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  • Speaking of hideouts how about just put a 2-3 second channel on entering hideouts kinda like how solo dungeons have a channel to enter them. (But don't make the channel pop a bubble if you were to come out of a hideout and decide to go back inside.)

  • He is referring to players who do corrupted dungeons. Sounds like they are rushing 1700 infamy before they trigger the invasion stone. Then they use reset meta to fight players that invade them but if they end up invading someone else they just break crystals when there's no clear corridors for them to reset on. I don't really do corrupted dungeons anymore so I am not sure on all this but I hope that clarifies the post. Its a bit tricky to understand at first.

  • If you hold down the ALT button and then cast an ability, it will cast the spell on yourself even when you have others targeted. So its possible that you are accidentally hitting the alt button during some of your casts.

  • The Mistbison is Here!

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    I honestly much prefer the way Albion handles many of its vanity skins. Take the game Phantasy Star Online 2 where its a fun f2p game and all but many if not all of their skins are locked behind raffle tickets you buy for real money. Its pretty annoying because its purposely obscure on your odds of winning the skins you want so you never know how much money you need to invest in stuff. In AO I can look at a set price and the skin/object and decide whether to invest in it or not. Anyways, as far …

  • Lymhurst I have found to be the most tame area. There's still gankers mind you but it just seems like an easier black zone to play in.

  • If you are not skipping the entire first floor of the dungeon and planting the scout on the second floor then you are doing it wrong.

  • Very true as I love the look of the Guild Mage skin horse but it is only for the armored horse. I'd love to use that for the riding horse. Also I am surprised there haven't been any more swamp dragon skins made or a Dire Snow Fox which I imagine is on the drawing board or perhaps already in the works considering how many other white skins we've seen for mounts. Anyways I love the skins but for sure ever since the change to how carrying capacity works on horses, the riding horses have become much…

  • Just letting you know from experience that the support ticket's do not display any fancy alerts on the web page when they have been responded to so if you are doing a ticket through the website make sure to periodically click on the ticket to see if it has been responded to. I once went 3 or 4 days waiting for a response that actually came after 2 hours I believe.

  • There are currently no visitor logs for islands.

  • To clear things up, the loss of stackable items upon knockdown was removed. Instead the only thing you suffer from in yellow zones is durability loss. Also as others have stated you do not directly lose silver upon death/knock down. Instead all the items you had on you take 5% durability damage and silver is generated on the ground based on 25% of the cost to repair all those items. The real hit you take to silver only comes if you decide you want to repair the gear in town after being knocked d…

  • If you have the skin token in your inventory then hit apply to consume it. That will unlock the skin. Afterwards you need to click on your portrait in the top left of your screen and select Appearance. Click the mounts tab and look for the specter wolf under the direwolf skins. You can activate it there and if you ride a direwolf you will then see the skin.

  • It duplicates the bank tab so however many slots the first tab has, buying a second or third adds the same amount. The cost to buy a new tab however will go up each time.

  • Its as the tittle states, the chat window can be locked to prevent you from accidently moving or resizing it however, after every relog the check box gets unchecked and so I have to check it again.

  • WTS - The End of Stormlord

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    What if I paid you 75 mill and you only show up 25% of the time?

  • Quote from FredJohnson: “@DoomRawrus Did you find one ? Looking for the same thx ” No, I ended up joining up with a black zone guild for now.

  • Can't launch game

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    I dunno what the hell is up but I recently started getting this same error. Last week it occurred for a short time then just randomly fixed itself. All has been fine until today where now whenever I try to run Albion i get hit with this EAC error message. I can't even find the program and even researching it hasn't helped as all I can tell about it is its some kind of Windows 10 debugging program which baffles me as I never triggered the thing to run in the first place let alone know how to. I'v…

  • You get a bubble whenever you zone into the black zone whether its from town, a hideout or if you are changing zones. The only catch is that you can only get the bubble once every 40 seconds or so. I don't remember the exact time so if you zone into one zone, get a bubble but then quickly turn back into the other zone you will not get a refreshed or second bubble due to the timeout. Another issue occurs with hideouts that are near zone gates. If you come out of a hideout into the black zone it w…

  • that's 4.2 gear btw not 4.1

  • The snow bunny hat says it takes 4k surprise eggs to craft and I'm at the shop with over 4k eggs but it wont let me craft it. I can craft all the other Easter items. The event ends tommorrow so I am trying to hurry up and get the cap made. YUknCYA.jpg

  • Still looking for an active Caerleon faction guild that also enjoys small scale PvP