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  • Quote from hopchis: “But we can get reliable, non-biased data through, say, a platform like Steam which tracks users on their platform for various games. I can think of no reason why the numbers from those who access Albion through Steam wouldn't mirror the total numbers overall--it is a very convenient and large sample of the game population. ” This is seriously flawed. The are a HUGE amount of players who registered and played Albion waaaay before it ever became available on Steam. Using Steam…

  • Personal Island Question

    Midgard - - Beginner's Questions


    Youd have to abandon the island in Sterling, (you can do this at the island merchant) and buy a new island in Lym. You'd have to remove/demolish any buildings on the old island (you get (90% of the resources back). The new island retains its old level.

  • No, you cannot transfer premium. You could I guess try contacting support and asking ....

  • Quote from Taladome: “but unless the player base is enough to support the game, no game for you either ” The player base is thriving, as is the game, as a full loot PvP MMO. The sanitisation of pvp, the removal of risk, and the attempts to dumb it down to a 'fair' system that you suggest would ultimately destroy the game. I think you underestimate how many players are here because of the exact same things that you want to remove.

  • Quote from Groszek6: “the game forces you to enter the red or black zones because it is impossible to collect t6 items without entering the red zone, unless you have another way to do it ” It doesnt force you. Its a choice if you want to go gather those. gather and sell lower tiers and buy them if you dont want the risk .. your choice.

  • Quote from Taladome: “I enjoy pvp just as much as the next person ” I seriously question that. Quote from Taladome: “but it should never be forced on anyone ” It isnt. Youre given a pop up with a choice when entering a pvp zone ... if you enter you give consent .. no one forced you. Quote from Taladome: “and it should always be fair. ” Thats simply an opinion. I disagree. Openworld pvp should be a dynamic, moving feast where numbers and advantages can change. If you want only 'fair' pvp then may…

  • Quote from FarmerLee: “Is there an update for the roadmap? Where exactly is the game headed? ” Be patient. Cool your jets.

  • if we're going down this route, can I have an option to open the cages, free the prisoners, then mercilessly slaughter them too please? Thx

  • Quote from kingish: “Hi there, I have been playing this game for more than two months now ans enjoying it alot. Also enjoying premium membership. I wanted to request to change the name of Trinity Spear to something else because meaning of Trinity is reflecting conecpt of Christianity religion. MMO game should have namings that not have any religious connections. If you see my game chracter KINGISH, I lvled up Trinity Spear alot and liked its skills alot. But couple days back when I found Trinity…

  • Quote from thefixx1: “Ok, open the doors for all the shit talkers ” Pretty sure you already did enough shit talking for everyone ....

  • Quote from Kaleo: “I'm using a laptop and it can't handle the strain of loading 500 goddamn people at the same time it's even struggling in the starter zones. ” You cant turn off other players on the PC version of the game. All you can do is turn off tags to make it run a bit better, as detailed by Blen in the previous post.

  • Quote from Wheaton: “how do you search for a guild to apply too? ” You can use the season rankings to search a guild by name

  • It would encourage people to go AFK which is not something to aspire to. Set a course to a distant city to do some trading, through safe routes .. go AFK and come back 20 mins later and youre there. Its a no from me.

  • Fine but double the chance that an item will be destroyed at the end of the extended overcharge

  • Quote from Kelepephes: “give fair reason as to why you believe marketplace is run fairly. ” Simple supply vs demand in an open economy system. What your asking for is intervention to control or cap prices. No thanks. And as others have said .. stop with the real money comparisons .. its meaningless

  • Craftable DYES.

    Midgard - - Feedback & Suggestions


    No thank you. I remember what dyes did for ultima online. It was a hideous eyesore.

  • Advice

    Midgard - - General Questions & Discussions


    Quote from Justtoask: “Will SBI ever think about giving second chance to those players that got banned? ” Hopefully not.

  • Try one of the new anniversary dungeons in any T4 to T8 zone …. It’s a chance of dropping in the final chest. Also try reading the News and Announcements section of the forum…

  • I’ve used PayPal many times and it works just fine. Maybe try contacting support …

  • Great idea. And your English is excellent.