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  • Quote from CDEEKS: “tHE MECHANIC THAT STOPS PLAYERS CHANGING GEAR IS PERFECT AND THIS WOULD BE PERFECT TO GOING TOWARDS A FIX FOR THE CURRENT STATE OF 2V2 hg ” Quote from CDEEKS: “Quote from sh1ny: “I thought it already is ? ” No, it is not and this is a part of the cancer problem in HG 2v2 as rich players just bring a load of sets in and change into whatever gear counters there opponents. i actualy cant believe the devs allow this for so long in 2v2 BECASUE IT JUST SUCKS ASS AND IS NOT FUN WHAT…

  • in reality what will predominate are builds focused on stealing the chest and running, very fun Quote from Tabor: “Streaming should actually get better with no swaps not worse. Now we should get many interesting fights that take some thought on how to fight around certain builds instead of just inspect/run/swap. That should make it more entertaining to watch. ”

  • the HGs are horrible, sometimes we wait more than 20 minutes and the portal did not appear