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  • Frost E is the reason i don't play slayer

  • Swords are dead

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    There is no change to sword in corrupted or 1v1 situations. There is no situation for hamstring, and to gap close with it you need to preload it with 2 abilities and don’t forget that’s 2 global cooldowns. Why bother when splitting slash is a react snare spell with instant higher damage + you can E safely while they are rooted. Why they can’t give melee higher damage in plate is beyond me

  • Quote from Taladome: “Baka_Nova, go troll somewhere else you have absolutely zero to contribute here. Xwave since you didn't seem to read my post or do not understand what solo means....Where are these solo HCE maps? Solo expeditions stop at what teir? Do you even know? And even then your highest solo expedition fights like two tiers lower than a normal solo dungeon. Where as a solo player can I kill mobs of my tier without being forced into pvp zones. You lemme know..... You say it's the same c…

  • Quote from Timur02: “I agree, swords are outclassed by any other melee weapon trees and see no play in any content. ” Yup and also this new hamstring is crap. You cant use it when u need it because u cant gap close with it without the pre-loaded hamstring, and you would never preload it when u r in melee range because u already have heroic stacks for extra movement speed and don't need it. When say a bow uses frost shot u cant use it as a gap closer because they are now out of range and u cant p…

  • Yup it still lifts the enemy with the first hit and misses with the 2nd. Great fix

  • Zero changes to corrupted dungeon play for swords, hamstring is useless compared to splitting slash/ iron will which is where you may have situationally used it. I'm not going into why its bad if you can't understand it yourself you don't play swords in 1v1 against frost shot, knockback shot, grasp of the undead etc. the prerequisite of a heroic charge is mind boggling and just allows for the enemy to easily avoid. Poor design and out of touch development So the only buff is a the heroic strike …

  • Thousands of happy Red/Black zone players disagree with you. The only game out there with full loot should be nerfed for you? play a different game

  • The CD mace abusers are the problem. Open play is fine but in CD 1v1 situation you are royally screwed against a well practiced cooldown mace.. They don't have skill shots and have abundance of extra lives

  • 8 seconds of invisibility isn't much unless your fighting a death givers.. Apart from Death Givers i can never see a problem with ambush and even then u can still outplay the DG

  • Nerf Bow

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    It needs a nerf in some shape or form 100%. I run from bows these days in CD. They have a 15k build in stalker against your 200k build and don't even have a skill shot. If you don't run a purge you are 100% dead.. The problem with that situation is there are only 2 affordable purge items available and to pigeon hole a player into those 2 items is bad for the game and the economy.. i play swords and either have to run fiend cowl or run from bows.. i'm never running mage robe so for me i HAVE to p…

  • When I read the changes my first thought was why the fuck are they making hamstring heroic strike dependant? It’s diabolical design implementation. Retroman is weak in the design department, instead of making new changes he’s gone back to old designs . He’s also bringing dagger changes to chain slash which streamers have been recommending for months, they ain’t even his ideas the chain damage reduction came from Jimbernator as far as I’m aware. Jim also asked for the energy increase for motion b…

  • Imagine Still not nerfing 1 mace

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    He’s right though mace is completely out of control especially in 1v1 corrupted etc. People are bound to lose faith if the Devs can’t control blatant overpowered items. Btw most of the best streamers and ambassadors for the game have quit because of amateur development and badly thought out patches.

  • Yup I’ve seen a few of them around caerleon area. Was funny watching 20 guys trying to kill 1 . Let’s hope they fix it soon as it’s been happening for about a month

  • Quote from rottencheese: “Muisak, taproot & cryptcandle sure are nice but the thing OP is really forgetting is that reg shield is very cheap compared to the others. That's its purpose in this game as a starter item, no need for more than that. Heck it's the cheapest shield period & honestly doesn't give the worst stats. Whenever I wanted to tryout solo ganking as a cursed way back when I was newer to pvp I'd kinda need to use shield on 1h staff in the long run as using muisak would eventually br…

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Someone keep resetting = you go and destroy crystal so you can go for the next fight. Not chasing for an hour then crying on the forum... ” what he said ^

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Quote from noxmortus: “Remove the shrine. All players enter CD with risk of invasion. ” this... So simple, yet so obvious. ” Quote from The_Support_God: “this was originally suppose to replace the famous dungeon diving of solo random dungeons well lets see how the changes shake up the CD meta first we all can agree that infinite reset is bad Hyper mobility is bad healing on short cooldowns is also bad kite is good to a up certain extent. because its considered skill people h…

  • Nerf Bow

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    Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from BraveArt: “Definitely needs looking at in 1v1 situations. 2 Main problem is the damage in leather out damages cloth swords etc, and if u don't run purge the bow player can stand still in melee range of any weapon and just melt them. obviously they use lolmerc jacket also which gives them an extra life. Oh and they dont need beef stew they just run omelette for max reductions so u cant escape them. New CD change will make a bows paradise, they will just exploit th…

  • Currently the 1H meta is taproot and mystcaller while shield is pretty terrible in all aspects of the game, try it with cloth you'll see what i mean. So my suggestion is to give it a soldier helm type effect which actually brings something to a players defence. Yeah it's an extra button so what

  • Ok so i'm talking about the below intended changes.. I think this will break CD in such a way it won't be played and its pretty obvious bows and maces will use this change as a play style. These changes are to address a so called reset meta, the problem is these changes won't be used as intended. Most classes will have to play to the rules but then you have bows, maces, Qstaffs who will just tap and run u until the mobs spawn, then they will tap u more until the mobs kill u. The fact that SBI ca…

  • Reds are out populated 100 to 1 in the RED zone. It's low risk for blues and its because of the flag system. Remove it and everything will change, lots of blues watch u kill other blues then just finish u off and take all the loot My fix, remove the flagging system in red zones just like it is in the black zone - If you attack a blue you get flagged exactly the same with the hostile debuff yet it just times out instead of being deactivated. The black zone is garbage and just a playground for big…