000 in Martlock and it's awful. I have to sort by tier/enchantment to look through my orders. 2. Inventory list somewhere so I can see what I own in a single place without having to explore the entire game to do so 3. Bigger market window. Only being able to see three lines at once is aggravatingly slow. Perhaps a simplified no-picture view would help things fit? ” Bumping #2.....This has been needed for YE…