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  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “b9266b65383d2dcf38af8d532fa18a4b32ce941f.jpeg The new Paladin Vanity Bundle is here! This premiere bundle is available in the ingame store, and includes a full costume set plus a matching mount skin for your Armored Horse. Get more details here: ” Will this have custom effects?

  • The lack of cd's in some zones from time to time is absurd, I just spent a solid 7 min to try and find a dungeon. All other content, solo, grp, hellgate, they all have maps so if you want to pay a bit you can skip the time for looking and just get a location, so why not for cd's?

  • Quote from Fikule: “Can't they just find a friend and do 2v2 Hellgates? I think they allow the escape mechanism in 1v1 and have more of a focus on PvE because 1v1 is inherently unbalanced? If corrupted dungeons became all about the PvP it would just be another content that essentially disallowed multiple weapon types. ” ???? How is this a fix for people that want to SOLO pvp?

  • It's been some time now, and it's clear, Corrupted Dungeons was a failed attempt at making 1v1 pvp. It's too much pve, the rewards and fame is so good it's simply better and even safer than normal green dungeon when you learn how to rat it, the zone is way to large while crystals too easy to destroy. There's no reset of cd's or hp/mana when invaded so rng can just kill you if they spawn on you, the traps add nothing to the pvp of the fight and the anti-invis mob wrecks some builds if you are unl…

  • Old White Aspect possible bug.

    Alysandra - - Bugs


    You should solo old white aspect not with a group. He gains a third ability when more than one person attacks him, that's the stomp you see there, it targets one person and then charges & stomps towards it. Also, you don't get cubs from this one.

  • That's pretty much it. No bullshit traps. No bullshit mobs. An arena that close in over time and force either an escape attempt or a fight. Also less pve, and a map you can spawn so you don't have to run a round in a zone for ages looking for one.

  • desync is so fun

    Alysandra - - Rants


    Quote from SpicyPepper: “What can I say just give up and play with your ping. That or move to a closer country. I play with ~ 270 ping, and it's just a thing now. There's really nothing you can do, beside waiting for satellite internet (or move to a closer country, ROFL) P/S: try exitLag, it helps a lot. (I mean like a lot a lot) ” ^^, I mean I'm even at 130-150 ping, It really shouldn't be this bad. I've heard good stuff about exitLag, maybe i'll take a look at it.

  • Quote from Yiotoo: “Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “Do you even do hces? ” Yes, I used to do HCE. But it become boring and no objective to me, since I am full spec. Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “Do you still think hce is the problem? ” Not for the lowers maps, they are balanced. But for the higher maps, yes, because it affects the economy in game.The gain, for the higher maps, is too much compared with others contents, if you sum the fame and gold per hour and taking the consideration the risk. Quote from…

  • desync is so fun

    Alysandra - - Rants


    Oh, wait, that's not fun at all, fucking hell losing fights to Melee skills hitting from Narnia or spells connection that shouldn't... is just bullshit.

  • Quote from Yiotoo: “Introduction Some items 8.3 are very cheap right now, plus there is no efficient sink for those items in the game. Also HCE is very easy right now Proposal Make the items that you use on HCE unreparable. Effects 1) It will rise the sink of 8.3 items. 2) It will rise the price of 8.3 items. 3) It will make HCE harder making the death meaningfull. 4) Less sink of silver. ” Not sure if you are trolling, or just well, dumb. So you want people to risk up to 100+ mil kit's and then…

  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “Hmm ?? On hunter level CD you get knocked down. Stalker and Slayer are full loot, you always died when you are killed, invading or being invaded. ” Wrong, if you kill someone in slayer/stalker and then "die" post combat to damage over time effects, you get knocked. Just this time it either bugged for me, or didn't register in time that the invader was dead.

  • When did it change from "You get knocked" to "You die" from damage over time effects? I know when you invade you only get knocked and then teleported back, Is it not the same on invade?

  • 2v2 Hellgate game breaking bug.

    Alysandra - - Bugs


    So my team-mate and I just got into a hellgate and we are not hostile in colors, but she can't heal me an I can attack here with abilities, not auto attacks. Can't leave/re-join group as clicking "leave party" just prompts A'ing out.

  • NDA Axe This is from the NDA forum about axe change, in it you can see the change on bleed only applying at max range is removed, yet it's now on live? Did i miss something? Also on the NDA it says Distance for max damage but max damage is at 5 meters, is this just a typo? Sad to see this bleed change go live, bleed is a huge part of the weapon identiy just removed.

  • Quote from fip: “Quote from Alysandra: “Quote from moking: “Quote from Alysandra: “guy started each fight with me at 20-30% Hp ” Maybe you should have just ate soup LOL. ” Maybe, but again, No. ” you need to bring regen food as well as your combat food in your inventory if you're going to CD. you eat your combat food at start of dungeon, switch to regen food in slot, when you invade/ get invaded eat regen food when you or opponent is resetting and out of combat, switch back to combat food and ea…

  • Quote from moking: “Quote from Alysandra: “guy started each fight with me at 20-30% Hp ” Maybe you should have just ate soup LOL. ” Maybe, but again, No.

  • Quote from Xibeatz: “I spent more then 1000 hours on this game and i say the latest update has definitely destroyed the game, making it suitable for noobs and those who can't play video games. I understand that for the company + noobs means + premiums sold, but that's too much. 1) It 's not written anywhere, but the damage and piercing ability against armor has been reduced. Many of the game's historical maps have been erased and replaced with others full of escape and exit points to escape the …

  • And another time, died, why? Plate-Regen combined with Soup Regen and the guy started each fight with me at 20-30% Hp, he still tok over 15min to kill me with 8,3 vs 8. But ey, regen in CD is super balanced and well done, nothing is wrong with these reset builds.

  • Quote from moking: “Quote from HIDKstr: “Ok big dumb, lest do the math. Im a cloth cleric robe player and i had a 70% HP regen bonus. My enemy its any mobility build with knight armor and he has 210% HP Regen Even if we both had cabbage soup eated he will had 140% Advantage. Even if i, as cloth player with a 10% Mana regen adventage and 140% disadventage on hp regen can get out of combat, we will be able to regen faster than me, more if he trows a poison on me cause posion only count as inciial …

  • Quote from moking: “Quote from Alysandra: “That's not true, I'm stopping me. ” Yea that's called being dumb.Quote from Alysandra: “And it's also not healthy gameplay, It forces specific food to be "mandatory" to have a chance at winning a fight where it should be a test of skills, not who brought the most food to rotate and eat to gain advantages. ” Your right , we should disable all food in corrupted dungeons. Make it an even playing field. XD ” It's dumb? For you maybe, but i'm not going to go…