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  • *Bump* Update: Building up our numbers for Territory and other GVG Content as well as Large and End-Game Dungeons. We now have Regularly scheduled Group activities 6 days a week spread between all Timezones to encourage activity around the clock.

  • *Bump* and Update Everyday this week we've been focusing on bringing people into our Community and Guild, Our playstyle will always be varied because at the end of the day you need all content to strive in Albion and be as self sufficient as possible. So if you enjoy playing Albion Online and are looking for Good company, yes we want you and yes we have a spot for what you'd like to do most whether that's PVP, PVE or Gathering.

  • *Bump* and Update So far our Foundation is set and we have a great group of Core members and we're now looking to Recruit as many members as we can so we can knock out Big Group content asap. All are welcome and as stated before, we want to have a presence in all Timezones.

  • *Bump* and Update We've added more members but have slowed down on recruiting In-Game and more on getting to know our current members and figuring out who likes to do what and who fits certain leadership roles. However I would like to expand and reinforce our EU members and get more activities going in that Time slot. If you're interested you can join the Discord and let us know, whisper the 2 above or our EU Veteran CluelessDisgrace In-Game.

  • *Bump* and Update: We've doubled our size again, we've been focusing on teaching members their preferred roles and learning as much group activities as possible. in the Near future we will have scheduled Dungeon runs during prime times and scheduled Arena 5v5 (PVP practice) We joined an alliance and feel like the Guilds involved compliment our current goals and our Alliance will have a Hideout soon.

  • *Bump* and Update: We've doubled our Size and are currently working on grinding out everyone's Builds via Dungeons as well as running small PVP groups in hellgate. We haven't tried Arena yet but plan to in the near future. Currently looking into an Alliance to show us the Black zone Ropes and explore that side of things a lot more soon. Overall it has been a great experience and I can't wait to see where this Guild and Albion Online go from here!

  • Aye Riding Time is a big part of that content, though there's probably a way to lessen ride time and not screw up contracts and PVP content. Medium Grounds are good, it's just finding that balance.

  • MN Studios is a 5 year old Gaming and Entertainment Family/Community, we just recently Founded a Guild within Albion(January 10th, 2020) but we've been around for the last 5 years in many Games from MMO's to Shooters. A close knit community always looking for new Games and Challenges to overcome together and Albion online is a New Challenge we've decided to take on and would love to find members who are looking to Grow with us. Current Goals PVE and maxing out our Destiny Boards as well as PVP a…