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  • Quote from Anth0ny2k: “so when will u guys update the weaponry with avalonian weapons ? ” Someday soon - probably.

  • Quote from Midgard: “How the hell do you get a forum perma-ban in just 2 posts ... asking about builds? ” Bots are getting very clever. They take reddit posts from a relevant subreddit (or a similar community site) and then repost them on the forum. After a certain amount of time has passed (so moderators no longer pay attention to the post), they go back to their post and edit it to include spam links. So if you notice seemingly random links in an otherwise normal-looking post or very old posts…

  • Quote from becauseahaha: “For example, you could solve this problem by making player name clickable, so players with standard aspect ratio could inspect opponent even if they dont see his on screen ” I think that's a great suggestion. Would recommend making a new thread for that idea as well as any others you come up with.

  • There already exists a "fog of war" system; your Albion Online client receives limited information from the server based on the distance around your character - which is the same for all clients, regardless of your screen size. As @SHARKY mentioned above, you can see the Nametag of the player off-screen, and having a wider aspect ratio won't help you spot the player faster. If you're interested in technical details, I would recommend checking out this presentation from our CTO David Salz at Unit…

  • Hovering over the required number of eggs (the "4k/4k" under the egg icon in the crafting user interface) will reveal the exact value needed. It's a rounding/localization issue - once you hover over the requirement, you will see that you actually need 4500 eggs to craft it.

  • With the ever-increasing population of Albion Online, we have noticed a demand for information on game mechanics presented in a concise and detailed manner. This is why we have teamed up with AO FAQ to bring you a series of video guides published on our official Albion Online YouTube channel. Each video aims to tackle a specific feature within Faction Warfare - in a way that is helpful to new and veterans players alike. The revamped Faction Warfare system - being one of our latest and most popul…

  • [Service] Fort Sterling Rare Animal Reserve

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    Quote from Vocandin: “Since you mentioned it, I went to check it out but apparently the post is gone…-Discontinued-Items-List/ What happened? ” I created that thread back when I was working as a freelancer in customer support and was only a volunteer moderator on the forum. I became a Community Manager after that, and the thread was suddenly seen as "official". Players then started using my thread as justification for complaints whenever we re-released an item (eve…

  • [Service] Fort Sterling Rare Animal Reserve

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    Would love to pay the island a visit, please add Elsa to the list Quote from Zorva: “Once given permission to visit the reserve, you will have visiting rights to the island indefinitely unless you become an inactive player. ” You'll run into the 50-entry limit for island permissions pretty soon this way - you might want to reconsider the duration of memberships.

  • Because a major part of this update is the introduction of the bandit faction of Caerleon - and bandits don't care about your silly rules. Quote from HCEPositive: “They did miss 'i' from previous updates, so I guess it was all coincidence? ” Actually, the "Launch" update was codenamed Igraine

  • @RKOverdrive have you tried not dying?

  • Quote from Mondmann: “hey @Elsa, would you mind adding the news vikings avatar and border? ” Thanks for the reminder - added the Barbarian avatar & ring.

  • Quote from Equart: “So Elsa will not do it anymore? ” I will, no worries. But we are looking to expand the team in order to up our video production frequency & quality - there's only so much you can do as one person

  • It does seem like your house is in the process of being upgraded, since only the upgrade button is available. What happens when you click on the "Upgrade" button? Does it give you an option to cancel the upgrade?

  • Ignore list

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    Typing /showmuted will give you the list of players you have muted. For all commands, see:

  • Quote from ywc928: “so maybe it is just a "bug" option ? ” The island permission board uses the same Access Rights interface as everything else (buildings, furniture, hideouts etc.), this is why you see this option - even though it indeed serves no purpose for islands.

  • /stuck command

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    Hey there, that is a very unfortunate situation. Ideally, this shouldn't happen in the first place and is a result of an unlucky combination of resource and dungeon entrance spawns that block you into a corner of the map. If you still happen to remember where this happened, please report it at the in-game location by typing /bug stuck when exiting dungeon here. The report automatically includes the map coordinates, which helps us to quickly find and resolve such map placement issues. If this hap…

  • Hey there, The access mode of every island is always custom by default and this option cannot be changed - this is normal (imagine how your island list would look like if players could set their islands to "public"). Island access rights can be set in more detail below this option, so you can specify who you want to have access to your island: - if you want the island to be "private", then don't add anyone to the access list - if you wish to make it only accessible to your guild, then add your g…

  • Quote from GunGuyTZ: “Wow really great collection!!! Do you mind to add the avalonaian collection? ” Quote from The_Fox: “Hate to bump the thread but, any chance the Avalonian weapons will get added to this? ” I recently updated the Albion Armory, and Weaponry is next in line. I'm thinking of remaking the Weaponry entirely, with showing the player character holding the weapon. Would you prefer that, or do you like the way it is now (without the character)?

  • The rings are the same each season, but avatars are unique each season.

  • Quote from Eternalhaze: “The knight and potion master aren't my cup of tea personally, but I'm hoping you do one for like a rogue or mage next! ” The "Potion Master" was the Rogue e5c32698f0aafab646979f08445e46a65c64ee90.jpeg