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  • IMO, the 1000 IP soft cap is a good thing and makes hellgates more accessible to more players because you can run 4.1 gear with moderate specs and hit 1000 IP. There's only two reasons to use 6.1+ gear in hellgates: either you have little to no spec so you need higher base IP gear to hit the softcap, or you're just trying too hard and willing to spend 10x more per set to gear crutch against the average team. Since I'm close to 400/400 curse staves, I can wear 4.1 and hit 1033 IP with the soft ca…

  • I use tier 7/8 gear for PvP and PvE in black zones because I can afford it, I've been playing since launch and stockpiling gear for over a year. It gives me an edge over those with T4/T5 when the numbers are even. In PvE, I it helps to clear dungeons faster so I get more fame and loot per hour. Still sometimes I still use 4.1 when I want to play without caring at all about the gear I'm wearing. It's a nice carefree feeling in PvP and allows you to play aggressively. Even higher tier gear, like 8…

  • Definitely not normal but interesting to see such an unconventional composition win a fight. I'd like to see how well they fair against other teams.

  • Quote from RottenH20: “With the new mount having a gear on it I have thought of something cool they could do. Why doesn’t curse have a fear? Seems like it would fit the class type. This could be a chance for a Rework on a curse staff E or rework on a W. If they already have fears in the game (new mount) it would be cool to see it with the one and only curse class ” Some sort of fear mechanic would be awesome but potentially OP. Would fit perfectly with the cursed skull's haunting screams though.

  • You can solo most non-boss mob pulls in a T4 RD with the right builds. Probably even some of the easier bosses. I imagine any high DPS caster weapon with something like a cultist robe (for the healing) could work.

  • Quote from Forneus: “The gatherer that killed me in 7.1 actually does videos of his playstyle. The editting and music is absolutely a blast to watch. To everyone talking about weak gatherers, look at this ” lol he has 3.9k HP, must be max spec on that gear. people should look at that and think twice before they attack!

  • Quote from Skitted: “@PrintsKaspian Can I ask a question regarding this : "Favorite Islands List By popular demand, players can now set certain islands as favorites in the Travel Planner UI, making them easily accessible without searching." I travel to Island by different ways : 1) Island Merchant (My Island is on First Tab, My Guild Island is on second tab and all others are on last tab) 2) Travel Planer (All Islands are in one List as a dropdown) And now as the "Favorite Island List" is only a…

  • Is there any resource or tutorial somewhere where I can learn to use the albion data project APIs to pull data into a google sheet?

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    TIL asking people for proof or evidence means I am brain dead.

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    Quote from Yamasaki: “The needed crafting material I bought was worth 160k Silver round about on all markets and the crafted Item I could sell for 280k Silver. One day later the crafting material is 5k worth on all Markets. And some days later the crafted Item is only 75k worth. ” First, please show me the AH price history of crafting materials that lost 97% of it's value (160k to 5k) and crafted item that lost 73% of its value (280k to 75k) Quote from Yamasaki: “Maybe some of you already saw Yo…

  • Quote from Eldari: “We have progress boys, I've finally made it through Alderwood to Fort Sterling. It would appear that Arch has poor coordination (boys running trying to get their willies wet in a group) so they chased after some other poor person and i slipped past. Chased excessively by other people on my little T4 horse as I continued on my journey. We are... 1/4 of the way to where I need to get to. I will keep you posted. ” Alderwood is the worst zone when it comes to gate campers. If you…

  • Quote from Khladraven: “ - Pike is fast returning to play, being able to outpace the bloodletter, and do better consistent damage with cc. ” I'm confused by this? How is pike able to outpace the bloodletter? Do you mean 1H spear with the reckless charge?

  • Can you also add the favorite island functionality to the island vendor?

  • Check out Crimson Imperium Reborn

  • Quote from iCampAlot: “@Evoque Let me introduce myself, my name is Jason, know in game as iCampAlot or people call me Camp. I'm currently the Guild Master of OneOfUsIsInvis. We finished the Season 5 ranked 39th overall, finishing strongly in the silver rankings, highest in our current alliance. We did so as a guild with the perspective if we could finish in the top 40 we would have the ability to get myself on the round table, and give our community a voice in the future of Albion Online. I curr…

  • Quote from Player112: “Quote from Grimhawke-EB: “Does that make sense? ” No. I never asked for affordability. I asked for cheapest. Since all shoes of the same tier have the same strength boost. It makes no sense to buy anything but the lowest priced ones. ” You're not understanding what I am saying. There are only two factors that affect your unmounted carry weight: 1) Your bag 2) Your shoes when set to the carry weight passive Carry weight from these are essentially tied to item power, meaning…

  • The type of shoe doesn't matter. Carry weight passive on your boots is scaled to the IP of those boots. The highest theoretical carry weight is tier 8, level 3 enchant, masterpiece quality cultist/specter/judicator boots. These are the three tier 3 relic boots. These are no where near affordable. Affordable is relative anyway. What's affordable to me may not be affordable to you. Does that make sense?

  • Quote from Frostfire2k: “Quote from Grimhawke-EB: “Quote from Frostfire2k: “-Invisibility is a horrible skill slot for the chest ” Stopped reading right there, never should have read this thread at all since it involves Fizzx. ” It has the least amount of versatility in a 1v1 pvp situation. Sure it might get you out of a pickle if you get ganked, you might even use it to aggro mobs to those guys chasing you. But for 1v1? Only thing i can think of is a warbow maybe. ” Your ability to think outsid…

  • Quote from Frostfire2k: “-Invisibility is a horrible skill slot for the chest ” Stopped reading right there, never should have read this thread at all since it involves Fizzx.

  • What language do you speak? Come check out CIR - we've been growing a lot and can always use a good healer or longbow/wailing DPS. We are active both NA and EU times, though I would say we lean slightly more EU. While I wouldn't say we are a small guild, we aren't a big guild that is looking to mass recruit. And we do regular purges to remove people who don't fit our team first mentality. Crimson Imperium Reborn - experienced guild recruiting new players