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  • Quote from DURATEEN: “Quote from Rathbone: “Quote from Missandy: “fuking roleplayer rathbone, gtfo ” Did I say you could take my cock out your mouth? I didn't think so, shut the fuck up! ” Hoes on my dick cause I look like jesus ” Yeah you do, if Jesus was porch monkey.

  • Quote from Missandy: “fuking roleplayer rathbone, gtfo ” Did I say you could take my cock out your mouth? I didn't think so, shut the fuck up!

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  • Quote from JonahVeil: “Quote from DURATEEN: “Jonah bending the knee, mousline still getting pizzas and saying hes going to dox all of albion in global? Yeee yous a bitch ” You guys admitted you can't beat us. If a knee was ever more bent, it'd be on an ostrich. ” Jonah, you cannot argue with the "King of the Brozils", Durex and his band of Sanders supporters are untouchable. rathbone-evolution-eos.png


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  • Quote from EOSNUMBERONE: “Quote from Rathbone: “:) ” Good representation. We really do eat that well. ” Mongrel dogs don't know any better.


  • EOS Helps You Lose Weight

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    Quote from Gank: “Nice blog bro ” I greatly appreciate your praise Gank! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • EOS Helps You Lose Weight

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    Quote from darceydad: “Quote from Kaosfury: “hahhahahah Your kidding me right..... The biggest loser is the dude taking time out of his life to come to a game he doe not play any make comments bout how crappy it is and call the people still playing derogitory remarks... Look up irony dude...or ask your teacher tomorrow at school. ” while your at it Kaosfury, you might want to ask your teacher how to spell DOES, ABOUT and DEROGATORY... now thats IRONY ” You should probably check his si…

  • Quote from DURATEEN: “Quote from Grommit: “In the first GvG KDS had a disconnection and you pushed the advantage. In a later one you got a disconnect and you come here crying that KDS pushed the advantage... YOU THE MAN!!!!! ” Feel free to sling me a link of the video? Yea.. Fuck it farming kds for sets is the next thing baby girl, your a team was down to 5.2 when we where done with them lmfao ” Duratex has the biggest virtual cock of them all! In real life however...this prepubescent tike thoug…

  • rathbone-durateen-300x300.png Click the picture above for my latest comments and observations in the EoS/Durex saga.

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  • Quote from GramPositive: “These guys are so good. I wish I was as sexy as Talagul. ” Wishes don't make you sexy, hard work and dedication do. Both of which you lack. You are nothing but a human cockroach trolling the internet to make your cellar dwelling existence more tolerable. You are the Rathbone-Says Human Cockroach of the day, for September 30, 2016. Congrats!!!! rathbone-human-roaches-300x300.png Oh, and to the M Corporation, I hope you succeed and have a great time in game. Don't pay att…

  • Quote from GramPositive: “I wish I could still be excited for these updates. I just don't understand how it is taking so long to create content as simple, and ultimately meaningless as this. The game population is dropping like a rock in your final beta, yet there is no discussion from the developers assessing why this is happening. I mean we heard about a gathering update about a month ago and still have seen nothing. I love the game SI, but you guys gotta get your shit together. ” Yes SI, serv…

  • Quote from GramPositive: “Do you even play the game? you have 16k kill fame lel. ” rathbone-human-roaches-300x300.png Internet trolling is a problem. When did people become so savage towards each other? What happened to shaking hands after a football game, regardless of your team having won or lost? The dawn of the internet has given voice to the cockroach of humanity. The cellar dweller living in his mothers basement, angry at the world because riches weren’t bestowed upon him by the society in…

  • game crash

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    Indeed, Please provide the requested information. Myself, and all of these lowly creatures are curious as to the state of the game. Please endeavor to bring forth useful information. Sincerely, RM