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  • - you would definitely need a plate armor on the "tank" to hold aggro. - battle axe / soldier armor/ stalker hood / boots of your choice / eye of secret / demon cape. ^ for the DPS / tank build, you have decent damages and a good aggro hold + mana sustain. - Divine staff with smite, morgana cape, scholar robe, royal cowl, boots of your choice Both with poison pots and omelet You can do pretty much any dungeon with that

  • Crafting focus toggle turns off

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    Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, does that problem persist after relogging? Despite the capture, I can't reproduce it. I'll just @GrayMo here so he knows what's up, I will keep trying to repro. ” I think the reset of the UI is due to someone else crafting on the same building: everybodys craftable items list gets refreshed

  • Quote from Arkhan: “Tu devait avoir un tag Faction. Le seul moyen de mourir en bleu/jaune, c'est le pvp entre faction. T'a parlé au npc de faction à Bridgewatch ? (ville à coté de Smoothfloor) Je ne sais plus comment c'est foutu mais le npc qui te donne le tag et les quete de faction t'avertis la 1ere fois. ” voila. Il y a une popup qui te dit clairement ce que tu risques en te taggant pour une faction. C'est pareil partout faut juste lire.

  • Crafting focus toggle turns off

    Gugusteh - - Bugs



  • You can find free VPNs (that doesn't require you to enter any payment info). If you don't try what they ask you to try how can you blame them? They give you some insight on how to identify the issue and you just don't follow their advise and come here to say that "they are bad"? If you try with a VPN, tell them the exact behaviour, you could move to the next step of support. Don't forget to tell them precisely what you did and only what you really did, with all behaviours detailed. Seriously don…

  • - did you actually try a VPN? sometimes some ISP block the game for unknown reasons, using a VPN solves that. - try to turn off your firewalls to see if it's the thing blocking. - try repairing the client - try reinstalling your client - try with a different connection - try with a different computer from the same connection - try reinstalling Easy Anti Cheat I'm trying to help you here, I can understand that you can be pissed but it most likely doesn't come from the game itself. Chill out and t…

  • Crafting focus toggle turns off

    Gugusteh - - Bugs

    Post This gif explains it all here. - the list of craftable items just reset inbetween the time i clicked the focus and "craft". - it updated also when I clicked the button "craft" but i'm not sure it's the precise problem. It's a really risky bug: I could have lost 1million here, but it can be way more harmful.

  • It's in the title "subscription". Or it would be a 1 month of premium pack.

  • Can you explain your issue? maybe that could help solving it.

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “GM of SQUAD (Robbinhoodrs?) ” LUL

  • Quote from Player112: “Quote from dfgfdg: “Lol devs buying and selling items in market XD ” What so funny about that? I buy and sell in the market to manipulate it. I am not ashamed of market manipulation because it is allowed, devs themselves do it. ” do you have any proof for such accusations?

  • Quote from Player112: “One reason they interfere could be to do with the rising gold price. When noobs don't see any possibility of making the silver to buy premium, they will leave. ” there is an ingame mechanic to avoid the rising: global discount. (when you repair items / buy an island / journals / seeds etc. It is discounted as long as gold is cheap, if it's too expensive the discount is removed automatically)

  • 1 year ago: Blue Army was created. Back then you had OOPS controlling all of mercia (and it was way more OP to control territories). Blue Army allied POE, defeated OOPS, POE then took the position of OOPS, then disbanded, then Squad took the position of POE; Then its now. Who wants to take the power next?

  • assuming: - T8.0 plank price = 16k silver - T8.0 bow sells for 250k silver - a full happiness worker (120%) give back 6 T8 materials - the craft of 1 T8.0 bow fills 1 T8 book (i think it's 2 though), costs 6k silver, costs 999 focus, offers 12 rolls (with a 4k silver salad). - 1000 rolls average to get MP. on a 48% return rate building (48% + 23% + 11% because of multiple rolls). 16000x32x0.18 - (6x 16000) + 6000 = 2240 silvers (16000 x 32 = base price, x0.18 with focus, 6x16000 for the laborer …

  • Quote from fip: “Explain this: SQUAD is a mercia alliance that maintains mercia presence, fights with OOPS and bases out of caerleon. So with that in mind, how did they amass a gigantic blob of around 60 members and overwhelm the EGO forces attempting to take the castle in west anglia at creag rudd today? The answer: they allied a large west anglian br guild (Inmortal) and reinforced it with their br alts (Made in alts) as well. Since the beginning of the season, SQUAD has maintained a solid gri…

  • you have a favorite island system now my dude...

  • Quote from Dethsesh: “Large alliances just have alt chars bound to other portals. It's literally a requirement. It doesn't prevent much, if if nothing other than a slight inconvenience of having to fame up an alt in ZvZ gear I personally think it was a poor solution since it is aimed at preventing alliances from traveling across continents easily, yet it effects everyone, including people who are not in an alliance. ” You forget about all the logistics implied / complications given by the new sy…

  • They need a small buff but they used to be broken strong and this mistake must not be done again. However you can see some battlemounts pretty frequently in ZvZs. It's just not a common thing since they are costly so they are used for worthy objectives.

  • new videoooooo

  • @Cathair there is bug on map since the map expansion